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Man Was Dead For 28 Minutes Before a Homeless Man Helped Save His Life

If Austin Davis had not been drinking coffee near to the spot where George Dakin collapsed, then the architect may not have ever gotten up.

New Los Angeles ‘Parking Meters’ Are Collecting Change For the Homeless

After you pump some quarters into your parking meter in Southern California, look for the new ones that put your change to great use:...

Homeless Teen Goes From Living in a Car to Creating Absolutely Stunning Photos as a Wedding Photographer

When he was just 16 years old, Carsten Schertzer was homeless. Now, eight years later, he is an award-winning wedding photographer who’s traveled to...

Origami-inspired Tents of Donated Cardboard Could Protect Brussels’s Homeless

Because material tents are illegal on the streets of Brussels, this entrepreneur has come up with a temporary, origami-inspired solution

After Denver Hired Homeless People to Perform Day Labor For the City, More Than 100 Landed Regular Jobs

The Denver Day Works program pays homeless people to work for the city, no strings attached. One year later, the initiative has already paid off greatly.

Teen Buying Coats For Homeless Doesn’t See Stranger Snap His Photo Til Hundreds Share It Online

Fredrick White was just trying to do something good for his fellow men when he went to Goodwill to buy a couple of jackets. Before...

Stranger Gives the Boots Off His Feet to Freezing Homeless Man on the Subway

Jessica Bell, an attorney and advocate in Chicago was riding the subway home late last Friday evening when she witnessed a spontaneous act of...

Watch Formerly Homeless Boy Sob For Joy at Getting His Own Bed

8-year-old Daeyrs has spent much of his young life living in homeless shelters with other families after his mom lost her job. All he wanted...

Woman Meets Homeless Family Living in a Broken Bus, So She Comes Back With a House

Olivia, Eric, and their three daughters — an infant, toddler and 5-year-old — were living in a partially converted school bus. The family of...

Custodian Learns Teen is Hungry and Homeless So She Shows Him Her ‘Other’ Janitor’s Closet

This kind janitor does not just keep her school clean – she also helps to keep the students safe. Carolyn Collins is the custodian at...

Instead of Issuing Citation, Officer Gives a Hand-up to Homeless Panhandler

This homeless Californian has spent years panhandling for change in California – but now, thanks to Deputy Jacob Swalwell, he may be on his way to getting off of the streets for good.

Watch Heroic Homeless Man Come to Defense of Female Cop, ‘Something had to be done’

Police in Columbia, South Carolina praised a homeless hero last week who came to the aid of a female police officer being overpowered by...

Volunteers Give Away 1,500 Christmas Trees, Set Up Dozens More For Homeless

PJ Simiens and his friends wanted to make sure that families and homeless individuals who were affected by Hurricane Harvey can still have some Yuletide cheer in their lives.

Sock-of-the-Month Club Gives Thousands to Homeless, too

Sending cozy love to the homeless, while giving you a free pair of socks when you buy a gift in December, this sock-of-the-month club mails happiness with its colorful, cool socks.

9-Year-old Gives Up $300 Xbox to Buy Blankets For Homeless So Microsoft Sends Him One for Free

A 9-year-old boy from Beachwood, Ohio, has learned that those who give selflessly often receive unexpectedly. Mikah Frye knows what poverty feels like. About three...

Homeless Man Gets Huge Reward for Standing Guard Over Stranger’s Money in the Rain

After a homeless hero stood guard over a stranger's money for two and half hours last week in the rain, his grateful new friends...

Guy Shows How You Can Now Use Amazon Prime to Instantly Help the Homeless

There's an app for everything now – but instead of using them to serve yourself, this guy shows how you use them for the homeless instead.

London Train Station to Throw Christmas Party for City’s Homeless

Over 200 homeless people in London will be treated to an extravagant holiday party thanks to some rail workers at the Euston Train station. 30...

Single Mom Works Overtime Just So She Can Restore $500 to Homeless Man Who Was Robbed

When Kari saw footage of Charles Reynolds chasing down the thief who stole his $500 paycheck, she knew she needed to help him out.

Homeless Man Who Used Last $20 to Help Stranded Woman Has Just Bought His Own Home

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. made headlines last month after he used his last $20 to help Kate McClure during her time of need. Now, several...