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Barbershop Rallied to Pay It Forward By Helping to Pay Off Debts of High Schoolers So They Could Graduate

After a billionaire commencement speaker announced that he would be paying off the student debt of an entire class of college graduates, this barbershop...

They Disguised Themselves As Boys in Order to Pay the Bills, Now ‘Barbershop Girls’ of India Given Scholarships

These girls have been defying gender stereotypes for years – so as a means of rewarding them for their hard work, they are now being given a free education.

Unique New Study Proves Pharmacists Working in Barbershops Drastically Improves Men’s Health

An innovative healthcare project proves that men are more likely to improve their health thanks to visits to their local barbershops.

World’s Oldest Barber, Still Masterfully Cutting Hair At 107, Shares Secrets For Longevity

Anthony Mancinelli may be a staggering 107 years old, but he is still working full-time as a barber – the same way that he has...

7-Year-Old Becomes Certified Barber So She Can Offer Free Haircuts To Kids in Her City

Before she even joined the second grade, this youngster finished her training at the Junior Barber Academy in North Philadelphia to pursue community service.

When Man in Wheelchair Can’t Get into Shop, Barber Happily Cuts His Hair on the Sidewalk

Rather than turn away an inquiring customer just because of their building, this barber was more than happy to conduct their business in front of the shop.

Man Quits Day Job to Soothe Dementia Patients With Nostalgic Barber Shop Experience

He even sets up a little glowing barber pole and a jukebox so the patients can listen to the music their heard when they were younger.

After Spending Years Trying to Cut Autistic Boy’s Hair, Compassionate Barber Has Breakthrough

Not only was she finally able to give the boy a full haircut, but she is now able to comfortably host dozens of other clients just like Jordie Rowland.

Man Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless on Street Corner, So Stranger Buys Him His Own Barbershop

Brennon Jones loves cutting hair, but there’s one thing he loves even more: cutting hair for the homeless. He’s been at it for a while...

Barber Lies Down on Floor to Cut Hair of 6-Year-Old Boy With Autism

Determined to get the job done, Mr. Jacob follows him around the salon with his tools—and kindness— so he can finish the cut.

Barber Goes Extra Mile For Boy With Autism, Cuts Hair in the Car

When this 16-year-old boy started having anxiety in the middle of a haircut, his mom figured he would be walking away with half a head...

Barber Offers Free Haircuts For Men Going to Job Interviews

For Brazilians short on cash, these free haircuts can really give them a leg up on making a good impression during a job interview.

Barber Gives Free Haircuts to Kids If They Read Stories to Him

It’s a deal you can’t beat — an Iowa barber traded free haircuts to kids if they would read to him while in his...
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The Barber in the Park: Man Called Joe Helps the Homeless and Inspires a Community

For the last 25 years, the man known as Joe the Barber has been offering homeless people in Hartford, Connecticut free haircuts in the...
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Strangers Unite Online to Save Barbershop Ransacked in Riots

89 year-old Aaron Biber's barbershop has been a mainstay in his Tottenham neighborhood for 41 years, but it took one night of rioting to...

Barber Cuts Down Dropout Rates (Video)

A barber in Southern California is trimming more than hair. By encouraging kids to read, he is helping cut down illiteracy and dropout rates....

Good News in History September 30

90 years ago today, automaker Fritz von Opel flew the first manned rocket plane. The Opel RAK.1 (also known as the RAK.3, as it...

Good News in History September 23

Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen who was ‘Born In the USA’ 70 years old today. The New Jersey singer-songwriter’s upcoming film, Western Stars, takes him...

Homeless Dad Receives Flood of Support After Woman Tried to Facebook Shame Him for Sleeping in McDonalds

A woman's frustrated Facebook post turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a homeless dad who has been struggling to make ends meet.

13-Year-old Opened a Bakery So He Could Give Pastries Away to the Homeless

For every pastry that a customer buys from Michaels Desserts, the teen baker gives one away to someone in need.