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When College Students Find $40,000 Hidden Inside Used Couch, They End Up Getting A+ for Honesty (#TBT)

When these three college students accidentally found a treasure trove of cash hidden inside their secondhand couch, they knew what they had to do.

Player’s Honesty Costs Him the Match, But Wins Hearts w/ Sportsmanship

A sharp-eyed tennis player thought an umpire’s decision in his favor was wrong — so he told his opponent to challenge the call. His...

Honesty Withdrawal at ATM After Customer Forgot to Take His Money

A 23-year-old shopper who forgot to take his money from the ATM slot was shocked when he returned an hour later to find a...

In a “Bad Neighborhood” Surprising Honesty Wins the Day

A family has newfound respect for the honesty of their community, the notorious gang-infested Jane and Finch neighborhood of Toronto, after their tire business was accidentally...
Brian DiCarlo finds 40K and returns it

Woman Can Buy Her Home Thanks to the Honesty of a Stranger

On Friday, Jan. 10, a Portland woman lost an envelope containing $2,000 in cash and a $38,000 cashier’s check. It was the down payment...
store camera catches teen in honest moment-NBCNY

Secret Store Camera Catches Teens in Act of Honesty

Managers of a New Jersey shop had to search for four teens who were captured on surveillance cameras entering the store even though it...
young Abe Lincoln

Honesty and Humility Best Predictors of Job Performance: Study

The old adage “Nice guys finish last” may not be true anymore. New research suggests that the opposite could be true in the workplace....

Pro Golfer’s Honesty a Shining Example

J.P. Hayes is the personification of 'a good sport'. The latest candidate for most honest athlete in America is a 43-year-old golfer who hasn't...

Top Ten Stories of 2006: 10) US Elections Yield Calls for Civility, Honesty

10) Pelosi Seeks to Heal Rifts as First Female US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 66, will become the first female House leader and the...

After Musician Launches National Plea, He is Finally Reunited With His Beloved 310-Year-old Violin

Since the antique instrument is worth roughly $310,000, Stephen Morris assumed he would never see his precious violin ever again.

Good News in History September 23

Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen who was ‘Born In the USA’ 70 years old today. The New Jersey singer-songwriter’s upcoming film, Western Stars, takes him...

Can ‘Depression’ Be Good For You? An Enlightened Look at the ‘Epidemic’

By Dr. Neel Burton, Psychiatrist at Oxford University Most people think of depression as a mental disorder, that is, a biological illness of the brain....

Unemployed Man Wants to Find Stranger Who Returned His $273M Lotto Ticket So He Can Share the Wealth

A down-on-his-luck New Jersey man is searching for the good Samaritan who returned his winning lottery ticket last week.

When Grocery Store Accidentally Leaves Doors Unlocked, Honest Customer Leaves $5 for Tomatoes

These honest customers are being hailed as prime examples of Canadian kindness after a supermarket inadvertently left their doors unlocked.

When Driver Sees Cash Flying Through the Air on the Highway, She Turns it All in to Grateful Widow

When Terry Brubaker saw thousands of dollars in cash fluttering through the air on the highway, she collected it all and brought it to the police station.

Year Might Have Begun Horribly for Disabled Vet Who Lost His Wallet—Now He’s Looking for Two Hero Kids

When Marc Walsh lost his wallet, he thought it was gone forever. Because Walsh is a disabled veteran, it's hard for him to find work...

When Homeless Man Finds $17,000 Outside of Food Bank, He Turns It In So It Can Help Feed Others

Kevin Booth could have just taken the cash and run – but instead, he turned it in to the food bank volunteers so they could use it to help other people.

Sixth Grader Leaves a Note for Vehicle Owner After Seeing School Bus Driver Pull a Hit and Run

A college student is praising an anonymous sixth grader for leaving a note that ended up saving him “thousands” of dollars in car repairs.

Scientists Are Replacing Plastic With Algae, a Revolutionary Idea That Can Suck Carbon Out of the Air

Two Dutch scientists are using algae to replace plastics throughout their city – and if their mission proves successful, they believe that no one...

26 Years of Research Shows Cardiovascular Health in Dairy Lovers is Not Aversely Affected by Choosing Cheese

Contrary to what the average dietary guidelines say about fromage, these new studies all show that cheese is much better for you than you might think.