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Company Recycles Cigarette Butts and Turns Them into Useful Things Instead

If you have ever mourned the number of cigarette butts littering your local streets, take heart that they can actually be used as a...

‘Butt Lady Of Auburn’ Picks Up 1 Million Cigarette Butts

Sally Dawley has spent the last three and a half years making her town a little bit cleaner – and on Wednesday, she hit a major milestone.

Philip Morris Says Its New Year’s Resolution is to Give Up Cigarettes

The cigarette company says that they finally want to help kick the harmful habit for their customers.

Hospital Grants Dying Patient’s Last Wish For Wine, Cigarette

This Danish man was told that he only had days – maybe even hours – to live before dying of internal bleeding. His last request?...

American Teens Shun Alcohol and Cigarettes in Record Numbers

Despite what you might believe, American teens are not smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol at nearly the rates their parents did – in fact,...
Butt bin-Vancouver Mayor office

Vancouver Launches World’s First Cigarette-butt Recycling Program

The City of Vancouver, B.C. has launched the world's first cigarette butt recycling program in its bid to become the greenest city. The pilot project...

E-cigarettes ‘as Effective’ as Patches for Quitters

Electronic cigarettes appear to be at least as effective as nicotine patches in helping people to give up smoking, research suggests. The devices, which...

Greenbutts Cigarette Filters Sprout Flowers When Planted

Good News Network doesn’t condone smoking cigarettes, of course, but we recognize that millions of people are addicted, and trillions of cigarette butts...

Good News in History, January 11

55 years ago today, the Surgeon General of the U.S. released a landmark report which concluded that smoking likely caused lung cancer and other diseases....

US Cancer Death Rate Has Fallen by 27% in 25 Years – Study

This new report shows that millions of people have lived longer and fuller lives thanks to a steadily declining cancer death rate.

Give Yourself a ‘Dry January’ – You’ll Sleep Better, Save Money, and Lose Weight

These two new studies show that there may be a dozen different benefits to quitting drinking for a month – and they have a dramatic impact on your health.

Homeless Veteran Asks for Nothing, But Town Insists On Helping Him Anyway

While some towns rally around high school athletic teams, this community has found common ground in their care and appreciation for a homeless man...

DJ Spins Records From His Garden Shed Since 1974 for an Audience of One – His Wife

LISTEN to this story in our podcast, told by The Good News Guru (GNN Founder) on Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story below… (Subscribe to...

European Parliament Approves Sweeping Ban on Single-Use Plastics, a ‘Victory for Our Oceans’

The directive, which was passed with widespread approval, helps to put the EU at the forefront of the world's fight against plastic pollution.

Group of Birds Employed by French Theme Park to Pick Up Trash

In exchange for picking up little bits of rubbish, the feathery freelance custodians are well compensated with bird food and treats.

Good News in History, August 13

On this day 10 years ago, American swimmer Michael Phelps won the men's 200m butterfly in Beijing, on his way to setting the record...

Stoners on Social Media Are Mobilizing a Massive Litter Clean-Up Initiative

Hundreds of social media users have joined in on the #StonerCleanupInitiative as a means of cleaning up their own “green” spaces.

Son Flies to Ontario and Personally Thanks the Restaurant Worker Who Cheered His Ailing Dad

The son of an ailing senior was so grateful for the kindness showed to his dad by a diner employee, he made sure to personally thank the worker.

Hotel Gives Best Friends Unforgettable Night Together After Hearing About Woman’s Brain Cancer

When this group of women were trying to arrange a weekend trip for their sick friend, a California hotel surprised them with an astonishing amount of kindness.

Good News in History, April 1

Happy 70th Birthday to the Jamaican ska and reggae musician, singer, and actor, Jimmy Cliff. After scoring his first hit at age 14, he...