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Neuroscience Sleep Program Free to Any Bullied Youth Who Needs Healing

When Teri Mahaney’s grandson was relentlessly bullied and suffered negative effects, she created an audio program to play while he fell asleep. The positive...

London School Transforms Poor Performance by Giving Every Student a Violin—Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber

The inner city Frederick Bremer School in London has gone from worst to first after giving violins and flutes to every student, Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Stressed to the Max? New Study Shows Deep Sleep Can Reduce Anxiety By 30%

This new research from UC Berkeley shows that there is a direct correlation between feeling overanxious and undersleeping.

Researchers Discover Proteins That Could Soon Restore Damaged Hearing and Irreversible Deafness

Researchers have just discovered a genetic tool in mice which could soon treat irreversible deafness and hearing loss.

Scientists Found Flute Music That Helps to Build the Brains of Premature Babies

An exciting new piece of research from Switzerland found that specially-orchestrated music helps to boost the brain function of prematurely born babies.

If You Worry About Having ADHD, Don’t Despair – Scientists Now Believe Leonardo da Vinci Had It Too

“I hope that Leonardo's legacy can help us to change some of the stigma around ADHD,” said the researcher who led the study.

Always Disorganized? That Might Actually Be A Good Thing

                    There’s never been a better time to be disorganized. For those of who you have been criticized for being messy, we have some good news....

New MDMA Study From Johns Hopkins Further Explains Why Ecstasy Can Help Treat PTSD

Since MDMA was granted “breakthrough therapy” status for its ability to treat PTSD, this new study may explain the treatment's neurological success.

FDA Approves First Depression Treatment in Decades: A Nasal Spray Doctors Can Administer for Quick Relief

Though the treatment has received its fair share of wariness, it could provide immediate relief for patients experience treatment-resistant depression.

Scientists Have Found a Way to Translate Brainwaves into Speech ‘With Unprecedented Clarity’

The researchers have called the system a “game-changer” for anyone who has lost their ability to speak, whether from disease or disability.

How to Build Rapport With Everyone by Learning the 3 Types of Body Language

If you want to be a master of persuasion and social prowess, all you have to do is learn to recognize the three different kinds of body language.

How Common People Are Rewiring Their Brains to Do Uncommon Things

This researcher believes that –with a little practice– anybody can step outside the ordinary realm of possibilities to do the most uncommon things.

How to Make Stress Your Friend

The Lesson: Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health...

Angel Donor Offers to Match 100K to Give Research into Rare Disease a Big Boost

An anonymous guardian angel is giving a huge financial boost to finding a cure for two best friends fighting an incredibly rare disease.

While Trying to Lose Weight, Here’s Why You Should Wear Bunny Slippers

You probably wouldn’t associate bunny slippers with losing weight, but when you’re doing your best to shed a few pounds, maybe you should –...

Brain Scans May Help Doctors Predict Adolescents Drug Use Before it Starts

There's an idea out there of what a drug-addled teen is supposed to look like: impulsive, unconscientious, smart, perhaps - but not the most...

Nutrition Linked to Brain Health – and Intelligence – in Older Adults

A study of older adults links consumption of a pigment found in leafy greens to the preservation of "crystallized intelligence," the ability to use...

This Scientist Created Art Out of Living Brain Neurons (LOOK)

Dana Simmons wanted to show that you can make art out of science – so using a complicated dye system, she colored living neurons like "Marilyn Diptych".

How Negative Headlines Can Impact Your Mental and Emotional Health

Mainstream media can be more harmful to your health than you think, but here's how you can work against the nasty headlines.

Scientists Use Ultrasound to ‘Jump Start’ Coma Patient’s Brain

Since there are no current treatments for vegetative patients, this medicinal breakthrough has researchers excited for future trials.