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Minnesota Will Soon Pay for Your Landscaping Costs If You Plant Bee-Friendly Greenery

If you're a gardener living in Minnesota, the state may soon reimburse you for planting bee-friendly plants on your property.

After Dad’s Death, Granddaughters Save Family Farm in Minnesota (WATCH)

A piece of land that was farmed for more than 50 years and passed down through generations is now being seeded by granddaughters, who...

Minnesota Cafe Shows Homeless Man a Job, Instead of the Door

When this homeless man asked a restaurant owner for spare change, she gave him a job, instead. Rather than giving him a handout and turning her...

Otter Goes Belly-sliding After Fresh Snowfall in Minnesota

If you're feeling chilly from an abundance of snow this winter, this video of an otter sledding down a hill of snow; will warm your heart.

Minnesota Refugee Agencies Inundated With Donations And Offers to Help

Minnesota has an unusual refugee problem — too many people volunteering to help. “We have four to five times the number of volunteer inquiries and...

Minnesota Man Gives Away Everything in Final Days

Maple Grove resident Bob Karlstrand is dying but he is also finding inspiration in acts of generosity, giving away everything during his final months. He...

A High School Girls’ Basketball Miracle in Minnesota (WATCH)

"Since 2011, the Climax-Fisher High School Lady Knights have been booting and bobbling their way into the record books. This team from western Minnesota...

GreenStep Cities Sprout in Minnesota

St. Anthony used to dump 18 water towers’ worth of storm runoff and other water into the Mississippi River each year. Then it turned...
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Minnesota Bans Anti-bacterial Agent in Soaps as Pressure on Industry Grows

Minnesota this month became the first state in the country to ban the germ-killer triclosan from antibacterial soaps, toothpastes, body washes and other cosmetics. Taking...
snowman giant-Flickr-CC-Marks Postcards From Beloit

Giant Snowman Brings Joy to Minnesota’s Nasty Winter

A Minnesota farmer thought as long as he was moving 4 feet of snow using heavy machinery, he might as well have some fun...

From Minnesota to Texas, Wind Power Sweeps New Jobs Into Old-tech Towns

Hundreds of workers lost their jobs after the printing press factory closed in Cedar Rapids in 2001. The hulking empty shell sat idle...

Minnesota Enacts Aggressive Renewable-Energy Plan

Minnesota's governor signed a new law on Thursday that requires utilities to produce a quarter of the state's electricity by 2025 using wind, sun...

Deal Will Protect Minnesota Forests

Minnesota's North Woods backyard "won't be under as much pressure from land developers thanks to a conservation effort announced Wednesday that provides extra protection...

10-Year-old Recycling Hero Swoops into Capitol Hill to Help Save U.S. Recycling From Collapse

10-year-old Ryan Hickman, who started his own recycling business at 3-years-old went to DC to lobby for the bill supporting standardized recycling labels.

Good News in History, November 13

Happy 50th Birthday to Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who gave up on being an attorney after he realized he had no interest in something...

Good News in History, November 7

30 years ago today, Doug Wilder in Virginia became the first elected African-American governor in United States history. The attorney and veteran was a...

Man Brings His Heat-Sensing Drone to Help Find Missing Boy at 1:50 AM

A Minnesota man joined 600 volunteers searching through muddy, freezing terrain for a little boy in the dark—but it was Steve Fines’ drone that made the difference.

Uber Driver Surprises Distressed New Mom, Buying Her Sick Baby All New Clothes

When a kind-hearted Uber driver learned about her passenger's predicament, she insisted on surprising the distressed woman with a shopping spree.

Teen Buys School Bus So He Can Fill It With Supplies and Drive It Down to Mexican Village as a Donation

Utah teen Dylan Ence has spent four years collecting donations and buying a school bus for a poor village in Mexico that he visited as a freshman.

Good News in History September 24

On this day 260 years ago, Arthur Guinness first introduced his Irish ale to the public. The dark stout that originated in a brewery...