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Scientists Develop New Houseplant That Cleanses Your Home of the Worst Chemicals in the Air

This brand new houseplant goes one step beyond air filters by cleansing the air of common chemicals such as benzene, chloroform, and formaldehyde.

FDA Finally Bans Antibacterial Soaps Containing Triclosan and 18 Other Chemicals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Friday issued a final rule that will ban many commonly used consumer antiseptic soaps. Companies will no longer be...

Gardening Giant Ortho to Drop Chemicals Linked to Bee Deaths

One of the largest home and garden pesticide makers in America is halting its use of a chemical blamed for killing honey bees. Among several...

How Big Chains From Walmart to H&M Are Cleaning Up Chemicals

Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create toys, clothes, makeup, cleaning products, and all of the other items we use everyday. Some are...

Green Sports Alliance Reduces Waste & Toxic Chemicals in Games Worldwide

A burgeoning movement to make sports more sustainable has signed up almost 300 professional and collegiate teams committed to playing ball with the environment. The Green...

Revlon Removes Dubious Chemicals From Its Products

After a consumer petition demanded change, global cosmetics giant Revlon announced in December it is removing long-chain parabens and formaldehyde-releasing chemicals from its beauty...

Apple Bans Use of 2 Hazardous Chemicals in iPhone Assembly

Apple is banning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals during the final assembly of iPhones and iPads as part of the company's latest...
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Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble to Phase-out Hazardous Chemicals

Do you know what's in your cosmetics? Or your perfume? The nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart announced Thursday that it will require suppliers to disclose...
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Johnson and Johnson Removes Toxic Chemicals From Baby Products

Johnson & Johnson executives were handed 30,000 signatures from consumers in February who, instead of complaining, were praising the company. As one of the...
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Johnson & Johnson to Remove Harmful Chemicals From Products

Johnson & Johnson, which makes a range of personal care products like baby shampoo,  Neutrogena, Aveeno and Clean & Clear, this month announced plans...
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Pakistan Officials Seize Drug-Making Chemicals Worth $6 Million

The largest-ever amount of acetic anhydride, which is used to produce heroin from opium, was seized in Pakistan by authorities. The chemicals,...

California Launches Broad Effort to Control Hazardous Chemicals

California on Monday launched the most comprehensive program of any state to regulate chemicals that have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption and other...

In ‘World First’ Blind People Have Their Vision Restored Thanks to Stem Cells From Deceased Organ Donors

Millions of blind people could have their vision actually restored using stem cells taken from the eyes of non-living donors, according to new research...

Good News in History, March 2

30 years ago today, in response to a dramatic depletion of the ozone layer of Earth's atmosphere, twelve European nations agreed to ban the...

Instead of Wasting Trillions of Gallons of Water Every Year, ‘World’s First’ System Dyes Fabrics With CO2

These ingenious machines could recycle tons of CO2 while simultaneously saving trillions of gallons of water used by the fashion industry every year.

After Decades of Research, Mexican Scientist Successfully Eliminates HPV From Dozens of Her Patients

After 20 years of research, a team of scientists from Mexico has succeeded in curing 29 patients of HPV. Human papillomavirus is a sexually-transmitted disease...

The Science of The Magic Hour: Why We Should Read to Each Other – Especially Our Kids

Reading aloud to children and elderly family members is not just a bonding experience – it's also a neurological booster shot for everyone involved.

New Chemical Process Converts Plastic Waste into Fuel, University Researchers Looking for Investors

The researchers behind the technology that turns plastic into fuel are looking for investors to implement the process on a mass-market scale.

Human Appetite Suppressant Shown to Also Work on Mosquitos – and It Could Make Them Safer for Everyone

Researchers have discovered a way to make mosquitos feel more satisfied – and it could prevent thousands of infections around the world.

Scientists Create Super-Thin ‘Sheet’ That Could Charge Our Phones By Harvesting Wifi From the Air

Dead cell phone batteries may be a thing of the past thanks to this new 2D material that was recently engineered by MIT researchers.