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Dolly Parton Quietly Gives Away 100 Millionth Book for Her Child Reading Program

Dolly Parton was honored by The Library of Congress this year to mark a little known milestone in her life— the 100 millionth book...

Dolly Parton Offers Monthly Cash Support to Families Affected by Tennessee Wildfires

With wildfires raging through Parton's home state of Tennesse, the country singer sweetheart's foundation will donate $1K a month to affected families.

Dollywood Adds Calming Room to Help Kids With Sensory Overload (Video)

"Families of children with autism now have a place to go at Dollywood for a quiet, relaxing environment if they experience sensory overload."

Good News in History, October 29

130 years ago today, with only a population of 6,000, Vancouver, BC, welcomed Lord Stanley—the British Earl and Governor General of Canada—to dedicate the...

Good News in History, September 1

Happy Birthday to the comedian and actress Lily Tomlin, who turns 80 years young today. She began as a standup comedian in her hometown...

Good News in History, August 21

75 years ago today, in the wake of World War II, leaders from Russia, the U.K. and U.S. gathered at the Dumbarton Oaks mansion...

Good News in History, April 29

120 years ago, the musician and composer Duke Ellington, one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time, was born in Washington, DC....

Good News in History, February 27

On this day 117 years ago, John Steinbeck, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose novels included The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and Of...

Good News in History, January 19

It's the 210th birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. Born in Boston, the writer, editor, and literary critic is best known for his poetry (The...

There Are Now 75,000 Little Free Libraries Around the World – and Here’s Why You Should Add More

Over 75,000 Little Free Libraries have been placed in 88 different countries around the world – and you can help to add more.

James Patterson Donates Heaps of Cash to School Classrooms—and Now He’s Donating $2Mil More

The best-selling novelist hopes that his donations will help encourage American students to fall in love with reading the same way that he did.

Watch Touching Tribute Video for the Incredible ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)

The legendary soul musician passed away at her Detroit home today at the age of 76.

Alan Alda Announces Parkinson’s Diagnosis, But He Wants to Use It to Inspire People

Alan Alda has been one of the most enduring, and beloved figures on TV screens for over 30 years – and now, he intends...

Teens Singing On the Sidewalk Get to Perform With Cyndi Lauper After Chance Encounter

These young siblings had been playing for pedestrians on the sidewalk when a famous singer happened to be walking by at the right time.

Schwarzenegger Uses Tank He Drove in Austria to Give Kids Another Motive to Stay in School

Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping childhood dreams come true by encouraging kids to stay in school with his 50-ton tank. When the bodybuilder served in the Austrian...

Watch Neil Diamond Come Out of Retirement to Serenade Exhausted Firefighters

Parkinson's disease can't stop the beloved singer-songwriter from wanting to express his heartfelt thanks to the hardworking firefighters in Colorado.

When Girl Can’t Attend Katy Perry Concert Because of Brain Surgery, the Pop Star Visits Her House Instead

Just because Katy Perry is famous doesn't mean that she can't make time to surprise a sick little girl.

Look at This Quick Guide to the Habits, Advice, and Inspiration of the World’s Most Successful Women

This infographic is all about the habits of the world's most influential women and how they believe other women can find success as well.

Doris Day Finds Out She’s Actually 95: “It’s Great To Finally Know”

The beloved movie star actress had always guessed that she was about 93 years old – but after finally seeing her birth certificate, she now knows she's 95.