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World’s Largest Rooftop Urban Farm is Set to Open in Paris Next Year

Using a specialized “vertical farming” technique, the French garden will use very little water and absolutely no pesticides.

Goldfish Can Find a New Forever Home at Paris Aquarium – 600 Have Already Been Welcomed

This aquarium is hoping to offer up a second home to unwanted goldfish that may have suffered a worse fate at the hands of their owners.

New State-of-the-Art Electric Vehicles in London and Paris Will Be Delivering UPS Packages

The company has even installed their own technology in London so they can simultaneously charge every vehicle in their fleet without having to upgrade the power supply grid.

Michael Bloomberg ‘to Write $4.5M Check to Cover US Commitment to Paris Climate Agreement’

The billionaire said: “America made a commitment and as an American ... we all have responsibility. I'm able to do it. So, yes, I'm going to send them a check for the monies that America had promised to the organization as though they got it from the federal government.”

Goals of Paris Agreement May Be Met Sooner Than Expected

The precipitous drop in costs for renewable energy technology—even from prices a few years ago—means that carbon emissions may decrease faster and hit the...

Colorado Joins Paris Climate Agreement

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed an executive order outlining Colorado's support for the treaty's goals on Tuesday.

Hawaii Becomes First U.S. State To Adopt Goals in Paris Climate Accord

Hawaii has just become the first American state to ensure their accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement. The announcement came just days after President Trump announced that...

Michael Bloomberg Pledges $15Mil to Ensure U.S. Fulfills Paris Climate Accord

In response to President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from participation in the Paris climate accord, Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that his...

Parisian Padlocks of Love Sold to Raise Thousands for Refugees

The padlocks that were once fastened onto the famous Pont Des Arts in Paris are now being sold to new homes as an effort to...

Shimmering Leaves in Paris are Actually Tiny Wind Turbines

These metal trees popping up around Paris may be small – but they're powerful examples of functioning urban sustainability.

What Happens When Paris Bans Cars on 400 Miles of Road for a Car-Free Day Sunday

In response to being declared the most polluted city in the world, Paris is taking big steps to ensure they're doing their part to fight climate change.

Watch 196 Countries Approve Historic Climate Agreement in Paris

[youtube]   On Saturday, after two weeks of grueling negotiations, delegates to the climate change conference in Paris broke out in cheers following unanimous approval...

Unique Actions By Tech Companies Helped Millions Be Safe in Paris

If you had friends or family in Paris over the weekend, you might have been notified by Facebook that they were “safe” – and...

Samsung Galaxy Phone ‘Stops a Bullet’ in Paris, Saves Man’s Life

If he hadn’t been talking on the phone at the time when a bomb exploded nearby, he might have been another casualty in Paris. The...

Support for Paris Floods In From Around the World (Video)

Support for Paris is flooding into France from around the world, after scores of people were killed in deadly attacks yesterday. In a statement, Chinese...

Woman in Paris Creates Revolutionary Car Service For People With Disabilities

When it comes to handicap accessibility, it’s no secret that public transportation in a number of cities is given a failing grade—taxis and rental cars...

Paris Without Cars? Oui Oui! Next Month, Walkers Will Rule for a Day

If you’ve been planning a trip to Paris, you will want to be there on September 27—just don’t arrive that day, cause you’ll be...

CEO Helps 3 Moms See Hero Sons Honored in Paris, Lends His Jet

Three American heroes were scheduled to receive the Legion of Honor, France’s highest award, last Monday. Their moms were invited to the ceremony, but had...

Muslim Hero in Paris Supermarket Attack to be Given French Citizenship

[youtube] A hero Muslim employee from Mali who helped hide hostages in a walk-in refrigerator at a Jewish supermarket during last week's Paris attacks...

Flash Mob of Child Musical Prodigies Wows Crowd in Paris

In a random act of culture, Parisians in the lavish shopping mall Beaugrenelle were treated to young musical prodigies suddenly performing the prelude to...