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12-Year-Old Volunteer Gives a Rescued Pup a Wheelchair Made of LEGOS

A disabled dog can now run and fetch a ball with ease after a volunteer at an animal rescue group fashioned her a wheelchair made of LEGOS.

LEGO is Now Offering to Pay For You to Ship Your Unused Bricks to Children in Need

LEGO is now encouraging all of their old consumers to pass on their beloved bricks to a child in need—and they're paying for the shipping costs.

LEGO Converts Their Instruction Manuals into Audio and Braille, Inspired by Blind Man’s Website

What started as a kind gesture between two friends is now being rolled out as a global pilot program that will allow thousands of...

Zookeepers Capture Penguins’ Amusing Reactions to Meeting Larger-Than-Life LEGO Brick Roommate

In an amusing new set of photos from the Edinburgh Zoo, a group of penguins were bemused to meet a feathered friend made of 3,200 LEGO bricks.

LEGO Unveils New Bricks That Will Help Teach Blind Children to Read Braille

Once the prototypes are fully developed, the LEGO Foundation says that they will also be giving the kits away to various institutions for blindness.

He Built His Own Prosthetic Out of LEGOS and Hopes to Provide Cheap Solutions for Others Who Need a Hand

Over the course of his youth, this 19-year-old has built several prosthetic arms out of LEGOs – and he one day hopes to do something similar for other kids.

Boy With Autism’s LEGO Replica of the Titanic is So Impressive, it is Now on Display at the Ship’s Museum

Even though the massive 26-foot replica took 11 months to build, the ship has given the Icelandic boy a whole new lease on life.

LEGO Bricks on Sale Now Are Plant-based Instead of Plastic

This is just one of the many initiatives launched by LEGO to reach 100% sustainability by 2030.

The ‘Women of NASA’ Blast-off in New Lego Set

A LEGO fan suggested the idea of honoring women pioneers of NASA–and the new set includes Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride & Mae Jemison.

Famed LEGO Giraffe to be Named After Giraffe-loving Boy Who Died

The giant toy brick giraffe standing tall at Legoland is going to be given the most beautiful namesake. The beloved Legoland Discovery Center giraffe in Boston, Massachusetts...

LEGO Reaches 100% Renewable Energy Goal 3 Years Early

After expending almost $1 billion in investments, LEGO has finally achieved its target of balancing 100% of the energy used by all of its factories,...

Colombians Are Building Houses With Wasted Plastic—Shaped Into Huge Lego Bricks

A group of Colombians are transforming the serious problem of pollution by using plastic waste—and the Lego building model—as a solution for the thousands...

Toy Breakthroughs: Barbie Finally Gets Realistic Body; Lego Figure Gets Wheelchair

Two staples of the make-believe world of children’s toys will soon reflect real life diversity. LEGO will add its first mini-figure in a wheelchair and Barbie...

Now Your Face Can Be 3D-Printed Onto the Head of a LEGO Figure

Do you know any Star Wars fans? Tell them they can get a 3D LEGO print of their head and put it onto a tiny LEGO Han...

17K LEGO Workers Get Extra Month Pay Because ‘Everything is Awesome’

Over 17,000 LEGO employees worldwide are receiving an extra month’s salary in January – a fantastic holiday gift to say thank you for contributing...

Road Paved With Recycled Plastic Would Snap Together Like Legos

Plastic litter along roadsides may soon be used to make new roads. A company in the Netherlands has come up with a plan to...

Lego Spends Millions To Ditch Oil-Based Plastic

Lego’s half century of toy dominance was built on petroleum-based plastic. But now the Danish company is investing millions into finding a way to...

Lame Tortoise Given Lego Scooter to Help Him Walk

Not content to see him living in a terrarium, a German pet owner took her tortoise to a veterinarian when he was having mobility...

Lego Releases Female Scientist Set After 7-year-old Girl Complains

Months after a girl took the company to task for its female toy figures, Lego has released the Research Institute, a play set created...
Lego braille printer-Banerjee-family photo

12-year-old Builds Braille Printer Using Legos

A California seventh grader looking for a science project decided to tackle the issue of braille printers being too expensive for families with blind...