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Willie Nelson Has Rescued 70 Horses Destined for the Slaughterhouse, So They Can Roam Free On His Farm

In addition to being a hero of country music, Willie Nelson is also a hero to 70 different horses that were originally destined for the slaughterhouse.

New ‘Trojan Horse’ Cancer Drug Successfully Treats Patients With 6 Different Kinds of Lethal Tumors

A brand new type of cancer drug that acts as a “Trojan horse” to get inside tumor cells has shown promise in patients with...

‘Compton Cowboys’ Use Rescue Horses to Get At-Risk Youth Off the Streets

The Compton Cowboys aren't just being good role models for their community – they're also changing what it means to be an American cowboy.

Bearded Guys Pose in Mermaid Calendar to Raise Funds For Therapy Horses

Don't get another animal calendar for your family this year – instead, get this hilarious collection of bearded dudes in mermaid outfits for charity.

Wild Horses Finally Return to Homeland 50 Years After They Vanished

These wild horses have been bred in captivity since they were driven to extinction in their homeland – but now, roughly 50 years later,...

Police Officer Saves the Day by Jumping onto Runaway Horse Wagon

This police officer must have impeccable timing – because he managed to jump on the back of a horse-drawn carriage going 25 miles an...

20-Year-old Horse Swept Away by Flood Returns Unscathed 13 Days Later

This horse may be elderly, but, after being swept away by raging floodwaters, she somehow managed to return to her home nearly 2 weeks later–in almost...

Canadian Youth Braves Storm on Horseback to Deliver Food to Stranded Driver

This 18-year-old woman is a shining example of Canadian kindness – and Canadian resilience to the cold. Eileen Eagle Bears was warm and dry at...

Watch a Moving Moment As Horse Says Goodbye to His Human for Last Time

Sereno's best friend and owner passed away from a car accident on January 3rd – so the animal gave one last goodbye to his human before he was buried.

Girl Once Denied a Horse Trained Her Cow Instead (WATCH)

What started out as a risky dare for 11-year-old Hannah Simpson turned into a rare lifelong friendship.

Seeing-eye Camel is Loyal Guide to Horse After Mare Loses Her Sight

Dolly is a 5-year-old blind horse who never goes anywhere without her seeing-eye camel Caesar.

Tiny Therapy Horses Have Big Impact on Hurting Humans

Miniature horses are some of the cutest creatures on the planet – but these ponies are also trained to provide comfort to those in need.

Watch Firefighters Rescue Exhausted Horse from Mud After Spending Hours to Help

15 firefighters were dispatched to the middle of a swamp where a 13-year-old horse had fallen into muddy waters. Cupcake and her owner took a...

Man on Horse Lassoes Bicycle Thief Trying to Get Away (WATCH)

He’s being called the “Lone Ranger” of Oregon after this cowboy was in the right place–a Wal-Mart parking lot–at the right time to rescue...

Friday Funny: Horse Embarrasses Family by Playing Dead (WATCH)

This horse is so good at playing possum, he fooled a passerby into believing he’d been dead for days. Recently, an electrical contractor knocked on...

Horse Reaches Down to Rock the Cradle Every Time Baby Cries (WATCH)

A Canadian organization that tends and trains horses posted a heartwarming sight on Facebook we bet you’ve never seen.

Teen Overcomes Years of Depression with Help of Horses

Morgan survived three suicide attempts and battled depression and anxiety before she entered a program that put her to work alongside horses in a stable...

Horse Wearing Glasses Inspires Boy To Wear His, Too (LOOK)

Meet Smokey the horse, the gentle giant that thinks he's a human. Smokey starts mornings off by knocking on the door, opening it with his...

Indonesian Man Knows The Secret to Getting Kids to Read Is His Horse

Hoping to encourage a love of reading in children whose resources are limited, a man has enlisted the help of his horse. Three times each...

Cutest, Smallest Baby Horse In the World is Born for Therapy (WATCH)

“Itty Bitty Hope” isn’t just a run of the mill miniature horse. Weighing just 13 pounds at birth, she tied the record for the smallest...