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Hundreds of Strangers Rally One Morning to Grant 4-Year-old Cancer Survivor’s Birthday Wish for ‘100 Bumblebees’

This 4-year-old cancer survivor was given the surprise of a lifetime after his neighbors rallied together to provide a rainbow of yellow, one mile long, outside his house the morning of his birthday.

5 Ways Companies, Governments, and People Are Helping Bees—on National Honeybee Day

In honor of National Honeybee Day August 17th, here are five ways that people are helping honeybees and how you can join the fight to save them.

Native Bumble Bees Are Poised to Be First Pollinators Protected Under California Endangered Species Act

The California Fish and Game Commission has voted to begin the process of classifying 4 species of bumble bee native to the state as endangered.

316 Dutch Bus Stops Are Getting Green Roofs Covered in Plants as a Gift For Honeybees

All 316 bus stops in the city of Utrecht will soon be supporting lush green rooftops covered in sedum plants for improving air quality and nourishing bees.

You Can Now Use These Pocket-Sized ‘Bee Savior’ Cards to Rescue Hungry Honeybees on the Sidewalk

These contraptions may look like credit cards, but they're actually pocket-sized lifelines for hungry honeybees in the city.

Mathematician Reports Breakthrough on Non-Toxic Pest Control Which Doesn’t Harm Bees

An English mathematician has come up with a unique form of non-toxic pest control that had 92% success in crop experiments.

All 180,000 Honeybees Living On Top of Notre Dame Cathedral Have Survived the Fire

There were over 180,000 honeybees living on top of the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris when it caught fire last weekend – and miraculously, they survived.

Over 1 Million Gardeners Have United to Create Global Network of Greenery That Nourishes Bees and Butterflies

Anyone with a garden or outdoor space can join the team of 1 million international pollinators who have used their greenery to save pollinators.

Man Runs Backwards Through Ultra Marathons So He Can Help the Future of Honeybees

Running ultra marathons is impressive enough; but running backwards through one is astounding – and that's exactly what Farai Chinomwe did for the sake...

These Aerial Drones Are Supporting Farmers When Bees Are in Short Supply

Robots will never be as good at pollination as honeybees, but with farmers worrying about declining pollinators, these drones can offer a real reprieve.

Britain May Build ‘Road Network’ to Protect Bees, Butterflies, and Moths

Legislators are stepping up to protect important insects by proposing a “road network” that would act as a kind of wildlife corridor for bees,...

EU Passes Total Ban on Pesticides That Harm Bees

The ban is being hailed as a “historic” conservational victory for honeybees and the environment.

High School Student’s Ingenious Solution Could Save Bees From Drinking Poisonous Water

A high school student is being hailed for discovering an incredibly simple way to help save bees – and he is already contacting local...

The Grateful Dead Helps to Save Bees and Butterflies Through Jerry Garcia’s Legacy

Jerry Garcia passed away 22 years ago, but the legacy of the lead singer of the Grateful Dead lives on in a new effort to...

Man Creates Gardens For Unwanted Bees, Grows Free Food in 30 Abandoned Lots

Even though the Ninth Ward of New Orleans has never fully recovered from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, this man has created a lush oasis of...

Iowa City is Devoting 1,000 Acres to Saving Honeybees

As honeybee populations continue to dwindle in the United States, this small town in Iowa is starting a groundbreaking initiative to save the precious pollinators. The...

Supermarket Gives Surplus Sugar to Hungry Honeybees

UK supermarket Tesco has already impressed shoppers by giving all their unsold produce to charity, investing in solar, and accommodating disabled shoppers – and now they're adding...

30,000 Bees Rescued From NZ Town After Earthquake

While many Kaikoura residents were evacuating with their cats and dogs, this man refused to leave without his 30,000 bees.

Honey Nut Cheerios Gives Back to Bees, Planting 3,300 Acres of Habitat

The company that’s been using an animated bee to sell its cereal for years is spending some of its profits on protecting actual bees...

Girl’s Lemonade Recipe to Saves Bees Turned Into Million Dollar Whole Foods Deal

This 11-year-old girl has turned her grandmother’s flaxseed lemonade recipe into a national business—and she is donating ten percent of the proceeds to saving...