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New Research Says That Art Therapy Reduces Stress-Related Headaches By Up to 40% for Teenage Girls

Researchers were surprised to discover that art therapy reduced the amount of headaches that teenage girls experienced from school-related stress.

Two Little Girls Have a Petition and Powerful Video for McDonald’s—It May Signal the End of Wasteful Plastic Toys

Since these determined young activists started campaigning for the end of free plastic toys in kids meals, their mission has gotten a massive response.

Watch Will Smith’s Adorable Response to Little Girls Asking Him About His Genie Magic

This sweet video of Will Smith interacting with two little girls at the “Aladdin” film premiere proves that he is just as magical off-screen.

Teen Girls Have Raised Over $1.5 Million for Clean Water Simply By Embracing Their Love of Origami

Thousands of people around the world now have clean water thanks to two teen girls who love the ancient art of origami.

They Disguised Themselves As Boys in Order to Pay the Bills, Now ‘Barbershop Girls’ of India Given Scholarships

These girls have been defying gender stereotypes for years – so as a means of rewarding them for their hard work, they are now being given a free education.

Girls Lost in Forest for 44 Hours Finally Rescued After They Survived on Rainwater and ‘Happy Thoughts’

Two girls, aged 5 and 8, have finally been rescued from the woods of Northern California after using survival skills they learned from camping and TV.

Officer Becomes Hero to Neighborhood Kids After Sitting Down to Play With Girls Who ‘Were Afraid of Cops’

This police officer has become a local celebrity after he took the time to befriend some local children who expressed a fear of cops.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Donates $500K to Open Up Another Home for Abused and Traumatized Girls

Rock and roll musician Steven Tyler has already donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to ensure the health and happiness of abused...

Video UPDATE: Veteran Gets to Meet, Reward Detroit Teen Girls Who Returned Wallet With Cash

Yesterday afternoon, smiles and hugs filled the front room in this West Detroit home where, just days earlier, somber resolve that a disabled veteran...

Girls Collect Over 20,000 Snack Wrappers and Mail Them Back to Manufacturers to Curb Plastic Use

In a bid to guilt food companies out of using wasteful plastic packaging, these students are mailing snack wrappers back to their manufacturers.

Two Teen Girls Push Government in Bali to Ban the Bags That Have Turned Their Paradise Into an Eyesore

For many of us, the island of Bali will conjure up images of palm-shaded resorts, pristine white beaches, and crystal clear Indonesian waters, but...

Train Passenger Uses a Twitter Post to Help Rescue 26 Girls From Traffickers

An Indian man is being hailed as a hero after his quick-thinking ended up saving two dozen young girls from a nefarious scheme.

Girls Discover New Interest in STEM Thanks to Bracelets That Have Built-in Games

Makeda Ricketts was heartbroken to see her little sister being discouraged from pursuing STEM education – so she created an ingenious solution for girls around the world undergoing the same struggle.

She Heard a Child’s Plea in Liberia, and it Turned into Schools for 1,500 Girls

It all started with a little girl. At age eleven, Abigail was selling herself on the streets of Liberia in exchange for clean drinking...

2 Teenage Girls Saved From Abduction by Airline Employee Whose Name is ‘Miracle’

If it had not been for Denice Miracle's sharp instincts, two teenage girls may have fallen prey to a nefarious plot.

Once a Homeless Teen Mom, She’s Now a Hairdresser Offering Free Makeovers to Girls in City Shelters

Vanessa Howard knows what it's like to have nothing – and that’s why she is giving back to girls and women who are facing...

Kenyan Schoolgirls Invent App to Stop Female Genital Mutilation

These Kenyan students are the embodiment of “girl power”. Five teens who call themselves “The Restorers” are taking a stand to end female genital mutilation...

UPDATE: Afghan Girls Twice Denied Visas Just Won Silver Medals

These Afghan girls who were twice denied visas to the United States were just given silver medals in recognition of their perseverance and cultural...

White House Intervenes to Grant Rejected Afghan Girls Entry to U.S. for Robotics Contest

The Trump Administration overturned its recent decision to deny the visas of a female team of Afghani students participating in a world robotics competition. The...

These Wild Birds Get the Girls By Playing the Drums (See it to Believe it)

If their mohawks didn't already make them attractive enough to lady birds, these extraordinary cockatoos attract mates by drumming with their own hand-crafted drumsticks. The...