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Watch 1,000 Musicians Play Epic Tribute to David Bowie

Check out this space oddity: 1,000 Italian musicians grabbed their drum sticks and guitar picks to perform this Ziggy-worthy rock and roll homage.

Watch Stars Perform in David Bowie Tribute Concerts This Weekend for Charity

It's been three months since David Bowie the British rock visionary left this world of mortals to venture on among the stars – but...

Church Bells Ring Out David Bowie Melody, Space Oddity (Watch)

David Bowie, always reinventing and changing the face of modern music with showmanship and innovation, would be proud of the innovative ways his fans are remembering him,...

Record Stores Donating David Bowie Album Profits To Cancer Research

When rock idol David Bowie passed away Sunday, after an 18-month battle with liver cancer, fans were already flocking to record stores and online retailers to buy...
Chris Hadfield singing in space

Real Life ‘Major Tom’ Performs David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” From Actual Space

The Canadian commander of the International Space Station used his down-time in orbit to create a music video that has attracted 10 million views...

Good News in History, January 8

100 years ago today, US President Woodrow Wilson became a force for peace toward the end of World War I by proposing a list of principles to be used in negotiating a treaty between nations. The Fourteen Points were outlined in a speech to Congress, and earned him the Nobel Peace Prize for his ‘Wilsonian idealism’. He translated domestic progressive ideals—free trade, open agreements, democracy and self-determination— into a foreign policy that even the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin viewed as a landmark of enlightenment in international relations. (1918)

Good News in History September 14

50 years ago today, the first televised episode of the comic strip 'The Archies' was aired. An animated 5-piece band, The Archies actually produced...

Good News in History, July 11

49 years ago today, David Bowie released his renown single Space Oddity. A song about the launch of a fictional astronaut named Major Tom, the...

Good News in History, June 20

55 years ago on this day, the so-called red telephone was established between the White House and the Kremlin to link the two superpowers,...

Good News in History, May 21

35 years ago today, David Bowie hit No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Let's Dance' (one of his best-selling hits worldwide). Featuring blues...

Good News in History, April 9

90 years ago today, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey removed Article II from their Constitution. The Muslim state declared religion to be separate...

Hear the World’s Greatest Voices Read the World’s Greatest Letters

Produced by Benedict Cumberbatch, the Letters Live show is an incredibly moving celebration of the human spirit – and now for the first time ever, it is coming to America.

Watch Star Wars Fans Pay Tribute to Carrie Fisher With Light Saber Vigil

Once the beloved actress who played Princess Leia passed away from a heart attack, fans paid tribute to her in the only way they saw fit.

Bob Dylan Awarded 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature

Beloved folk musician and poet Bob Dylan has earned the Nobel Prize for literature following a 54 year career in lyricism and prose.

Asteroid Named After Freddie Mercury in Honor of His Birthday

On what would have been his 70th birthday, this asteroid was named after rock and roll legend Freddie Mercury by his friend and guitarist Brian May.

Tribute to Tender Comedic Genius Gene Wilder (1933–2016) With VIDEO

The star of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Blazing Saddles peacefully passed away today at the age of 83.

Cast of Broadway’s The Color Purple Sing Electrifying Prince Tribute Onstage (WATCH)

Jennifer Hudson and the cast of the Broadway musical The Color Purple, gathered for their usual curtain call at the end of Thursday’s evening...

Must Have Dogs or Christopher Walken: Our Top Five Superbowl Ads

Whether you watch the Superbowl to cheer for your favorite team or eat your neighbor's unforgettable guacamole, much of the fun comes from the...

Phil Collins Remembers the Alamo, Donates 200 Rare Artifacts to Texas

The largest-known private collection of artifacts from the Battle of the Alamo and Texas independence will soon be coming home to San Antonio as...