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Learn What 370 Schools Are Now Teaching in a Massive New Mental Health Research Trial

One of the world’s largest trials ever undertaken in the realm of mental health is now underway in the classrooms of hundreds of schools...

Man Tells Heartfelt Story About How His Father’s Wrinkled Hands Sparked Their Reconnection (MOTH Monday)

Harwood Taylor has always had trouble trying to connect with his father – but that finally changed after he reached out to his dad in a very simple way.

Magnetic Brain Treatment Erases Suicidal Thoughts in Dramatic Portion of Depressed Patients, Study

All of the study participants were diagnosed with hard-to-treat depression, but this non-invasive treatment was shown to erase suicidal thoughts in an impressive amount of the patients.

What It’s Like For a Woman With Depression to Build an Upbeat Multi-Million Dollar Company

Jen Gotch has spent years struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder – but that hasn't stopped her from building a multi-million company.

Previously-Suicidal Man Runs Marathon With Guy Who Talked Him Down From Bridge

Nine years ago, Jonny Benjamin was perched on the edge of a bridge ready to take his own life – and he is still...

Boy With Autism Sells Drawings to Buy Toys For Sick Brother

After living with bipolar disorder and autism all of his life, 10-year-old Haden Edwards has finally discovered one thing that can calm him down: taking...

Tribute to Carrie Fisher, Beloved Actress and Author (1956-2016)

Princess Leia Organa – feminist, actress, author, and role model – has passed away at the age of 60 due to cardiac arrest.

Most Complete Study to Date Says Marijuana Can Treat Addiction, Mental Health

Though research has supported the medicinal use of marijuana in the past, this University of British Colombia study confirmed what we've always known.

What Mindfulness Has Taught Me About My Father’s Suicide

My father died 39 years ago, just a few days after my thirteenth birthday. Since he chose to take his own life, Father’s Day...

Grateful Campillo Family is Back on Top After GNN Christmas Fundraiser

Peter Campillo was absolutely shocked when our loving Good News Network community caught him and his family before they could fall into homelessness. Now in...

Be it Depression, Heart Trouble or Arthritis, Fish Oil Helps

These days, many people are taking fish oil supplements, which contain Omega 3 fatty acids, driven by the research data that proves that these...

On-Line Therapy: A New Way to Get Help

 On-line therapy is one of the newest trends in mental healthcare. Although many clients still choose the face-to-face approach, on-line counseling has become...

Mental Illness and Creativity: A Potential Link?

Many creative people suffer from mental illness. Some, however, are unable to produce due to the severity of their disorder. Are the two traits...

Scientists Discover Square Red Star

Stars are some of the most ubiquitous and wondrous celestial bodies we see when looking up at the night sky. Those round pinpoints of...