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Doctor Treats His Town With Charlie Chaplin Movies Because ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’

According to this Indian doctor, no contagious sickness can withstand the contagious effects of Charlie Chaplin-induced laughter.
Tunes 4 the Troops founder, photo courtesy CNN Heroes

One Million Free CDs and Movies for U.S. Troops Serving Overseas

Kaylee is a Tennessee teenager who provides CDs and DVDs to U.S. troops overseas. Her Tunes 4 the Troops organization, begun as a high...

Cowboys’ Romo Takes Homeless Man to Movies

A homeless man who goes by Doc was treated to a movie by football star Tony Romo... ...

Cinema With Soul: DVD Club Features Only Inspiring Movies

Have you heard about the mysteriously titled documentary, The Secret? It was featured on Oprah this week and on a Larry King episode promoted...
Harrison Ford with plane-Flickr-Mike Miley-CC

Harrison Ford Rescues Lost Boy in the Wilderness, Just Like the Movies

When 13 year-old Cody Clawson attended a boy scout camp in Yellowstone National Park he accidentally strayed from the path while hauling supplies from...

56% of Americans Give Their Cars Names – 15 of the Funniest Reveal Love-Hate Relationship

A very large portion of Americans apparently have very intimate – and sometimes peculiar – relationships with their automobiles.

Watch Ex-NASA Engineer Design Glitter Bomb Trap as Revenge for Thieves Stealing His Packages

An ex-NASA engineer took it upon himself to teach local package thieves a lesson that they will not soon forget.

Good News in History, January 8

100 years ago today, US President Woodrow Wilson became a force for peace toward the end of World War I by proposing a list of principles to be used in negotiating a treaty between nations. The Fourteen Points were outlined in a speech to Congress, and earned him the Nobel Peace Prize for his ‘Wilsonian idealism’. He translated domestic progressive ideals—free trade, open agreements, democracy and self-determination— into a foreign policy that even the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin viewed as a landmark of enlightenment in international relations. (1918)

Good News in History, January 5

50 years ago today, the Prague Spring began after a reformist was elected in the Communist party of Czechoslovakia. The liberal-minded Alexander Dubcek started to grant additional rights to the citizens, by loosening restrictions on the media, speech and travel. The Soviet Union finally brought down an iron fist to halt the democratization eight months later, invading the country with a half a million heavily-armed troops. But it wasn’t enough to stop a spirited non-violent resistance mounted throughout the country… (1968)

11-Year-old Boy Saves Drowning Man Twice His Size When No One Else Could Swim

Despite the drowning man weighing 100 pounds heavier than Anaik, the 11-year-old boy still managed to save him from the deep end.

For the First Time in 21 Years, Copyrighted Works Enter the Public Domain: ‘The drought is over’

Due to a piece of legislation that was passed in 1998, there have not been copyrighted works added to the public domain in 21 years – until now.

Stuck in Airport for 7 Months, Refugee is Finally Given a Home Half a World Away Thanks to Canadian Stranger

After being forced to live in an airport for seven months, this man was finally given a home thanks to a Canadian woman who saw his Twitter videos.

Watch Marvel’s Video Tribute to the ‘Unmatchable Accomplishments‘ of Stan Lee (1922-2018)

Though we may be sad over his passing, we can rejoice in the knowledge that we have lived in the same lifetime as the legendary Stan Lee.

The Library of Congress Now Lets You Stream and Download Hundreds of Century-old Film Footage for Free

The Library of Congress owns the largest collection of motion picture material in the world – and they are now making it available to the public.

Good News in History, October 27

On this day 160 years ago, the great American President Theodore Roosevelt was born. A writer and conservationist, during his 8-year term in office...

Stephen King Lets These Kids Make Film Adaption of His Story by Selling the Rights for Just $1

The students are delighted to be making a film adaption of a Stephen King short story – and they were able to do it for just $1.

Good News in History, October 15

Happy 75th Birthday to Penny Marshall, who co-starred in the hit sitcom Laverne & Shirley. She went on to direct such stellar films as...

Good News in History, October 11

Happy Birthday to the soulful singer Daryl Hall who turns 72 today. As a teen musician in Philadelphia, he played with Smokey Robinson and...

Good News in History, October 7

50 years ago today, the Motion Picture Association of America announced a new voluntary Hollywood rating system for giving advance warnings to parents so...

Good News in History, October 4

135 years ago today, the Orient Express travel line commenced from Paris to Constantinople (Istanbul). The long-distance passenger train service created by Compagnie Internationale...