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Carbon Emissions From 30 of the World’s Largest Cities Are Already Dropping Since Signing Climate Pact

Not only have dozens of the world's most influential cities curbed their CO2 emissions, they have also passed legislation on plastic and free transit.

La Primera Pila de Dióxido de Carbono que es Completamente Recargable es Siete Veces más Eficiente que las de Iones de Litio

Investigadores han sido capaces de recargar exitosamente la batería más de 500 veces -y es siete veces más eficiente que las de iones de litio.

First Fully Rechargeable Carbon Dioxide Battery is Seven Times More Efficient Than Lithium Ion

Researchers were able to successfully recharge the battery more than 500 times—and it is seven times more efficient than lithium ion counterparts.

This New Bioreactor Uses Algae to Capture as Much Carbon Dioxide as an Acre of Trees

This AI-monitored bioreactor can capture and sequester the same amount of carbon as an acre of trees in one year.

These 18 Developed Countries Have Passed Policies to Cut Carbon Emissions; New Study Says It’s Working

An exciting new study shows that efforts to cut CO2 and tackle climate change in developed countries including the UK and US are beginning...

Etsy Becomes the First Global eCommerce Company to Completely Offset Carbon Emissions from Shipping

With over 2.1 million sellers accounting for 98% of their carbon footprint, Etsy is now offsetting all of the emissions generated from their shipping.

Los Mineros de Carbón Apalaches que Perdieron su Trabajo Están Siendo Entrenados para ser Apicultores – Gratis

Con el lento declive de la industria de carbón, residentes de Virginia del oeste están entusiásticamente haciéndose cargo de las abejas como un nuevo...

En vez de Quemar Carbón, El Nuevo Combustible con Cero Emisiones Contaminantes – Está Hecho de Aguas Residuales

Esta empresa ha desarrollado un ingenioso remplazo para el carbón y lo hicieron usando el derivado más común del ser humano. Ingelia es una compañía española que...

Scientists Are Replacing Plastic With Algae, a Revolutionary Idea That Can Suck Carbon Out of the Air

Two Dutch scientists are using algae to replace plastics throughout their city – and if their mission proves successful, they believe that no one...

New Battery Gobbles Up Carbon Dioxide Before It Ever Reaches the Atmosphere

Lithium-based battery could make use of greenhouse gas before it ever gets into the atmosphere. Written by David L. Chandler, MIT News A new type of battery...

China, World’s Biggest Polluter, Hits Carbon Goals 12 Years Early, Sparks Optimism

This new international study shows that China's shift away from coal may be a huge victory in the fight against climate change.

Costa Rica Announces Ambitious Plan to Ban Fossil Fuels and Become World’s First Decarbonized Society

Considering the country already generates 99% of their energy use through renewable sources, decarbonization does not seem that far-fetched.

U.K. Carbon Emissions Fall to Levels From 1894

This groundbreaking new report shows that the levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere last year have fallen to the same amount as 1894...

This Village is Set to Become England’s First Carbon-Neutral Community

Even though Ashton Hayes only has a population of 1,000 people, it's had a big impact on communities around the world.

India to Ratify Climate Deal on Gandhi’s Birthday; He Left the ‘Least Carbon Footprint of All’

India has finally joined the global pact adopted by 195 countries to fight climate change –in honor of the one who left the least carbon footprint of all.

Two Kids Invite The World To Reduce Carbon Emissions

[youtube] Skyler Palmquist, age 8, and Cayden Palmquist, age 10, are hopeful about what might be accomplished in Paris at the United Nations Climate...

Carbon Pollution From U.S. Power Plants Hits 27-Year Low

Electric power plants in the US spewed 128 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in April 2015, the lowest for any month since April...

China Makes Jaw-Dropping Cuts to Carbon Emissions in 2015 Equal to UK’s Total Output

China is on course to set a world record this year for the largest voluntary reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of any country in...

43 CEOs: Climate Debate Is Over, Carbon Cuts Are Good for Business

CEOs from 43 global companies are declaring themselves “ambassadors for climate action” in an open letter to businesses and government leaders around the world. The...

The Tiny Fish That Captures More Carbon Than the Rain Forest

The secret to Costa Rica's deep-carbon sink is a tiny fish that lives so deep that very few people have ever seen one alive. The...