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Instead of Arguing Online, Political Foes Are Coming Together Over Food to ‘Make America Dinner Again’

It's easy to get into an angry argument with a stranger over the internet – but what if you're both asked to sit down over a pleasant dinner instead?

Instead of Trashing Groceries During Cooler Malfunction, Store Donates 35,000 Pounds of Food

The homeless shelter that received the donated perishables say that it is the single largest contribution that they have ever received.

Aldi to Give Away All its Unsold Fresh Food to ‘Less Fortunate Individuals’ on Christmas Eve

In celebration of the holiday season, grocery store chain Aldi is being lauded for announcing a plan to donate all unsold fresh food to...

Watch Restaurant Worker Cut Up Food for Veteran With Injured Hand

The older veteran had reportedly injured his arm trying to settle a domestic dispute.

Instead of Polluting the Planet, Food Waste Finds its Purpose–Turned into Wine

Wine lovers, rejoice! You might soon be able to enjoy your favorite evening beverage with the comforting knowledge that you're helping the environment.

People Can Pay Their Parking Fines With Cans of Food for the Hungry

Expired parking meters are helping feed the hungry in Kentucky. For the second year in a row, people in Lexington can pay their parking fines...

Elementary School ‘Share Tables’ Keep Unwanted Lunch Food Out of Trash

If sharing is caring, then these young students must care a lot. The elementary schoolers of Orange County, Florida are cutting down on food waste...

World’s Largest Food Companies Agree to Labeling Aimed at Cutting Food Waste

The world's largest retailers and food companies have just agreed to better labeling of products in a bid to radically cut food waste.

Theft of Food From Cat Charity Spurs Community to Donate Enough Supply For 2 Years

After a particularly “callous” theft left a cat charity without any pet food for their 34 homeless felines, they became inundated with donations from...

Brewing Company Has the Tastiest Solution for Food Waste

There is so much surplus bread being created in the UK every year, that homeless shelters can't even take in any more loafs destined for the...

Man With Down Syndrome Completes 33 Years of Dedicated Service in Fast Food

Daniel Lybrink has spent 33 loyal years working for a McDonald's restaurant – so on Monday, in honor of his contagiously cheerful personality, the...

Islands Encourage Healthy Eating by Banning Western Junk Food

As a means of encouraging healthier eating habits in the province, this group of south Pacific Islands are issuing a ban on the import...

Do Cats Prefer People or Food? Surprising Study Will Have You Purring

Even though cat lovers will vouch for their feline friends until the day they die, cats often receive a bad rap for being perceived as less...

Man Creates Gardens For Unwanted Bees, Grows Free Food in 30 Abandoned Lots

Even though the Ninth Ward of New Orleans has never fully recovered from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, this man has created a lush oasis of...

Canadian Youth Braves Storm on Horseback to Deliver Food to Stranded Driver

This 18-year-old woman is a shining example of Canadian kindness – and Canadian resilience to the cold. Eileen Eagle Bears was warm and dry at...

Shatner and Retailer Make Sure Boy With Autism Always Has Favorite Food

Because Everett Botwright has autism, the 6-year-old recently started refusing to eat anything if it wasn't the meal that stole his heart: Star Wars themed Kraft macaroni...

Healthy Concession Food is a ‘Game Changer’ for High Schools

Concession stands at school sporting events are often overlooked by those advocating for healthy school food. However, a new study highlights how concession stands...

Montreal Restaurant Offers Free Food to Anyone Who Needs It

The Marché Ferdous gives free meals year round to anyone without money – no questions asked.

Watch Guys Give Out $100 Tips to Fast Food Workers

Kyle Oreffice and Jesse Hill decided to spread Christmas cheer by giving massive tips to drive-thru workers over the weekend.

New USDA Guidelines Will Prevent Thousands of Pounds of Food Waste

The USDA is planning on nixing “use by” and “sell by” dates so consumers stop throwing away perfectly edible food out of confusion.