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Simon Cowell Donates Over $32,000 to Close Down South Korean Dog Meat Farm

The “X Factor” host's donation also inspired a slew of fans to follow in his footsteps and open their wallets for the rescue mission.

Capital City of South Korea Has Finally Been Declared Dog Slaughter-Free Since Last Farmers Agreed to Switch Careers

More than 1,800 dogs have been rescued from slaughter since the Humane Society International/Korea began their advocacy work four years ago.

Stray Pup in Nepal Follows Mountain Climbers to The Top in Amazing Feat – Maybe The World Record for a Dog

A tenacious stray dog may have just set a world record for the highest elevation ever reached by a canine – and it also resulted in a loving new home.

Girl Who Could Die From Any Strong Smell is Saved by a Specially-Trained Dog

This teenager has been given a new lease on life thanks to a 3-year-old pup who has been trained to help with her condition.

Obese Dog Who Weighed Three Times More Than Healthy Pup Has Made a Radical Transformation

This obese beagle was in dire straits when she was first adopted, but thanks to months of hard work, she has been given a second leash on life.

South Korea is Shutting Down Their Largest Dog Slaughterhouse and Turning It into a Public Park

Animal rights activists are rejoicing over South Korean officials closing down the largest dog meat slaughterhouse in the country. The Taepyeong-dong complex in Seongnam previously hosted...

In Landmark Case, South Korean Court Rules That it is Illegal to Kill Dogs for Food

The historic ruling has animal rights activists rejoicing – but there is still more work to be done.

Guy Takes Advantage of Toys ‘R’ Us Closing Sale to Make Giant Ball Pit For His Dog in His Hallway

Every kid has dreamt of having their own ball pit – so this guy took advantage of his local toy store's closing sale and bought 5,400 balls for a doggie ball pit.

When Dog’s Pointy Ears Betray Her Hiding Spot Behind a Flowerpot, Owners Are Left Laughing

Tasha is a good dog, but she simply refused to come inside when her owners came calling. Unfortunately, her little ears gave away her hiding spot.

Clever Dog Always Brings a Leaf to ‘Buy’ Himself Treats at the Store

As a reward for learning the magic of commerce, this intelligent canine has been using leaves to ‘buy’ himself treats from the campus shop.

Stray Dog Crashes A Wedding And Finds His Own Happily Ever After

This persistent pup didn't crash a wedding for the free booze or buffet – he just wanted a dry place to take a nap....

When Dog Rescuer’s Car Breaks Down, Cop Lends His Own to Pick Up Pups

A dog rescuer and her husband were stranded without transportation on Fourth of July weekend – but when this compassionate cop heard about their...

Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country to Ban Consumption of Dogs, Cats

In a landmark amendment to their pre-existing laws, Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to totally ban the consumption of dog and...

Pup Rescued From Meat Festival Now Frolicks on a Beautiful Vineyard in California

As the notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival approaches, there will be more and more focus on the dogs of China. Here in the USA and...

Dog Completes Hardest Race in the World Just to Find a Home (WATCH)

This unbelievably strong-willed pooch went through hell and high water just so he could find a home with Mikael Lindnord. Back during the 2014 Adventure Racing...

Animal Activist Makes Historic Deal With Meat Market to Close All Slaughterhouses

Animal activist Marc Ching has just announced the exceptional news that he has successfully secured an agreement with Gupo Meat Market in South Korea...

Dog Slaughter Banned in South Korean Market

The dog meat market responsible for much of the country's supply will no longer allow the tools for canine slaughter.

Beloved Town Dog Has Made 4-Mile Trek Every Day For 10 Years Just to Visit Neighbors

Every day for the last decade or so, Bruno the hound has hiked all the way through Longville just to give his affection to all of the residents.

Dogs Across Nepal Showered With Gifts On This Special Day

In Nepalese Hinduism, Kukur Tihar is a day devoted to the celebration of dogs🐾🐕 #StopYuLin— Daniela Casillas (@Dany5Casillas) June 28, 2015 // This festival is...

Scruffy Stray Dog Follows Extreme Sports Team Through Miles of Mud

It all started with a meatball. During the 430-mile Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador, Swedish teammates were chowing down, trying to refuel for the...