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After Her Years of Research, a Cambridge Scientist Could Be on the Verge of Curing Multiple Sclerosis

Auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) occur when the body’s immune cells attack healthy tissues. In the case of MS, the cells target the...

Cancer Treatment Shows “Remarkable” Ability to Reverse Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

A medical treatment intended for cancer patients appears to be able to reverse the effects of multiple sclerosis (MS), as well–and some people paralyzed...

Study Shines New Light on Preventing Multiple Sclerosis

A ray of hope in preventing multiple sclerosis (MS) may come in the form of actual rays of sunshine. Canadian researchers have found that a...
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French Firm Announces Multiple Sclerosis Drug Breakthrough

A biotech company Friday announced phase III clinical trial results for a drug that was shown to decrease the progress of Multiple Sclerosis, and...
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Multiple Sclerosis Patient Finishes 50th Marathon in 50th State

Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 13 years ago, Patrick Finney of Dallas, Texas has remained unwilling to endure a life of infirmity. With...

Every Night for the Last 10 Years, Community Has Made Sure That Woman in Wheelchair Gets to Bed

For over a decade, dozens of able-bodied men have volunteered to help care for their neighbor with multiple sclerosis.

New Blood Test Can Detect Dozens of Different Cancers With 99.4% Accuracy

The exciting new research says that millions of people with undiagnosed cancer could get treatment for the disease before it even starts to show symptoms.

JK Rowling Funds MS Research With Whopping $18 Million Donation to Honor Her Mother

This isn’t the first time author J.K. Rowling has donated a chunk of her fortune to charity, but researchers are still jumping for joy over the donation.

For 3 Hours, Firefighters Carry Park Ranger’s Gurney Through a Forest So He Could Be in Nature One Last Time

It isn't easy to roll a gurney through the forest—but that's exactly what a team of firefighters did for a hospice patient who wanted...

New Research Links Five Simple Lifestyle Choices to a 60% Reduced Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s

This latest study on Alzheimer's prevention only adds to a growing body of research illustrating just how much our habits can determine our future.

Good News in History, July 31

Happy 75th Birthday to Sherry Lansing, who was named the president of 20th Century Fox in 1980 and became the first woman to head...

Café Owner Has Been Delivering Free Soup for One Year to Stranger Going Through Chemotherapy

When this restauranteur learned about a sick man's love for his soups, he started showing up at the man's door with free meals in hand.

Seven Years After Undergoing Experimental MS Treatment, Woman is Still Experiencing No Symptoms

This young mother from Anchorage, Alaska is still thriving after undergoing an experimental stem cell therapy seven years ago.

After Stem Cell Transplant, Man With MS Able to Walk and Dance for First Time in 10 Years

The treatment has completely changed Roy Palmer's life – and he is sure to appreciate every single one of his new abilities.

When Diets Don’t Work, Try Time-Restricted Eating – It’s Not All About Counting Calories

You don't have to cut out the cheesecake in order to lose weight – you just have to set your alarm for a time-restricted eating schedule.

This One Peptide Could Treat MS, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, and More

After observing the drug's efficacy against a multitude of currently incurable diseases, this scientist wants “to do everything possible” to make his drug a widespread treatment.

Surprise Finding Could Lead to New MS Treatments

A surprise finding by medical scientists may lead to the development of a possible treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). While examining human brain tissues, researchers...

The Most Impressive Health and Wellness Developments of 2016

2016 has been a chaotic year – but that doesn't mean that we haven't made groundbreaking new strides in health and medicine.

M.S. Patients Enjoy a Day of Cycling (WATCH)

Two strangers with Multiple Sclerosis met in a Seattle park to do something they thought they’d ever do again: Ride a bike. MORE: French Firm...

Congress Quietly Ends Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition

Buried in the 1,600 pages of Congress’ new spending plan is a quiet little passage that radically alters the way America treats medical marijuana. The...