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Boots Were Made For Walking – and Helping This Baby Flamingo Grow Healthy and Strong

This baby flamingo named Squish is testing out his new blue booties – and it might be the cutest thing that you will see all week.

Kenyans Plant Trees to Coax Back Flamingos

Where once a million flamingos awashed the shores in pink along Lake Nakuru, a community is replanting saplings to help rebuild the forests they...

The Animal Kingdom’s Top 10 Best Dads for Father’s Day

The award for the best father in the animal kingdom goes to… the Humboldt penguin. It’s Father’s Day today, and time to give praise to...

National Park Service is Posting Cute Photos of Animal Families For Thanksgiving

These cute animal families are the best inspiration for how to spend Thanksgiving with your human relatives.

One-Legged Man Hops Into Funny Annual Halloween Costumes–LOOK

As a motivational speaker and author, he has spent his life helping people look on the bright side of life–and for years his Halloween...

Florida Voters Approve Billions for Conservation Without Raising Taxes

Florida voters have overwhelmingly passed a measure that designates billions of dollars to conservation efforts over the next 20 years, without raising taxes. The Water...