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Man Used Insect Photography to Combat Suicidal Thoughts—and His Stunning Photos Are Now in National Geographic

It has been nine years since Matt Doogue tried to take his own life—but he has since found peace and therapy through insect photography.

Check Out Some of the Gorgeous Winning Pictures From This ‘Kindness Photography’ Contest

When prompted to submit photos of kindness, hundreds of photographers published their work—and the results are breathtaking.

Time Lapse Photography Turns Rock Climbing Trails into Rainbow LED Light Shows — LOOK

This rock climber has created a stunning series of nighttime photographs by attaching LED lights to himself as he scales various mountains and cliffs.

Check Out These Stunning Pictures Named Winners of Underwater Photography Contest

With over 4,000 photos submitted to this international underwater photography contest, here are just a few of the beautiful winning pictures.
imaginary flying for cerebal palsy boy

Boy is Freed From his Wheelchair by Magic of Photography

Twelve-year-old Luka suffers from muscular dystrophy - a cruel degenerative disease which confines him to a wheelchair and will make him weaker and weaker...

Good News in History, December 4

Happy Birthday to actor Jeff Bridges, who turns 70 years old today. His portrayal of ‘The Dude’ in the 1998 cult classic The Big...

Good News in History, November 27

Happy Birthday to Bill Nye “the Science Guy” who turns 64 today. Nye, a science educator, comedian, and author is best known as the...

Good News in History, November 1

50 years ago today, Elvis Presley went to No.1 on the singles chart with Suspicious Minds—one of the most notable hits of his career....

Chandeliers Transformed When Shot From Below in These Enchanting Photos

How one views common everyday objects can be a window into how you can experience the beauty of life—either with boredom and blandness, or...

Good News in History, October 11

135 years ago today, Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady for 12 years and the political powerhouse who fought for human and labor rights, was...

Good News in History September 30

90 years ago today, automaker Fritz von Opel flew the first manned rocket plane. The Opel RAK.1 (also known as the RAK.3, as it...

This ‘Chilled Out’ Cat Was the Best Man at His Owner’s Wedding—and the Photos are Purrrfect

Aaron Benitez loves his cat so much, he recruited the feline to be his best man at his wedding—and the photos are adorable.

Seniors Celebrate Grandson’s Birthday By Dressing as His Favorite Movie Characters—and the Results Are Adorable

Despite never having seen the film, these doting seniors were more than happy to dress up as Carl and Ellie for their great-grandson's birthday.

Good News in History September 17

70 years ago today, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner first debuted in a Merrie Melodies cartoon called Fast and Furry-ous. The duo...

Good News in History September 16

60 years ago today, the first successful photocopier, the Xerox 914, was introduced in a demonstration on live television from New York City. 20...

Good News in History, September 9

180 years ago today, the superstar British scientist Sir John Herschel, who first used the word ‘photography’, took the first photograph on a glass...

Wheelchair Climber Pushes Limitations on 2,300-mile Road Trip Through Majestic Wilderness

When Nerissa Cannon became disabled in 2013 and had to use a wheelchair full-time, she felt like she had lost her entire identity. As...

Good News in History, August 19

This daily column features all the good news, anniversaries and birthdays from this day in history—August 19.

633 Buzos Acaban de Romper el Record Mundial en Limpieza del Océano Después de Recolectar 1.600 Libras de Basura

Durante dos horas, el grupo de buzos recolectó toda la basura y las redes de pesca del fondo del océano frente a la costa de la playa de Florida.

Check Out These Breathtaking Photos of Poppy Field’s First Bloom in Years

These gorgeous poppy fields in Worcestershire have not been in bloom since they were dug up in 2013—but the red hills are ablaze in all their former glory.