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Caring Cats and Frisky Felines: 10 Stories to Make You Purr With Joy on International Cat Day

In honor of International Cat Day, here are some silly feline stunts and some heartwarming furry hero stories for this purrrrfect holiday.

New Study Shows That Spending Just Ten Minutes With Cats or Dogs Can ‘Significantly’ Reduce Stress

This is the first time that researchers examined these stress-relief symptoms for students in a college setting rather than in a laboratory.

Photographer Builds Adorable Tiny Log Cabins in His Backyard to Keep Mouse Families Safe From Cats

When the cat is away, the mice will play inside of their tiny little log cabin village courtesy of a crafty wildlife photographer.

World Wildlife Fund Gets Ex-Poachers To Protect and Save the Big Cats They Once Hunted

Rather than trying to deter poaching with punishment, conservationists recruited the hunters in order to help monitor and protect Russian snow leopards.

Man Who Loves Cats Transforms Home into Feline Playland – And You Can Too (For Charity)

This man has been using his colorful cat palace to raise money for a feline disease that was previously incurable until now.

They Set Up Emergency Shelter Near Wildfire Disaster Zone and Took in Dozens of Wandering Cats

This rescue group has spent the last two months rescuing cats lost in the Camp Fire evacuation and reuniting them with their distressed families.

Hundreds of People Are Saving Feral Felines From Death in NYC By Adopting Them as ‘Worker Cats’

There are thousands of feral felines living on their own in the United States – and with some cities scrambling to control the increasing...

These Two Cultured Cats Have Spent the Last Two Years Trying to Get Inside an Art Museum

Though the security guard is happy to greet his feline visitors with a friendly pat on the head, he always dutifully turns them away at the door.

Photos of 75-Year-Old Volunteer Napping With Cats Hauls in Funds to Run Sanctuary for a Year

These sweet pictures of an older volunteer napping with cats have garnered enough donations to run the animal sanctuary for an entire year.

Two ‘Miracle’ Cats Are Finally Found in Rubble Three Weeks After House Exploded

Since a gas leak caused her house to explode last month, Nadeau has been frantic over her missing cats – thankfully, they have been found alive and well.

Watch Crowd of Curious Cats and Their Startled Reaction to a Fearsome Robot Vacuum

Did you know laughing is good for your health? Well, that's what we keep telling ourselves every time we find ourselves watching cat videos on company time.

Watch Amusing Video of Two Cats Trying to Pass Each Other Atop a Narrow Doorframe

In case you need more evidence of how felines don't abide by the laws of physics, here is an amusing clip of two acro-cats defying gravity.

Less-Adopted Black Cats Have More Suitors Thanks to New Marvel Movie

Black cats are less likely to be adopted than their differently-colored counterparts. But the latest Marvel flick to hit theaters may be changing the superstition.

Watch Streetwise Cats Play an Adorably Earnest Game of Hungry Hippos

Judging by their intense looks of concentration, these four felines seem to be planning a sequel to the popular children's board game: “Hungry, Hungry House Cats”.

Watch Violinist Play Private Concert For Street Cats in Enchanting Italian Short Film

If you like amusing cat antics, classical music, animated short films, or mysterious Italian tales, then you're bound to love this pawesome video.

This Adorable Tiny Furniture Collection Was Designed Just For Cats

This furniture collection could please even the most haughty feline tastes in home decor.

Guys Have Rescued Over 2,000 Cats From Trees Because They ‘Just Love Cats’

It's not just a stereotype – cats will often risk one of their nine lives getting stuck up in a tree. Luckily, there are...

Army of Veterinarians Treating Dogs and Cats for Free Until December

The team has already saved Texan families the financial burden of veterinary care by treating over 1,500 animals since October.

Touring Group of Acro-Cats Has Helped to Save 200 Other Felines

  Not many people believe that cats can be trained, let alone play musical instruments or jump through hoops – but that is exactly what...

Firm Hires Office Cats To Reduce Workplace Stress

Japan may be setting the purr-fect example for office work spaces where team members need to calm down. Several Japanese companies and firms have started encouraging...