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Racist Protesters in Melbourne Shrink in A Sea of People Supporting Diversity

Racist protesters were shown the door in Melbourne, Australia, today. A rally by an anti-Muslim group called Reclaim Australia attracted 50-60 protesters, however their demonstration...

Carbon Emissions From 30 of the World’s Largest Cities Are Already Dropping Since Signing Climate Pact

Not only have dozens of the world's most influential cities curbed their CO2 emissions, they have also passed legislation on plastic and free transit.

Paralyzed Patients Regain the Use of Their Hands Thanks to Breakthrough Nerve Surgery in Australia

New surgical techniques have restored hand fuction for 13 quadriplegics, thanks to an Australian doctor that can relocate nerves.

‘Good Samaritan’ App That Alerts Nearby Users to Medical Emergencies Has Saved Thousands

If a person is in the throes of cardiac arrest, then every minute counts – and that's why this app is recruiting volunteer Good Samaritans to help.

Rather Than End Up in a Landfill, Non-Recyclable Glass May Soon Be a Cheaper New Ingredient in Concrete

Australian researchers have developed an exciting new technique for making concrete out of non-recyclable glass that has been turned back into sand. The team found...

We May Soon Be Able to Build Houses Out of the Byproducts From Our Bathroom Breaks

Australian scientists have come up with an ingeniously “crappy” way to recycle treated sewage sludge and turn it into bricks. Biosolids are leftovers from the...

When Duchess Meghan Accepts Macaroni Necklace Gift From Young Fan, He is Flooded With Orders

This 6-year-old boy could be considered a bona fide fashion designer after Duchess Meghan proudly wore one of his creations earlier this month.

Good News in History, October 30

80 years ago today, “The War of the Worlds” radio drama was broadcast on CBS nationwide, and its unique format of news reporting unintentionally...

City Gives Trees Email Addresses So Folks Can Report Problems, But They Send Love Letters Instead

What would you say to your favorite tree? Well, the people of Melbourne, Australia took the time to email their thoughts to some of the...

Hospital Finds Effective Way to Soothe Highly Sensitive Patients Who Fear Needles

Not many people are fond of needles, but for some patients, there is no technique or distraction that can ease their anxiety for those...

How a Tinder Hack Led to Thousands of Women Becoming Best Friends Around the World

One woman's compulsion to find fun-loving peers has led to over 100,000 blossoming friendships around the world – and it is already leading to...

Tesla’s Giant Record-Breaking Battery Shows Stunning Success By Saving Consumers Millions

In just four months, Tesla's record-breaking lithium ion battery has proven to be a faster, cheaper, and environmentally-friendly backup for the South Australian grid.

Australia May Become First Country to Eliminate Cervical Cancer – Rate Drops From 22% to 1%

This vaccine has had such a staggering amount of success in Australia, experts believe that it may become the first country to eliminate cervical...

Scuba Diver Fighting Cancer Sees Cute Pufferfish Swim Up to Her and Refuse to Leave Her Side

PT Hirschfield has found a way to bring light to each day by scuba diving. According to Storyful, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer three...

Solar Paint is Cheap, Revolutionary Future for Clean Energy

Researchers have developed a solar paint that can absorb water vapor and split it to generate hydrogen – the cleanest source of energy. The paint...

This Woman is Singlehandedly Buying Houses For Her City’s Homeless

This woman isn't waiting for someone else to address her city's homelessness problem. Instead of investing in a second house for her and her family,...

Homeless Man Given Six Job Interviews Thanks to His Powerful Sign

This formerly homeless man is being blessed by strangers left and right thanks to a woman sharing his plea for help on Facebook. Sherryn Jackson...

World’s First Neighborhood For Children Recovering From Abuse is Underway in Florida

The West Melbourne neighborhood will consist of seven foster homes and a community center ready to house up to 35 neglected children.

These 6 Sustainability Projects Show the Future Isn’t Looking So Dismal

It is rare to hear environmental scientists sounding positive about the future. But that's exactly what is happening now with an international group of...

Positive Psychology Students Learn by Giving Free Hugs on Campus (WATCH)

We all enjoy a good hug every once in a while, but what about the more in-depth ways embracing affects our physical and emotional wellbeing?