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City Gets First Ever ‘Turtle Crossing’ Signs After Concerned Second Grader Writes Letter to the Mayor

This 8-year-old boy has helped to protect dozens of turtles in his community after he wrote a letter to the mayor asking for the town to take action.

100,000 Dogs Have Sent Love Letters to a 7-Year-old Girl Fighting a Brain Tumor

When social media heard about this young dog lover's medical diagnosis, thousands of pups took to their keyboards to send her letters of love.

Instead of Selling Her $1.7 Million Home, Woman is Giving It Away to the Winner of a Letter-Writing Contest

You now have an opportunity to live in this breathtaking $1.7 million home simply by writing a $25 letter to Alla Wagner about why you want to live there.

Woman Publishes 365 Love Letters to Her Peers – and She Hopes The Success Will Inspire Others to Follow

This woman successfully published 365 letters of love to different people throughout 2018 – and she says that the results have been hugely beneficial.

Read Woman’s Heartfelt Open Letter to Flight Attendant Who Extended Simple Offer of Kindness 17 Years Ago

17 years ago, Annemarie Kaan was on a plane flying from Australia to Canada, preparing to start her new life in a totally different country. The...

Joy, Grief, and a Handwritten Letter Bring Two Families Together After Woman Hears Hospital Music

People can find comfort in unlikely places – and for Jamie Fontenot, she found comfort in a song that played after her father's death.

64-Year-old Love Letter Mysteriously Found at Walmart is Presented to Emotional Family Who Didn’t Know It Existed

Even though Walmart employees don't know how the letter ended up on their floor, they were delighted to present it to the sender's surprised family.

NBA Star Gives Heartwarming Response to 9-Year-old’s Letter Asking Why His Shoes Were Only for Boys

When a 9-year-old girl expressed her disappointment over the sizing options for Stephen Curry's shoes, he had the sweetest response.

If You Send a Free Online Letter to Santa, Macy’s Will Donate Money to Cheer Sick Children

You're never too old to write a letter to Santa Claus – and now, a department store is offering to donate money to charity...

Inmates Write Heartfelt Letter to Police Department Offering Condolences for Slain Officer

The police station has received an overwhelming amount of support since the officer's death, but they were especially touched by this emotional letter.

Researchers Tried to Curb Opioid Abuse By Sending Letters to the Doctors – and It Made a Difference

These researchers are trying to find practical ways to curb opioid abuse in America – and they recently found success through letters.

Strangers Write 125,000 Loving Letters to Breast Cancer Patients – How You Can Join Their Mission

It takes very little effort to write a letter of encouragement to someone who many need it – which is why this charity is asking you to write one too.

9/11 Newsletter and Podcast Highlights Inspiring Good News That Sprang Up in Wake of Attacks

All who are old enough to remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001 might not recall with equal vividness the inspiring outbreak of helpfulness...

Soccer Club Writes Lovely Letter to Depressed Fan After Seeing Social Media Comments Take a Turn

A small soccer club is being hailed for reaching out to one of their loyal fans after they noticed that his social media presence...

Woman Pays for Stranger’s Coffee Only to Receive Heartfelt Letter in the Mail the Very Same Day

This young lady's simple act of kindness meant much more to a stranger than she ever thought it would.

Girl Scout Wrote Letters to Companies, Urging Them to Ditch Plastic – And They Did

Shelby O'Neil may only be 17 years old, but she is using her voice to save billions of pounds of plastic from landfills every year.

City Gives Trees Email Addresses So Folks Can Report Problems, But They Send Love Letters Instead

What would you say to your favorite tree? Well, the people of Melbourne, Australia took the time to email their thoughts to some of the...

Hear the World’s Greatest Voices Read the World’s Greatest Letters

Produced by Benedict Cumberbatch, the Letters Live show is an incredibly moving celebration of the human spirit – and now for the first time ever, it is coming to America.

Heartfelt Letter From 5-Year-old Causes Restaurant Chain to Swap Plastic Straws for Paper

Ava couldn't bear to think about how her favorite restaurant chain was contributing to pollution – so she wrote them a moving letter asking them to make a change.

Widow’s Heartfelt Letter Spurs Newscaster to Wear Special Jacket

When Kyle Clark got a package in the mail from a grieving viewer last month, he brought it onto his show for a special broadcast.