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These Two Lovebirds Have Been Wearing Matching Outfits Every Day for 68 Years of Marriage

For 67 years, Francis Klotz has never had to worry about what to wear. That's because he and his beloved wife Rosemary, who picks out...

Guy Wins Title of ‘Best Boyfriend Ever’ With His Anniversary Gift: a DIY Prescription of ‘Love Pills’

Riley Rankin came up with a DIY anniversary gift for his girlfriend to relieve her pain—an empty pill bottle with a love prescription inside each capsule.

Watch Paul McCartney Bring Out Ringo Starr for Beatles Reunion in Dodger Stadium: ‘I love you, man…’

During his final concert on tour, Paul McCartney brought out ‘the one and only Ringo Starr’—and the crowd knew they had a Ticket to Ride.

After Mailman Puts Off Retirement Out of Love for Neighbors, Hundreds of People Send Him on Dream Vacation

People have been so moved by a mailman's relationship with his town, hundreds of strangers have rallied to send him to Hawaii for his retirement.

Teen Girls Have Raised Over $1.5 Million for Clean Water Simply By Embracing Their Love of Origami

Thousands of people around the world now have clean water thanks to two teen girls who love the ancient art of origami.

How a 97-Year-old Artist Used Doodles to Save His Beloved Hometown From Being Torn Down

When the government was threatening to knock down Huang Yung-fu's hometown, he picked up a paintbrush and got to work.

Dog That Shoplifted a Book on ‘Abandonment’ is Given the Love It Was Asking For

When a stray dog stole a self-help book from the front of a college bookstore, his heist went viral – and now he's on his way to finding a forever home.

This Guy Created a Social Media Project for His Love of Dogs – and it Has Now Saved Dozens of Pups

A guy created a Twitter page so he could talk about dogs – and since garnering millions of followers, he has used his account to save his canine compadres.

Homeless Man Finally Reunited With Beloved Pet Rat After Pedestrian Mistakenly Took It Home

After weeks of desperately searching for his beloved pet rat, this Australian homeless man was finally reunited with his furry companion.

After 4 Years Being Married to Herself, Read This Woman’s Inspiring Reflections on Committing to Self-Love

Rather than focusing on another person to complete her life, this woman said “I do” to focusing on her own health and happiness instead.

If You’re Having Trouble Finding Your Soulmate, This Tree in Germany Could Bring You Love

This ancient oak tree in northern Germany has a history of connecting people with their one true love – and it could work for you too.

Inventor Makes ‘Music Memory Box’ So Dementia Patients Can Reconnect With Their Loved Ones

These personalized music boxes are a way for dementia patients to “create new memories with their families by taking a walk down memory lane.”

Sikhs Are Celebrating the Birth of Their Beloved Founder by Planting 1 Million Trees in 2019

As a means of celebrating the 550th birthday of Sikhism's founder, thousands of worshippers are planting trees around the world.

Once Living On the Streets, the Love and Support of 250 Seniors Made Her Sober—and an Award-Winning Caregiver

There are many paths people take to find their purpose – and as fate would have it, Patricia Murray’s path started on the streets...

100,000 Dogs Have Sent Love Letters to a 7-Year-old Girl Fighting a Brain Tumor

When social media heard about this young dog lover's medical diagnosis, thousands of pups took to their keyboards to send her letters of love.

Man Who Loves Cats Transforms Home into Feline Playland – And You Can Too (For Charity)

This man has been using his colorful cat palace to raise money for a feline disease that was previously incurable until now.

This 2-Year-Old Deaf Girl Loves People – So Her Whole Neighborhood is Learning Sign Language

As a means of having a conversation with their friendly little neighbor, this entire community is learning sign language.

App Lets Families Easily Send Printed Photos to Their Loved Ones in Jail With a Swipe of a Button

An app that is being called “Instagram for Prisons” allows families to stay in connect with inmates simply by taking a cell phone picture.

Watch NFL Player Fulfill Lifelong Wish of Beloved Employee By Surprising Him With Super Bowl Tickets

Alfonso Garcia has always wanted to go to the Super Bowl since he was a boy – and now, thanks to his home team, he will finally get to go with his son.

Thinking About Loved Ones is Just as Effective for Reducing Stress and Blood Pressure as Having Them in the Room

This new study says that daydreaming about your romantic partner is just as effective at reducing your blood pressure as having them in the same room.