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Last Performing Circus Elephant of Chile is Rescued and Moved to New Sanctuary to Live Out Her Golden Years

Ramba the elephant will finally be able to live out the rest of her days in peaceful retirement after she was rescued from her life with the circus.

Orphaned Elephant Returns to Human Rescuers So She Can Introduce Them to Her Newborn Calf

Despite how this momma elephant now lives in the wild, she recently visited her human rescuers so she could introduce them to her newborn calf.

Denmark Buys Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants for $1.6 Million So They Can Retire

The four circus elephants will now be able to live out the rest of their days in happy retirement thanks to the Danish government.

Dozens of People Rally Together to Rescue Elephant Trapped in 20-Foot Well—Watch Them Do It Using a Massive Crane

Thanks to a team of military officials and forest workers, a distressed elephant was saved from a 20-foot well in India earlier this week.

In Celebration of Being Rescued 5 Years Ago, This Elephant Was Surprised With a Special Cake (WATCH)

It has been 5 years since this pachyderm was rescued from his former life as a street performer—and it seems he has been living like a king ever since.

African Elephant Poaching Has Fallen By More Than 50% Over the Course of the Last 6 Years

Due to the falling international demand for illegal ivory, there has been a dramatic decrease in African elephant poaching.

Watch People Join Rescue Elephants in the Streets As They Embark on 10-Hour Walk to Their New Home

Dozens of pedestrians joined these rescue elephants in the streets as the pachyderms were guided to their new home 12 miles away.

India Gets Its First Ever Hospital for Abused Elephants – and They’ve Already Treated Dozens

Since opening their doors four months ago, this elephant hospital has rescued and treated 26 pachyderms from abusive conditions.

Park Rangers Delighted to Find Elephant Seals Reclaimed Beach During Government Shutdown

As a result of the US government shutdown, the absence of human activity at Point Reyes has actually helped the formerly endangered elephant seal.

When Concerts Turned Meaningless, Pianist Finds Fulfillment Playing Music for Blind Elephants

After playing Beethoven for the old rescued pachyderms, Paul Barton found they actually really liked listening to music, and he loved playing for them.

Watch Persistent Elephant Stop at Nothing to Summon Busy Caretaker to Get a Lullaby For Her Baby

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, then this clip of a caretaker lulling her elephant friends to sleep is sure to melt your heart.

One of the World’s Toughest Ivory Bans is Set to Be Approved With Overwhelming Support to Save Elephants

The United Kingdom has just announced that they are introducing one of the toughest bans on ivory sales in the world. The only ivory products...

Watch Orphan Elephant Conquer His Fear of Water With Help From His Loving Human

Moyo the baby elephant was only a few days old when his loving human mother found him orphaned and alone on the shores of...

Instead of Elephants, This Family Circus Features Happy Rescue Dogs as the Stars

There are few things better in the world than the smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and a glittering show, but one circus in Illinois...

Watch Elephants and Lions Frolicking on Donated Leftover Christmas Trees

All of these Christmas trees that weren't able to find proper homes for the holidays will be used to delight elephants, lions, and wildlife instead.

Soothe Your Anxiety By Watching This Little Elephant Bob For Apples

It might calm you down, or it might just make you laugh. Either way, you don't need an excuse to watch 60 seconds of an elephant having fun.

Rats Are Saving Elephants From Hidden Landmines on Their Migration Routes

These clever little critters are going to help save endangered species by sniffing out bombs across the densest minefield in Africa.

App Translates Human Speech Into Elephant Language so You Can Help Save Species

Forget about learning French or Japanese – there is now an app that can help you speak in elephant. Hello in Elephant is a smartphone...

Drones Now Protecting African Elephants Thanks to American Businessman’s Funding Prowess

Among the many initiatives underway to save the decreasing elephant population, these drones might be the most impressive. Elephants are notorious for wandering away from...

Elephant Stranded 5 Miles Out to Sea Rescued by Navy

This Sri Lankan elephant was given a “miraculous escape” after it was rescued by navy officers 5 miles out at sea.