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Rapper’s Insistence on Featuring Homeless People in Music Video Results in Family Reunion

An English musician wanted to feature real people in his music video, rather than paid actors – and it led to a mother's reunion with her homeless son.

Homeless Veteran Asks for Nothing, But Town Insists On Helping Him Anyway

While some towns rally around high school athletic teams, this community has found common ground in their care and appreciation for a homeless man...

When ‘Homeless‘ Man Insists On Paying for Fancy Meal With His Hard-Earned Money, Restaurant Makes Special Offer

In Brazil, it is very common for slum residents or homeless people to collect recyclables on the streets to sell and make a living—but...

When Homeless Man Finds $17,000 Outside of Food Bank, He Turns It In So It Can Help Feed Others

Kevin Booth could have just taken the cash and run – but instead, he turned it in to the food bank volunteers so they could use it to help other people.

City Will Replace Advertisements With Directions to Shelters for the Homeless in Winter

All of the city's digital signs and advertisements will be replaced with emergency notices directing people to the nearest shelter or heating room.

Buy Men’s Shoes, And a Free Pair Goes to the Homeless

When you purchase any pair of our stylish and high quality men's shoes, another pair is donated to someone experiencing homelessness in America.

Muslims and Jews Come Together So They Can Serve 1,000 Bowls of Soup to the Homeless

The organizers even used halal chicken in a Jewish recipe to merge elements from both religions, too.

Watch Bus Driver Offer Comfort and Resources to Homeless Passenger Escaping the Cold

This is not the first time that Natalie Barnes has helped her passengers – but her kindness recently helped a homeless man into housing.

New Online Shop Gives Free Men’s Shoes to Homeless for Every $59 Pair You Buy For Yourself

It was not uncommon for Tian Mu to pass by someone who was living on the streets as he commuted every day in Los Angeles. After...

When Homeless Man Finds Artwork That Sells for Thousands, Man Tracks Him Down to Split the Earnings

When a homeless man uncovered a rare Disney illustration that was worth thousands, an antique store owner tracked him down to give him some of the earnings.

Community of Tiny Homes Breaks Cycle of Addiction and Homelessness for Single Moms

Homeless single moms are breaking the cycle of addiction and reuniting with their children thanks to a community of tiny homes and the services...

New 24-Hour Vending Machine Dispenses Clothing and Blankets to the Homeless for Free

As winter approaches, this new vending machine is being stocked with warm blankets and clothing for the homeless – and all of it can...

This California City is Cleaning Up Their Streets By Paying the Homeless to Pick Up Litter

The initiative will simultaneously provide a paycheck to local rough sleepers while also cleansing the streets of trash heaps.

Simple Solution Provides the Homeless With Housing and Jobs in One Fell Swoop

Tackling homelessness may seem like an uphill battle, but this man has come up with a stunningly simple solution for giving jobs and homes...

Dad Confronts Bully by Treating Him Like a Son – Now the Homeless Boy Has Money and Friendship

Instead of being angry at his son's bully, this man approached the boy with compassion – and now, they are all enjoying the wonderful results.

Five Tips On How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter

There are plenty of challenges and obstacles that homeless people must overcome to survive – and it becomes even harder during the upcoming winter months.

Cops Find Stolen Krispy Kreme Van And Give Away the Cargo’s Goodies to Hungry Homeless

Even though these police officers may have an affinity for donuts, they were careful to share their bounty with those less fortunate.

Shop Has Given Away 142,000 Slices of Pizza, Continuing Dad’s Mission for the Homeless

Before Mike Stevens's passing in 2017, he insisted on feeding anyone who was less fortunate – and now, his family is continuing the mission.

Man is Working to Convert Cruise Ship into Supportive Housing Community for the Homeless

Though the concept has been proposed before, Kenneth Capron is taking the idea one step further after his presentation before the city council.

When Street Musician Offers His Earnings to Homeless Vets, He is Stunned By How They Pay It Forward

Adam Kightlinger was just trying to do something kind for some homeless men – but he was surprised by the waves of compassion that resulted from his offer.