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Compound Found in Red Wine Opens Door for New Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

An intriguing new study from the University at Buffalo shows that the red grapes in wine may be protecting your brain from the effects of stress.

FDA Approves First Ever Drug Treatment for Postpartum Depression

The treatment, which received “breakthrough” FDA status during its early trials, was shown to relieve depressive symptoms in a matter of hours.

Can ‘Depression’ Be Good For You? An Enlightened Look at the ‘Epidemic’

By Dr. Neel Burton, Psychiatrist at Oxford University Most people think of depression as a mental disorder, that is, a biological illness of the brain....

FDA Approves First Depression Treatment in Decades: A Nasal Spray Doctors Can Administer for Quick Relief

Though the treatment has received its fair share of wariness, it could provide immediate relief for patients experience treatment-resistant depression.

How a Yoga Teacher is Saving First Responders Across America From Depression – With Downward Dog

Yoga is not just good for exercise – it is saving police officers and firefighters from depression and mental illness.

Exciting New Study Shows That Zapping the Brain ‘Acutely’ Relieves Symptoms of Depression

This exciting new study showed that zapping a specific part of the brain “acutely” relieves symptoms of depression.

From the Brink of Depression, Heavyweight Champ Demonstrates the Power of Positive Thinking and Self-belief

Tyson Fury, one of the most successful heavyweight champions, has also fought a long battle with depression and tells Joe Rogan how he overcame it.

FDA Grants ‘Breakthrough’ Status to Psilocybin Mushroom Therapy for Untreatable Depression

The US Food and Drug Administration has just granted a “Breakthrough Therapy” designation to a treatment that uses psychedelic mushrooms as a therapy for...

You Should Finally Learn to Love Yourself: A ‘How To’ Manifesto For Depression Awareness Month

If you struggle with self-esteem issues, then there is a question that you should ask yourself to examine the cause and effects of your issues.

Woman Publicly Thanks Friends For How They Risked Stepping Up During Her Bout With Depression

Not many people know how to help a friend who is suffering from depression – which is why film critic and writer Sheila O'Malley...

What It’s Like For a Woman With Depression to Build an Upbeat Multi-Million Dollar Company

Jen Gotch has spent years struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder – but that hasn't stopped her from building a multi-million company.

Google is Now Offering You Help For Depression

Google is taking advantage of its position as a top web browser to offer help to depressed users. The tech titan has just released a...

Blood Test Unlocks New Frontier in Treating Depression

Doctors for the first time can determine which medication is more likely to help a patient overcome depression, according to research that pushes the...

This Adorable Vampire Cat Saved His Owner From Depression-Watch

She might have named this feline Nosferati or Dracula, but he's actually a sweet little Instagram star named Monkey–and he helped her adopted mom to heal.

Athlete Overcomes Depression and Brings Home Olympic Silver for Home Crowd in Brazil

The champion is back! Brazilian gymnast Diego Hypólito amazed the nation during the 2016 Rio Olympic games and finally beat his greatest enemy: depression. // (adsbygoogle =...

1,000 Reasons to Live: How a Depression Survivor’s Instagram Inspires Others

Whether it's a cup of tea or the sun in the trees: there's beauty all around us and Sahar Aker has been fighting depression by choosing to see it.

Teen Overcomes Years of Depression with Help of Horses

Morgan survived three suicide attempts and battled depression and anxiety before she entered a program that put her to work alongside horses in a stable...

Rekindled Friendship With Donkey Saves Goat from Depression

Friendship is not just a human emotion. Animal BFFs separated during a rescue from a farm this month were reunited in Northern California. Taken to...

Internet Use Helps Ward Off Depression Among Older Adults

It's estimated that as many as 10 million older Americans suffer from depression, often brought on by feelings of loneliness and isolation. However, new research...
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New Study Shows Social Groups Alleviate Depression

Building a strong connection to a social group helps clinically depressed patients recover and helps prevent relapse, according to a new study. Canadian Institute...