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Mark Hamill Gets Chewbacca Hug From Harrison Ford, and a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood's Walk of Fame has finally been graced with the addition of the Jedi Master himself: Mark Hamill.

Real-Life Action Hero Harrison Ford Races to Help Car Collision Victim

When a 63-year-old woman lost control of her car on Sunday morning, the Indiana Jones star was there to prove that he is just as cool as his movie roles.
Harrison Ford with plane-Flickr-Mike Miley-CC

Harrison Ford Rescues Lost Boy in the Wilderness, Just Like the Movies

When 13 year-old Cody Clawson attended a boy scout camp in Yellowstone National Park he accidentally strayed from the path while hauling supplies from...

Americans Can Donate AC Units to Seniors Who Can’t Afford Repairs

Instead of roasting in the oppressive heat of a Mississippi summer, an 81-year-old woman is breathing easier thanks to a donated air conditioner. It’s more than...

Han Solo With Epileptic Daughter Auctions Jacket for $191K to Benefit Seizure Research

You know that cool bomber jacket that Harrison Ford wore in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? It was just auctioned off for a charity very near to his heart.

Good News in History, March 2

Happy Birthday to English actor Daniel Craig who turns 50 today! He became the sixth–and most popular–James Bond, first taking on the role of...

Actor Luke Wilson Saves Woman in Car Crash By Crawling in Through the Trunk

Witnesses say that the film star leapt into action after he saw a driver who was injured inside of a smoking car.

‘Kate Winslet Saved My Life’—Now Cancer-Free, Young Mom Can Raise Her Baby, Thanks to Kate and DiCaprio

After spending the last four years fighting three different forms of cancer, a young mom in England has finally been cured – and it's...

Good News in History, February 11

  Happy 82nd birthday to Burt Reynolds. The Hollywood star and romancer might never have become an actor had he not been injured as a...

Powerful Hollywood Women Strike Back, Raise $15 Million For Anti-Harassment Action Plan

Women such as Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Kerry Washington, Anita Hill, and Ashley Judd have all signed onto the initiative alongside thousands of female blue-collar workers.

Good News in History, July 13

  Happy 75th Birthday to actor Harrison Ford whose many memorable characters include Han Solo in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, a police detective in Witness,...

Tribute to Carrie Fisher, Beloved Actress and Author (1956-2016)

Princess Leia Organa – feminist, actress, author, and role model – has passed away at the age of 60 due to cardiac arrest.
pizza delivery to Harrison Ford and Ellen at Oscars

The Oscars Pizza Guy Got $1000 Tip from Stars

The unsuspecting pizza delivery man who was called to the Academy Awards ceremony and dragged onstage by host Ellen DeGeneres, was given a $1000...
Harrison Ford overcame depression

Famous People Who Overcame Depression

As the days grow shorter and winter sets in, depression may add to the darkness. It's inspiring to learn that many have succeeded wildly...

Stars Walk the Green Carpet for Eco Awards

Stars like Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart and Daryl Hannah, along with business moguls like Richard Branson, walk a green carpet before being...
the road leads ever on

10 Qualities To Help You Reach Your Dreams (Part One)

Looking at successful people, like actor Harrison Ford, author Maya Angelou, singer Gloria Estefan, and cyclist Lance Armstrong, we wonder: How did they do...

Celebrities Feed the Homeless for Thanksgiving

Hollywood celebrities Kirk Douglas, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart donned aprons to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to homeless men, women and children in Los...

Good News in History, April 17

On this day 45 years ago, George Lucas started writing the treatment for a new film called “The Star Wars”. He had just finished...

Fed Up With Expensive Medications, Hospitals Are Banding Together to Make Their Own Drugs

Instead of allowing pharmaceutical companies to continue manipulating the drug market, this group of hospitals are taking a direct stance against price gouging and shortages.

Good News in History September 25

On this day 60 years ago, 9 black teenagers were ushered into Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas by 300 U.S. Army soldiers,...