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Elon Musk’s First Ultra-Fast Underground Transit Tunnel Will Open to the Public in December

The South African CEO and his construction company believe that the tunnel system will help to alleviate traffic jams in California.

Elon Musk Mantiene su Promesa, Dona $480,000 para Dar a Cada Escuela en Flint un Sistema de Agua Limpia

A pesar de que Elon Musk  ha estado dentro y fuera de grandes controversias en redes sociales, el CEO ha hecho bien al cumplir su...

Elon Musk Keeps His Promise, Donates $480,000 to Give Every School in Flint a Clean Water System

Though the Tesla CEO is notorious for his controversial social media activity, he has kept his word on addressing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Elon Musk is Funding New Water Filters in Flint After Twitter Prompt

In a matter of days, Musk is already in talks with the Mayor of Flint and other community activists on how they will move forward.

Check Out the Crappy First Jobs for Elon Musk, Taylor Swift and Madonna

Did you know that before Elon Musk was worth $21 billion, he was a jumpsuit-wearing janitor? Or that Taylor Swift's former job was keeping Christmas trees free of insects?

Elon Musk Gets Another Green Light for His Speedy Hyperloop Tunnel From NYC to DC

Elon Musk’s revolutionary speed train could transport passengers along the busy East Coast corridor in less than thirty minutes.

Elon Musk Takes Surprisingly Good Ad Advice From 10-Year-old

Bria may only be a 5th grader, but her advertising advice to Elon Musk was so good, the Tesla CEO actually decided to take it.

Guy Sacrifices Tesla to Save Unconscious Driver, Elon Musk Offers to Repair It

Even though a Tesla Model S is worth thousands of dollars, this guy didn't hesitate to sacrifice it in order to do the right...

Elon Musk Joins Donald Trump’s Team of Advisories

During a meeting on Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump met with the biggest tech giants of Silicon Valley to discuss job growth in America.

YouTube Star Known For Kindness Celebrates 20 Million Subscribers by Funding the Planting of Millions of Trees

This famous YouTuber is celebrating his 20 million subscriber milestone by raising money for the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 20 million trees.

Billionaire Co-Founder of Home Depot is Giving Away 80% of his Wealth to Charity

The Home Depot Co-founder Bernie Marcus has pledged to give most of his wealth to charity—hopefully before the 90-year-old dies.

Good News in History, June 28

100 years year ago today, the League of Nations was founded as the world’s first intergovernmental organization whose principal mission was to maintain world...

Largest Ever Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Takes Flight – and Airlines Are Already Expressing Interest

This is the largest hybrid-electric aircraft that has ever taken flight – and its developers are already being contacted by airlines from around the world.

Toyota is Granting Royalty-Free Licenses to Almost 24,000 Patents for Their Electric Vehicle Technology

As a means of encouraging electric vehicle development, the car company is granting royalty-free licenses to almost 24,000 of their EV patents.

The ‘Coziest Taxi’ is Giving Free Rides to Commuters Weary From the Cold (Check Out the Inside…)

This UK taxi cab has been decked out with an imitation fireplace, furry rugs, throw blankets, and slippers in order to help its passengers unwind.

Cheap 2D Material Can Cleanse 99.9999% of Bacteria From Water in 30 Minutes Simply by Using the Sun

The cheap, eco-friendly system is capable of purifying enough drinking water for four people in just thirty minutes.

Boeing’s Flying Air Taxi Has Just Completed Its First Test Flight – And It’s Electric!

The company's “air taxi” could be commercially available to the public as soon as 2023.

New 4-Legged Concept Car Could Change the Game for Emergency Rescue and Handicap Transportation

A car with the ability to climb walls and step over holes using a set of robotic legs could transform the way rescue teams...

CEO Becomes First Crypto Billionaire to Pledge Bulk of His Wealth Towards the Greater Good

“Once a certain level of wealth is reached, there is little additional utility from spending more on yourself,” said the 35-year-old CEO.

Tesla’s Record-Breaking Mega Battery, Installed on a Bet, Saves Australia $40 Million in Its First Year

The record-breaking power reserve has brought down the cost of maintenance services by 75% over the course of its first year.