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Watch the Covert Video of Her Sweet Fiancé Singing ‘That’s Amore’ to His Beloved Pit Bull

This adorable video of a man and his dog looking lovingly into each other's eyes to the song ‘That’s Amore’ is like a scene from ‘The Lady and the Tramp’.

These Gorgeous Glass Memorials Are Custom-Made With the Ashes of People’s Loved Ones

These stunning memorial sculptures aren't just made from glass—they're also made from the cremated ashes of deceased loved ones.

Hospital Janitor Forges Lasting Friendship Between Two Boys in Isolation After Noticing a Love of LEGOS

When KJ Upshaw noticed that two boys undergoing treatment in isolation both shared a love of LEGOs, he took it upon himself to help them become friends.

Fashion Student Makes ‘Memory Bears’ for Grieving Folks From the Clothing Of Their Deceased Loved Ones

The teddy bears, which are made out of the clothing and jewelry of deceased loved ones, require up to 6 hours of crafting—and they are worth every second.

Listen to Man’s Tale of How His Grandma Saved Christmas With a Care Package of ‘Magic and Love’

Leonard Lee Smith had been heartbroken to spend the holidays away from his family in Alabama—so his grandma sent him a very special surprise for Christmas.

Woman’s Labor of Love From Her Basement Racks Up 160,000 Handwritten Holiday Cards for Military Members

It has been 17 years since she began writing cards for service members—and it has since inspired thousands of people to join her labor of love.

Majority of Americans Wish They Could Give Patience and Peace to Their Loved Ones This Holiday

Rather than giving mittens and scarves to their loved ones, the majority of Americans wish they could simply give the gifts of peace, health, and patience.

In Most Wholesome Facebook Post Ever, Thousands of Dog Lovers Describe Their Pups for a Blind Man

Thousands of people wrote out the most detailed descriptions of their pups so a blind man in a dogspotting Facebook group could be included on the fun.

Beloved 1-Ton ‘Wizard Rock’ Disappears From National Park Only to ‘Magically’ Reappear One Week Later

The strange disappearance—and immediate reappearance—of a beloved 1-ton boulder in Arizona has been chalked up as a wonderful example of everyday magic.

Watch Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek Get Choked Up When Contestant Uses Final Answer to Express Love for Host

The 79-year-old game show host has gotten plenty of intriguing answers from his contestants, but this may be the first that left him on the brink of tears.

After Musician Launches National Plea, He is Finally Reunited With His Beloved 310-Year-old Violin

Since the antique instrument is worth roughly $310,000, Stephen Morris assumed he would never see his precious violin ever again.

Dozens of Volunteers Answer the World’s Most Forlorn Love Letters Addressed to Shakespeare’s Juliet

This club of writers has responded to thousands of the world's most heartfelt and emotional love letters on behalf of Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet”.

Here Are the Top Childhood Dinner Table Rules That Parents Now Love to Break

Adults apparently indulge in more than one of the same guilty pleasures from when they were kids—although most of them simply involve eating sweets.

50 Years of Conservation Finally Lifts This Beloved Warbler Off The Endangered Species List

The Kirtland’s warbler has been one of the most endangered songbirds in the world, but after 50 years of conservation it lifts off Endangered Species List.

How a Doting Husband Used Eight Billboards to Tell His Wife That He Loved Her More

Over the last month, the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma have been puzzled by a series of digital billboards all sporting the same simple, but...

These Heart-Melting Photos Capture the Moment a Conductor Showed Some Love to a Young Train Enthusiast

A Japanese photographer caught the magical moment a train conductor stopped to show his appreciation for an adorable young locomotive enthusiast.

When Tennis Champ Sees Young Competitor Tearing Up After Loss, She Pulls Her into Spotlight for Some Love

Rather than reveling in her victory, tennis champion Naomi Osaka insisted on sharing the post-match interview with her 15-year-old competitor, Coco Gauff.

People Are Falling in Love With How Lebanese Grandma Pronounces Famous English Words

An adorable Lebanese grandmother has managed to rack up thousands of international fans since she and her grandson made a video of her English...

These Two Lovebirds Have Been Wearing Matching Outfits Every Day for 68 Years of Marriage

For 67 years, Francis Klotz has never had to worry about what to wear. That's because he and his beloved wife Rosemary, who picks out...

‘Best Boyfriend Ever’ Fills Anniversary Gift – a Prescription of ‘Love Pills’– With Tiny Notes

Riley Rankin came up with a DIY anniversary gift for his girlfriend to relieve her pain—an empty pill bottle with a love prescription inside each capsule.