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Billionaire Co-Founder of Home Depot is Giving Away 80% of his Wealth to Charity

The Home Depot Co-founder Bernie Marcus has pledged to give most of his wealth to charity—hopefully before the 90-year-old dies.

Charity Has Been Secretly Fulfilling Small Wishes for Homeless Kids Who Could Use the Self-Esteem Boost

This organization has been making a big impact on the lives of homeless children – and they do it all with small gifts and requests.

Rapper 50 Cent Just Sold His Mansion So He Could Donate All of the Profits to Charity

The 52-room mansion sold for almost $3 million – but rather than use the money for his own gain, he will be donating it all to charity.

Ex-NFL Player Faces His Fear of Water By Building a Boat and Sailing Across Lake Michigan for Charity

Even though he has no experience with rowing, this former pro-footballer is determined to make the voyage in order to raise money for charity.

Internet-Famous ‘Crying Kid’ Proudly Agrees to Resuscitate His Notoriety for Charity Instead of Financial Gain

Rather than feeling shy about appearing in the limelight once more, this 14-year-old is using his iconic face to benefit two different charities.

In What May Be its Largest Ever Gift to Charity, Businessman in India Donates $7.5 Billion

After accounting for the bulk of India's major charitable donations last year, the nation's second-richest person is now donating billions more.

Man Has Donated Hundreds of Dollars to Charity Simply By Rescuing Coins from the Street During Daily Walks

This 77-year-old Korean man has spent the last 12 years taking walks around his city neighborhoods so he can collect lost coins from the street.

When AC/DC Caught Wind of Ice Skater’s Charity Tribute, Guitarist Angus Young Donated Thousands

Though this hockey ref has always paid tribute to his favorite band during his iceskating marathons, his most recent event had an unexpected visitor.

Man Who Loves Cats Transforms Home into Feline Playland – And You Can Too (For Charity)

This man has been using his colorful cat palace to raise money for a feline disease that was previously incurable until now.

Amateur Cyclist Completes Toughest Stage of Tour de France Without a Seat– and He Did it for Charity

This 52-year-old amateur cyclist completed the most grueling stage of the Tour de France in just two hours – and he did it without ever sitting down.

Buddhist Poker Player Donates All $600,000 of His Winnings to Charity

Despite how gambling is generally at odds with religion, this Buddhist poker player is making up for it by donating his winnings to charity.

Chef José Andrés is Up to Good Again: He and His Charity Will Feed Furloughed Feds During Shutdown

The kitchen will be serving up free hot meals to all furloughed workers and their families starting tomorrow on Pennsylvania Ave.

Mom With Rubber Glove Christmas Tree Turns Down Strangers’ Gifts, Asking People to Donate to Charity Instead

When this mom couldn't afford a tree, she made one out of rubber gloves because “you don’t have to spend loads of money to make Christmas special.”

Facebook Fundraising Has Generated Over $1 Billion in Donations for Charity

Furthermore, Facebook will be donating even more money alongside their users in celebration of Giving Tuesday 2018.

This Movie Star Lives Such a Simple and Happy Life, He’s Giving His $714 Million Net Worth to Charity

The “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star has no need for fancy clothes or sports cars. In fact, he only recently replaced his Nokia phone after 17 years.

In 40 Months, He Became First Person to Unicycle Around the World – and He Did It All For Charity

At just 21 years old, this Englishman has become the first person to travel around the world on a unicycle.

19-Year-old French Superstar Donates Every Penny of World Cup Earnings to Charity

Kylian Mbappe is being called a “wonderkid” for his skills on the field – but he is just as outstanding off the pitch as well.

Moby is Selling His Records to All His Fans So He Can Donate Proceeds to Charity

Starting tomorrow morning, you can have the chance to buy out some of the DJ's most precious vinyl treasures – from his own musical career and others.

He Has Created a Single-Use Bottle That Fully Decomposes in 3 Weeks, and All Profits to Charity

A British social entrepreneur wanted to sell bottles of water with 100% of the proceeds going to providing clean drinking water in Africa—but then,...

After Anonymous Donor Picks Up Their Tab, Hockey Team Pays His Charity Forward

A man's anonymous good deed has created a ripple effect of kindness for dozens of people in the hockey community.