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Homicides Plummet Thanks to Ex-cons Patrolling Baltimore Streets

Safe Streets is an outreach program that uses ex-cons to deescalate gang violence in the community without police involvement.

French Restaurant Hires Exclusively Ex-Cons Who Want Culinary Training

This high-end French restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio has a knack for serving up more than just a good meal – they serve up a sense...

New Detroit Auto Factory Will Help Ex-Convicts Build New Beginnings

An Indian company’s new $30-million-dollar factory will make new car parts while repairing lives in the beleaguered Motor City. Sakthi Automotive Group has officially broken ground...

Stranger Pays Unpaid Court Fines to Break Cycle of Jail for Ex-Con

A good Samaritan has volunteered to pay off a former convict’s debt to the court — long after the man had finished paying his debt to...

Ex-Cop and Ex-Con Stop Battling, Team Up for Second Chances (WATCH) A retired policeman and his former foe have joined forces to provide jobs for ex-offenders. Officer Ray Robakowski and former gang member Jacob Maclin...

Ex-con Saves Baby on Side of Road, Plays Gospel to Calm Her

A Georgia man who served ten years for manufacturing cocaine is being credited with saving a 15-month-old baby he found alongside a highway. Bryant Collins,...
worker at Rubicon Bakery-websitephoto

Restauranteur Saves Bakery Because It Employs Ex-Cons

When San Francisco restaurateur Andrew Stoloff agreed to consult on the finances of an inner-city bakery in nearby Richmond, he found a failing business,...
Larry Lawton ex-gangland turned author

Ex-con Becomes an Honorary Police Officer

At one time he was considered one of the most notorious jewel thieves in the United States. He spent 11 years in some of...
chef with trainee - Careers Through Culinary Arts

How an Ex-con Went from Selling Drugs to Culinary School in Paris

By the time Cesar Gutierrez was 16, he had already gone to jail twice, experimented with gang life, sold drugs and ran away from...
bakery worker is ex-con -Safer Foundation photo

Small Businesses Put Ex-cons to Work

Ten years ago, Debbie Jakacki, owner of Jakacki Bag & Barrel in Chicago, a family business that's been around since 1942, found herself continually...

Car Salesman Gives Homeless and Ex-Cons New Lives

"Word of the good Samaritan car salesman started spreading through the homeless and prison communities, and the more people showed up at the Chevrolet...

Bus Transformed into Mobile Classroom Lets Thousands of Disadvantaged Kids and Adults Get Their Diplomas

Most school buses arrive to take students to class – but this bus brings the class to the students. This refurbished bus is equipped with...

App Lets Families Easily Send Printed Photos to Their Loved Ones in Jail With a Swipe of a Button

An app that is being called “Instagram for Prisons” allows families to stay in connect with inmates simply by taking a cell phone picture.

Formerly Homeless Bus Driver Wins Awards Because He Never Stops Smiling – And His Passengers Love It

London's favorite bus driver has only been on the job for 16 months – but his cheerful disposition has won the former homeless ex-convict several awards.

Inmates Write Heartfelt Letter to Police Department Offering Condolences for Slain Officer

The police station has received an overwhelming amount of support since the officer's death, but they were especially touched by this emotional letter.

Good News in History September 29

32 years ago today, Designing Women premiered on CBS, bringing laughs and Southern hospitality to American TV screens. Created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, the Emmy...

More Peace Than Ever in Iraq: Incredible 80% Drop in Violence, Even During Ramadan

The first five months of 2018 have witnessed an astonishing drop in violence and deaths compared to the same time period in 2017.

Man Leaves Jail To Find No One Will Hire Him So He Starts Business And John Legend Lends A Hand

Unable to find someone willing to hire him, Avila decided to start a business—and it’s providing good jobs to other ex-convicts, with help from John Legend.

Ex-prisoner En Route to Job Interview Takes Shirt Off Back to Save Man’s Life

Aaron Tucker didn't care if he didn't get the job he wanted – he was determined to help an injured stranger.

Organizations Learn Cheap Tattoo Removal to Help Inmates Get Jobs

This nonprofit is teaching organizations how to provide cheap tattoo removal for ex-convicts in need of a fresh start.