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After Wildly Successful Crowdfunding, You Can Now Order Bike Helmets That Look Like Regular Hats

Created by SpaceX engineers, these stylish hats are three times more durable than typical helmets – and far more portable.

Abused Kenyan Girls To Live in Castle Thanks To Crowdfunding By One Mom

These young women could not contain their joy upon hearing that strangers had contributed more than enough money necessary for their care and housing.

UPDATE: New Zealanders Win Bid to Buy Beach By Crowdfunding; It’s Now Public

They were called “naive” for believing they could rally public support to buy a beach and outbid the real estate tycoons, but in the...

Crowdfunding a Greek Bailout, Englishman Raises Quarter Million Euro

Donate cash and get Greek goods in return – that’s the idea behind one Englishman’s effort to help Greece during its economic crisis. More than...

Crowdfunding a Cure for Cancer

Researchers in Sweden isolated a virus that successfully attacked cancer in mice. Then, because of a lack of funding, the virus was put in...

Man Walks the Famed Camino de Santiago Trail With Driver Who Almost Killed Him in a Wreck (Video)

A man, angry at a driver who crashed into him, ended up asking him on a European hike after he learned that the driver had suffered a seizure at the wheel

Guy Dressed as Batman Has Rescued Dozens of Shelter Pets From Euthanasia

This real-life superhero has rescued dozens of shelter pets in distress – and he has done it all while trying to stay anonymously dressed as Batman.

When Evicted Man is Heartbroken Over Decision to Surrender His Dog, Community Leaps into Action

A homeless man will soon be reunited with his beloved best friend with a new roof over their head thanks to a woman publishing an online plea for help.

Since Father-Son Duo Designed Revolutionary ‘Honey on Tap’ Beehive, There Are 51,000 New Bee Colonies

Now in honor of National Pollinator Week, the inventors are donating thousands of dollars to honeybee conservation groups.

This Guy Created a Social Media Project for His Love of Dogs – and it Has Now Saved Dozens of Pups

A guy created a Twitter page so he could talk about dogs – and since garnering millions of followers, he has used his account to save his canine compadres.

That’s ‘Sew’ Smart! Scientists Develop New Threads That Change Color When Harmful Gases Are in the Air

These color-changing fabrics could be a lifesaver for health, safety, military, or rescue workers who work in close proximity to harmful gases.

‘Projects For Good’ – This Ingenious Website Makes it Easier to Change the World!

Unlike Kickstarter which funds creative startups, or GoFundMe which addresses personal needs, Projects for Good was designed for people who want to support the...

These Floating Trashcans Are Being Deployed Around the World So They Can Suck Up Tons of Ocean Trash

These floating rubbish bins are already sucking up ocean pollution in dozens of marinas and ocean ports around the world.

What if Your Homework Included Comic Books? NFL All-Pro Pushes to Make Education Fun

Ovie Mughelli had an impressive career in the NFL, playing as an All-Pro fullback for the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons. He is now...

Seth Myers Breaks Down Why a Fun Stranger Showing Up At Bachelor Party is the ‘Story We Need’

Seth Myers hilariously explains why a stranger's response to an accidental email invitation is the kind of amusing tale of fun that we need this week.

11-Year-old Girl Has Been Granting the Simple Wishes of Nursing Home Patients

This 11-year-old girl may not be a magical genie, but she is winning hearts for her magical mission of granting wishes to nursing home...

Homeless Magazine Seller is So Beloved By Locals, They Showered Him With Love and a New VW Home

Despite being homeless, this magazine seller is the happiest – and most beloved – man on the streets of Bristol.

After Cheerful Young Walmart Cashier Pays for Stranger’s $110 Grocery Bill, Community Repays Him Ten-Fold

When this 19-year-old Walmart cashier happily picked up the tab for a struggling customer, his community decided they wanted to thank him for his kindness.

Woman Credits Her Brave Chihuahua as the Reason She Survived a Bear Attack

This 51-year-old woman may not have survived a recent bear attack if it had not been for her courageous little dog staying by her side.

Disabled Workers Can Fulfill Their Love of Catering by Controlling Restaurant Robots From Home

This robot café could offer a creative new avenue of income and social interaction to disabled people who can no longer work in a restaurant setting.