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Impelled by Reactor Meltdown, Fukushima Japan Vows to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy Use in 20 Years

More than $2.75 billion has already been invested in building several dozen new solar farms, wind projects, and geothermal stations in Fukushima.

Microsoft Japan Recently Gave Their Employees a 4-Day Work Week—and Productivity Skyrocketed by 40%

Not only were the employees happier and more productive, the company also saved money through their daily operational costs.

Despite Language Barrier, Family Develops the Sweetest Connection With Japanese Neighbor

This American family never expected their simple gift of beer and chocolate would lead to such a sweet and lasting relationship with their neighbor.

Suicide Rates at Japanese Train Stations Have Plummeted by 84% Thanks to Simple Solution

The astonishing results were observed over the course of 10 years – and they have since inspired other stations to implement similar fixtures.

Japanese Bus Drivers Strike by Continuing to Run and Refusing to Take Anyone’s Money

Bus drivers hope that the experimental strike tactics will show community members that they care, while still continuing to get their demands across.

Snuggly Adoptable Kittens Cheer Up Morning Commuters on This Train in Japan

This Japanese train just played host to some very special passengers: 30 kittens who were raising adoption awareness during the morning commute.

Once Extinct in Japan, Stork Population Soars to 100 After Gift From Russia

Once wiped out in Japan, this species of stork is slowly – but surely – returning to the skies, thanks to regional conservation biologists. Officials...

Japanese Newspaper Blossoms into Greenery When You Plant It

All you have to do to recycle this Japanese newspaper is tear it up, plant it in a pot, and water the remnants until they grow into gorgeous greenery.

In Case of Typhoon, This Turbine Would Power Japan For 50 Years

The first prototype of its kind has been installed in Okinawa – though it's been tested with success, we'll just have to wait until an actual typhoon comes.

Man Prevents 500 Suicides by Patrolling Japanese Cliffs (WATCH Inspiring Film)

People aren't normally given the chance to save someone else's life – Yukio Shige, however, has helped save more than 500. After he retired from a...

Watch the Barcelona Youth Soccer Team Console the Losing Japanese

They may all be spectacular soccer players, but they're still only kids – very, very kind-hearted kids, at that.

‘Sea Bunnies’ Making Waves in Japan Are The Cutest Things You’ll See Today

Photos of fuzzy sea slugs are popping up all over social media in Japan – a nation known for its love of all things...

Japan’s Abandoned Golf Greens Find New Life As Solar Power Farms

Japan’s abandoned and bankrupt golf courses are getting a “Mulligan” — a second chance — as solar power stations. The Kyocera Corporation announced last week...

Japan’s Ban on Dancing After Midnight Finally Lifted After 67 Years

Japanese club-goers and night owls can soon bust a move – legally – and dance til dawn. Until last week, dancing was prohibited by law...

Ronaldo Scores Big for Kids in Nepal and Japan

Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo may play as a forward on the field, but when it comes to kids, he’s an all-star defender. Ronaldo, who has...

Caroline Kennedy Had Played With Japanese Dolls, Now Meets 92-yo Sender

cele A mystery has been unraveled for U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, who has been searching for the sender of a set of Japanese...

Out of Japan’s Nuclear Disaster, New Indoor Farms Grow 100x More Food

Although his vision for indoor food cultivation dates back many decades, a Japanese botanist, Shigeharu Shimamura, used the earthquake and tsunami disaster of 2011...

There’s a Secret to Japanese Youthful Skin and Longevity

The people of Japan have one of the longest life expectancies in the world and the women keep their smooth, firm skin well past...
bread truck Japanese snow giveaway

Kind Driver Empties Bakery Truck for Snow-stranded Japanese Motorists

Last Friday the biggest snowstorm of the last decade hit the Tokyo area. Some of the worst off were drivers along the Chuo Expressway...
rowing champ Sarah Outen-FB

Sarah Outen Becomes First Woman to Row Solo From Japan to Alaska

28-year-old Sarah Outen has become the first woman to row a boat solo from Japan to Alaska, arriving at a small town in the...