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imaginary flying for cerebal palsy boy

Boy is Freed From his Wheelchair by Magic of Photography

Twelve-year-old Luka suffers from muscular dystrophy - a cruel degenerative disease which confines him to a wheelchair and will make him weaker and weaker...

Submit Your Kindness Pictures to this World Photo Contest for the Chance to Win Some Cash

If you've got a knack for capturing kindness in your camera lens, then you can now submit them for a prize in this photography contest.

Good News in History, October 11

Happy Birthday to the soulful singer Daryl Hall who turns 72 today. As a teen musician in Philadelphia, he played with Smokey Robinson and...

Good News in History September 17

55 years ago today, The Fugitive first aired on ABC. The American drama series starred David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, a physician who...

America Actually Voted on the Most Fabulous Public Restrooms – Here’s Where They Are (Photos)

You are now invited to vote on which of these dazzling bathrooms deserve to be named the Best Restroom in America.

Starbucks Barista Hailed as ‘Hero’ After Student’s Photoshoot Gets Rained Out Before Major Surgery

When abysmal weather conditions ruined a student's senior photoshoot, a local barista went above and beyond the call of duty to save the day. Sydney...

Cop Donated Kidney to Stranger’s Kid After Seeing Facebook Plea – and They Became Best Friends

It has been a year and a half since Kristi Goll posted a desperate plea to Facebook asking strangers to get themselves tested and...

Good Manners Pay Off: When Man is Desperate to Meet Lotto Deadline And Stranger Lets Him Go First

Arron Walshaw was desperate to submit his ticket for a lotto raffle before the drawing closed – and a kind stranger helped him do it in time.

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’? Watch Wild Animals React to Seeing Their Own Reflections

Humans can spend an hour studying themselves in a mirror, but what about animals? A strategically placed camera in the Amazon rainforest captured the reactions...

After Miscarriages, Couple Starts Throwing Massive Birthday Parties for Homeless Kids Instead

The Worthy of Love charity is built on the idea that every child should be able to feel special for their birthday – even if they're homeless.

Good News in History, May 23

Happy 60th Birthday to comedian, actor, and TV host Drew Carey. Carey, who just got engaged to be married this January, has appeared in...

Good News in History, May 14

  On this day 20 years ago, the final episode of Seinfeld aired on NBC after a 9-year run. An audience of 76 million viewers...

Britain May Build ‘Road Network’ to Protect Bees, Butterflies, and Moths

Legislators are stepping up to protect important insects by proposing a “road network” that would act as a kind of wildlife corridor for bees,...

Because She Missed her Flight, a Distraught Pregnant Woman Found the Perfect Mom to Adopt Her Baby Boy

LISTEN to this Good News Guru story broadcast from the radio show with Ellen and Geri on KOST-103.5 (Subscribe to our new podcast on iTunes – or for...

Mom of 5 Tried to End it All After Devastating Loss – Until Pastor Randomly Reawakened Childhood Dream of Law School

Ieshia Champs has overcome every kind of hardship – but now, she is fulfilling her childhood dream by graduating Magna Cum Laude from law school.

Senior Who Was Given Weeks to Live is Thriving After Baby Girl Gives Her Something to Live For

Despite 92-year-old Jean Roper being given weeks to live because of her kidney damage, she has undergone a stunning transformation since her great-granddaughter gave birth to a baby girl.

Adorable Little Boy Can’t Contain Emotions When Mom Walks Down the Aisle

Weddings are usually emotional affairs, but this little boy's reaction to his mom walking down the aisle is melting everyone's hearts. When 6-year-old Bryson Suber's...

Life and Business Advice From the Youngest Female Self-Made Billionaire in America

Sara Blakely has become a business legend thanks to her hustle and innovation – and now she wants to share her wisdom with the world.
Chinese girl dances with fan -Giacomo Pirozzi/UNICEF

Why Smiling Is Good for You – and Five Guaranteed Grins on World Happiness Day

Never underestimate the power and impact of one simple facial gesture: your smile. Universally understood even by infants, the movement of upturning your lips...

Good News in History, March 5

On this day 94 years ago, Frank Carauna, became the first to bowl two successive perfect 300 games in league play. The Buffalo, New...