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Hero Pit Bull Forced Her Way Out of Her Home to Fetch Police and Stop Potentially Disastrous Gas Leak

11-year-old Sadie has never run away from home before – but last week, she forced her way out of a sliding door in order to stop a disaster in the making.

While Pit Bull Rescues Family From House Fire, She Pulls Baby to Safety By Her Diaper

This 8-month-old pup has a close bond with her baby human – so when a house fire broke out next door, it's no surprise that the dog went to save the infant.

‘Vicious’ Dog Call Turns into Friendship Between ‘Pit Bull’ and Police Officer

Assumptions make a fool of all of us – including the person who called the police department earlier this week about a “vicious” dog on the loose.

California Woman Escapes Wildfires On Bike Carrying Her 70-Pound Pit Bull

Natasha Wallace will go through hell and high water – or in this case, wildfires – in order to rescue her 4-year-old pit bull,...

Pit Bulls Save Children From Venomous Snake Lurking in Their Yard

While pit bulls might sometimes get a bad rap, these two pups are being hailed as heroes after they rescued a youngster from a...

Pit Bull Elected as Town Mayor in Landslide Election

Now THIS is the kind of election that we can get behind. A 3-year-old pit bull named Brynneth Pawltro has just been elected as the...

Pit Bull on the Verge of Euthanization Given 2nd Chance by Police

Apollo the pit bull may be a big ol' sweetheart, but it took a long time for anyone to recognize it. For six months, the...

Abused Pit Bull Goes From “Crack House” to Firehouse Dog

Ashley the pit bull went from struggling to survive in an alleged New York City “crack house”, to being the beloved mascot of the...

New York State’s First Pit Bull K9 Officer Changes Her Breed’s Image (WATCH)

Kiah the pit bull went from being an abused pup in a grocery store parking lot to the top dog on the Poughkeepie police force.

Rescued Pit Bull is Showered with Love From the Police Who Saved Her (LOOK)

This sweet pup has been given a second chance at life – and by the looks of these sweet photos featuring her best friends at the NYPD, it's gonna be good.

Hero Pit Bull Up For Adoption After Saving Woman from Knife Attack

Carla Welch may have been in real trouble if she hadn't been saved by a courageous 7-year-old pit bull appropriately named Hero.

There’s Nothing Cuter Than This Pit Bull’s Little Adopted Kitten Princess

It doesn't matter whether you like cats or dogs more – these two are cute enough to satisfy any animal lover.

Watch What Happens When This Pit Bull Enters The Baby Bird Cage

[youtube]   This family’s black and white pit bull pup, Jules, is obsessed with anything new, especially babies—and she loves watching the new chicks just...

Pit Bull Love Prompts Autistic Teen to Kiss Mom for First Time

Evidence that Pit Bulls are actually incredibly sweet just keeps piling up. When Amanda Granados adopted Roxy the Pit Bull from a Los Angeles animal shelter,...

Pit Bull Hailed a Hero After Saving Boy From Bees

An Oregon City family is calling their pit bull a hero after it saved an 8-year-old boy from a swarm of bees. A group of...

Paralyzed Pit Bull Brings Message Of Perseverance To Patients

  When Elsa was only one year old she suffered a major spinal cord stroke, leaving her unable to walk. Kelly Dann had only recently adopted...
pit bull tator tot and boy - family photo

Rescued Pit Bull Named TatorTot Saves Boy 4 Days After Adoption

Christi Smith saved a pit bull pup from certain death at the hands of Animal Control. Four days later, the dog repaid her by...
pit bull terrier- Photo by Maplegirlie-Flickr-CC

Pit Bull Hailed Hero, Saves Family and Pets From Fire

A family of five lost everything in their Oklahoma home in a fire Tuesday but they survived and escaped with just minutes to spare...
pit bull hero pulls lady from train

Hero Pit Bull Pulls Unconscious Owner From Train’s Path

A pit bull named Lilly is being hailed a hero after she pulled her unconscious owner from the path of a freight train last...
Pit Bull YouTube

Stray Pit Bull Saves a Woman and Child From Attacker (Video)

A Florida woman named Angela was leaving a playground with her toddler in Port Charlotte when a man approached her in the parking lot...