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Apple Commits $2.5 Billion to Combatting Housing Crisis in California

In addition to curbing housing shortages for low- and middle-income homeowners, the tech company will be working to build housing for CA homeless as well.

Wells Fargo to Donate $1 Billion to Affordable Housing and Homelessness Across America

Wells Fargo’s new philanthropic strategy includes a $1 billion commitment to help solve affordable housing and homelessness issues across America.

These Sustainable Fireproof, Weather-Proof Domes Provide Revolutionary Housing Solutions

Not only are the sustainable Geoship dome homes resistant to natural disasters, they are easily disassembled and relatively cheap to manufacture.

When 1,600 Asylum-Seekers Were Sent to This US Town, They Were Welcomed With Housing and Open Arms

This story was submitted as a nomination to the Reader’s Digest “Top 50 Nicest Places in America” contest: a crowd-sourced effort to uncover nooks...

When Sick Teen Needed Stable Housing to Get a Kidney, His Math Teacher Welcomed Him Home

Since this teacher has welcomed one of his students into his home, the teen will now be eligible for the kidney transplant list.

Homeless Man Gets Housing and Work Thanks to Teen Girl Who Saw His Plea for a Job at a Bus Stop

A 37-year-old homeless man has been given a new lease on life thanks to a teenage girl who was moved to action by his “Work Wanted” sign at the bus stop.

Unable to Find Housing After His Historic Prison Release, Kim Kardashian Offers to Pay 5 Years of His Rent

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but her recent offer of assistance to a former inmate is just one more step in her campaign for justice reform.

Taxing Empty Apartments Could Be the Solution to Affordable Housing in Expensive Cities, New Study Says

Instead of building new apartments, cities could make housing more affordable for city dwellers by taxing the thousands of homes that go unoccupied.

Pret a Manger is Opening Homeless Hostel That Will Provide Jobs and Housing to City’s Rough Sleepers

The international café chain is investing thousands of dollars in maintaining a new hostel that will specifically benefit the city's homeless.

23-Year-old Wins Top Prize for Cheap Bamboo Housing That Can Be Constructed in 4 Hours

A 23-year-old Filipino inventor has just won a multi-thousand dollar prize for designing a cheap bamboo house that could be assembled in 4 hours. Earl...

Simple Solution Provides the Homeless With Housing and Jobs in One Fell Swoop

Tackling homelessness may seem like an uphill battle, but this man has come up with a stunningly simple solution for giving jobs and homes...

Man is Working to Convert Cruise Ship into Supportive Housing Community for the Homeless

Though the concept has been proposed before, Kenneth Capron is taking the idea one step further after his presentation before the city council.

New Zealand Has Vowed to Get Every Homeless Citizen Into Warm Housing Before Winter Hits in 4 Weeks

While it may be considered an ambitious goal, the New Zealand government refuses to sit by and let its citizens sleep in the cold without making an effort.

‘Humans of New York’ Makes History Raising $1Mil in 4 Days to Build Housing For Rohingya Refugees

The page has become one of the fastest campaigns in GoFundMe history to raise over $1 million for a cause.

Former Hospital Will Soon Treat the Homeless When it Transforms into 60 Housing Units

Today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a host of community partners gathered to celebrate the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of St. Anthony’s Apartments— 60 units...

Homeless Man Who Became Hero in Manchester Bombing Rewarded With Housing

Stephen Jones has been hailed as a homeless hero after he came to the aid of people during the Manchester bombing on Monday – and now...

Microsoft Co-founder Pledges $30M Towards Housing For Seattle’s Homeless

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has just changed the lives of hundreds of people by pledging $30 million to permanent housing for the homeless of Seattle. The...

U.S. Housing Market Has Regained All Value Lost During Housing Crisis

After the devastating housing market crash of 2006, new data says that American homes are back to a stable value.

Boston Reduces Veteran Homelessness by 85%, Housing 533 Vets in 18 Months

Boston, Massachusetts has moved 533 homeless veterans out of shelters and into permanent homes in the past 18 months, since “Boston Homes for the...

Philadelphia Eliminates Homelessness Among Veterans Who Want Housing

The “City of Brotherly Love” is showing a lot of love for homeless veterans. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania city leaders announced yesterday (December 17) that every vet...