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Library of Congress Makes Dozens of Ultra-Rare Children’s Books Available For Free Online

As a means of celebrating the centennial of Children's Book Week, the Library of Congress has digitized dozens of rare children's books online.

Teacher Shocked to Find Marriage Proposal While Reading Children’s Book

Melanie Goldsmith must have read hundreds of children's books while working as an elementary school teacher – but this one was by far the...
How Roland Rolls book cover

Jim Carrey Rolls Out a Children’s Book – And it’s Spiritual

Comedic genius Jim Carrey is one of the biggest names in entertainment, having starred in Liar, Liar, Bruce Almighty and demontrated serious acting ability...
Child reading in Mongolia -Bookbridge photo

Are Your Children’s Books or Dictionaries Collecting Dust? Book Drives Help to Educate Children in Asia

A small team of 11 people and numerous volunteers around the world have made Bookbridge a successful social program that is measured not by...
Obama's childrens book

Obama-Penned Children’s Book Due in November

To fulfill a 3-book contract for his publisher before taking office in January 2009, President Barack Obama finished writing a children's book, an illustrated...

More than 300,000 Children’s Books Reach Children in Need

The eBay Foundation and First Book, a nonprofit providing new books to children in need, are holding reading parties in three cities to celebrate...

As 650 Volunteers Form Human Chain to Help Library Move Its Books, GoPro Captures People’s Delight

With hundreds of volunteers standing shoulder-to-shoulder between the two buildings, the entire process took about 45 minutes.

This Seventh Grader Donated All $15,000 of His County Fair Earnings to a Children’s Hospital

After earning $15,000 in livestock premiums from a county fair, this youngster donated all of it to help fund children's medical research.

Metallica Donates a Quarter-Million Dollars to Help Build First Children’s Hospital of Its Kind in Romania

It has been 20 years since Metallica played in Romania—and they are now celebrating their return by helping to build its first pediatric oncology hospital.

After Years of Writing Mystery Books, Listen to Lawyer’s Hilarious ‘Aha!’ Moment in Court (MOTH Monday)

Gordon had spent years working as a criminal defense lawyer before he finally got to experience the satisfying “eureka!” moment he had always read about.

Principal Reads Books in Her PJs Online So Students Always Have a Bedtime Story

Even after she goes home for the day, this pajama-clad elementary school principal is ensuring that her students are encouraged to read more books.

Disney Has Launched $100M Initiative to Make Children’s Hospitals Around the World Less Scary For Kids

As a means of making hospitals less traumatic for young patients, the Walt Disney Company is revolutionizing the medical experience in hospitals worldwide.

Watch Entire Football Stadium Wave to Sick Kids in Children’s Hospital Next Door

These sick children were delighted to receive a new kind of “wave” during the Hawkeyes' game against the Cowboys last week.

Children’s Hospital Gives People a Way to Send Valentines to Patients

These young patients are in need of a smile just as much as anyone else on Valentine's Day – which is why you can...

NFL Player Spends Free Week Giving Books, Reading to Kids

This New England Patriots player could have spent his bye week taking a break from his busy schedule, but instead, he read to children in Georgia.

Flickering Coastal Lights Bid Good Night to Kids at Children’s Hospital (WATCH)

Every night at 8:30PM, business signs and flashlights start to blink as a sparkling goodbye to the sickly children watching from the hospital windows.

Children’s Hospital Uses ‘Pokemon GO’ to Get Patients Excited and Out of Bed (WATCH)

A hospital is using the new Pokemon GO craze to get child patients out of bed and into the hallways for some fun time...

Mother-Daughter Duo Publish Children’s Kindness Book

A little critter sneaking around doing random acts of kindness is the star of a new kids’ story called Anonymouse.
Clifford dog book

Scholastic Donates 1 Million Books for American Kids in Poverty

To help more low-income families build home libraries and to encourage families to read together, Scholastic will donate 1 million books to a nonprofit...
Sketchbook case for Sketchtravel project

Artists Raise $104,000 With Sketchbook That Traveled Round the World

A blank sketchbook was sent to 71 exceptional artists around the world who each illustrated a page. After four and a half years of...