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China Launches World’s Biggest Carbon Trading Market: ‘It’s like the Pyramids of Giza for climate policy’

The initiative is not only several times larger than North America's largest carbon trading market – it's also 1.5 times bigger than the European Union's.

U.S. Energy Secretary Announces $36 Million For Carbon Capture Technologies

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has announced approximately $36 million in federally-funded financial assistance to advance carbon capture technologies.

U.K. Carbon Emissions Fall to Levels From 1894

This groundbreaking new report shows that the levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere last year have fallen to the same amount as 1894...

This Village is Set to Become England’s First Carbon-Neutral Community

Even though Ashton Hayes only has a population of 1,000 people, it's had a big impact on communities around the world.

India to Ratify Climate Deal on Gandhi’s Birthday; He Left the ‘Least Carbon Footprint of All’

India has finally joined the global pact adopted by 195 countries to fight climate change –in honor of the one who left the least carbon footprint of all.

Artificial Leaf Sucks Up Carbon Dioxide as it Makes Liquid Fuel

A team of scientists at Harvard University says it has come up with a bionic leaf — a system that could use solar power...

Two Kids Invite The World To Reduce Carbon Emissions

[youtube] Skyler Palmquist, age 8, and Cayden Palmquist, age 10, are hopeful about what might be accomplished in Paris at the United Nations Climate...

Carbon Pollution From U.S. Power Plants Hits 27-Year Low

Electric power plants in the US spewed 128 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in April 2015, the lowest for any month since April...

China Makes Jaw-Dropping Cuts to Carbon Emissions in 2015 Equal to UK’s Total Output

China is on course to set a world record this year for the largest voluntary reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of any country in...

43 CEOs: Climate Debate Is Over, Carbon Cuts Are Good for Business

CEOs from 43 global companies are declaring themselves “ambassadors for climate action” in an open letter to businesses and government leaders around the world. The...

The Tiny Fish That Captures More Carbon Than the Rain Forest

The secret to Costa Rica's deep-carbon sink is a tiny fish that lives so deep that very few people have ever seen one alive. The...

China Sees Big Drop in Carbon Emissions

China cut its carbon emissions by 5 percent in the first half of 2014 - the largest drop in years, said the country's premier,...

Shanghai Carbon Emission Market Cut 5Mil Tons of CO2

200 firms in Shanghai's carbon emissions trading scheme cut their CO2 output by 5.3 million tons in 2013, according to state-owned media in China.

Scotland’s Renewable Energy Equals Removing Carbon of Every Car for a Year

The carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere in Scotland by renewable energy projects since 2012 was the equivalent of halting every motor vehicle journey...
pollution air water wading in lake erie-mcorbley

US Carbon Dioxide Pollution Down 3.8 Percent

The United States cut its energy-related carbon dioxide pollution by 3.8 percent last year, the second biggest drop since 1990, the Department of Energy...
bricks by Andrew Hefter-cc

World First: Plant to Turn Carbon Emissions into Rock

A research pilot plant in Newcastle will trial world-first technology that turns carbon emissions into bricks and pavers for the construction industry. The mineral...
Vermont Sail Freight Project boat

Vermont Boat is New Model for Carbon- Free Shipping

This week a new sailing barge was launched on Lake Champlain that its backers hope will soon be in the vanguard of a new...
CO2 plant by Global Thermostat

Two Monolith Machines Suck Carbon Out of the Air in California

Peter Eisenberger, a distinguished professor of earth and environmental sciences at Columbia University, has build two machines in Menlo Park, Calif., to pull carbon...

Ancient Roman Concrete Reveals Secret to Cutting Carbon Emissions

The chemical secrets of a concrete Roman breakwater that has spent the last 2,000 years submerged in the Mediterranean Sea have been uncovered by...

Brazil’s Carbon Emissions Dropped by 39 percent

Greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil fell by nearly 39 percent in the five years before 2010, largely because of reductions in the amount of...