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Carbon Emissions From 30 of the World’s Largest Cities Are Already Dropping Since Signing Climate Pact

Not only have dozens of the world's most influential cities curbed their CO2 emissions, they have also passed legislation on plastic and free transit.

This Tasty Seaweed Reduces Cow Emissions by 99%—and It Could Soon Be a Climate Gamechanger

Cows love nibbling on this common pink seaweed growing off the coast of Australia—and it apparently reduces their gassy emissions by 99%.

Oil and Gas Rigs Could Soon Be Reassigned to Fight Climate Crisis by Storing CO2 Emissions

Instead of spending millions of dollars on decommissioning oil and gas rigs, new research suggests they could be put to work storing CO2 emissions.

This Revolutionary Blast Furnace Vaporizes Trash and Turns It into Clean Energy (Without Any Emissions)

A renewable energy startup is using a new technology that can vaporize non-recyclable trash into energy—all without generating any emissions.

This Icelandic Facility is Capturing CO2 Emissions So They Can Turn It All into Stone

This fascinating carbon capture system could be a groundbreaking new tool in the fight against greenhouse gas pollution and climate change.

These 18 Developed Countries Have Passed Policies to Cut Carbon Emissions; New Study Says It’s Working

An exciting new study shows that efforts to cut CO2 and tackle climate change in developed countries including the UK and US are beginning...

Etsy Becomes the First Global eCommerce Company to Completely Offset Carbon Emissions from Shipping

With over 2.1 million sellers accounting for 98% of their carbon footprint, Etsy is now offsetting all of the emissions generated from their shipping.

UK Trains Will Run On Hydrogen Power Within Three Years and Produce Zero Emissions

The hydrogen-powered “Breeze” trains are set to launch within the next three years, and they are designed to produce zero carbon emissions.

Instead of Burning Coal, New Fuel Emits Zero Harmful Emissions – and It’s Made From Sewage

These little pellets are the perfect zero-emission replacement for coal – and they're made using sewage waste.

California Slashes Emissions to 1990s Level, Reaches Climate Goal Years Early

The California Air Resources Board just announced that greenhouse gas pollution in California fell below 1990 levels for the first time since emissions peaked...

JetBlue Offsets Over 2 Billion Pounds of CO2 Emissions

JetBlue airlines has just flown past a major milestone in sustainability. By signing one of the biggest renewable jet fuel agreements in aviation history, JetBlue committed...

New Zealand Government Announces Plan to Plant 1 Billion Trees, Get to Zero Emissions

The government of New Zealand has just unveiled an ambitious set of environmental policies that are destined to take an aggressive stance against climate...

U.K. Carbon Emissions Fall to Levels From 1894

This groundbreaking new report shows that the levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere last year have fallen to the same amount as 1894...

World’s First Emissions-Free Passenger Train is Finally Unveiled

This hydrogen-run German train is the first of its kind that will only give off steam and condensed air instead of harmful fossil fuels emissions.

New Guidelines Will Push Landfills to Convert Their Emissions into Electricity

American landfills account for about 20% of the carbon emissions in the country – that's why the EPA's finally taking steps to slash that number down.

‘Cool’ Clothing Breakthrough Could Slash Emissions by Making You Cooler

Turn off your air conditioner and stay cool in your tee shirt instead. That's the idea behind a new wrap-like material that Stanford University scientists...

Engineered Bacteria Uses Sunlight to Turn CO2 Emissions into Methane

Scientists have engineered a bacterium that can take carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into fuel in a single enzymatic step. The process...

In Historic Turn, Global Economy Grows While CO2 Emissions Stay Same

A key stumbling block in the effort to combat global warming has been the previously intimate link between greenhouse gas emissions and economic growth. Now,...

Two Kids Invite The World To Reduce Carbon Emissions

[youtube] Skyler Palmquist, age 8, and Cayden Palmquist, age 10, are hopeful about what might be accomplished in Paris at the United Nations Climate...

Booming Wind and Solar Power Has Slashed Europe’s CO2 Emissions

Windmills and solar panels are helping to clean the air in Europe – and causing greenhouse gas emissions to plummet. Renewable energy in place of...