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Leonardo DiCaprio Launches $5 Million Emergency Fund to Help Combat Amazon Rainforest Fires

The Oscar award-winning actor is not the only one helping to combat the Amazon rainforest fires, either.

Conservationists Purchase Rare Temperate Rainforest, Protecting the Habitats of 40 At-Risk Species in Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just purchased to protection from development a tract of rare temperate rainforest, found almost nowhere else on Earth.

Watch How This Couple Spent 20 Years Transforming Desolate Patch of Land into Flourishing Rainforest

The Sai Sanctuary started out as 55 acres of desolate coffee and cardamom fields. Now, it is a fully-fledged rainforest hotspot for biodiversity.

Tanzania is Finally Protecting its ‘Globally Unique’ Endangered Rainforest After 40 Years of Research

After almost 40 years of research and rallying conservation efforts, this invaluable hotspot for biodiversity is finally being protected.

Planting Positive Change With 73 Million More Trees in Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is about to get a big breath of fresh air. In the world's largest tropical reforestation project, conservations are going to reforest...

Corporations Join Norway in Creating $400M Rainforest Fund

Corporate giants such as Nestlē, Unilever, and Marks & Spencer have joined the Norwegian government in creating a fund to find deforestation in Brazil. //

Couple Buys 300 Acres and Restores it as India’s First Private Rainforest Sanctuary

When they saw how pollution was destroying India’s fresh water supply and forests were stripped bare by unrestrained agriculture practices, this couple sold their...

“Sloth Lady” Who Saved 600 Rainforest Animals Nominated as Hero of the Year

A search for one lost animal has since led to the rescue of thousands. While looking for her dog, Monique Pool stopped by a South African animal shelter to...

How to Build a Rainforest in Just Eight Years (WATCH)

Destruction of the Brazilian Rainforest is an all too common headline in world news. That’s why stories like the Reserva Ecológico de Guapiaçu (REGUA)...

11 Species of Chameleon Could Save Rainforest—Bonus: Watch One Pop Bubbles

Of course 11 species of color-changing lizards have been hiding in plain sight — they’re masters of disguise. Now that they’ve officially been discovered, scientists...

New Fund Protects Amazon Rainforest for 25 Years

An agreement signed May 22 will commit $215 million for expanded protection of the Amazon rainforest. The move will guarantee funds for the next 25...

Rainforests May be More Resilient to Global Warming

The world's tropical forests are less likely to lose biomass, or plant material, this century due to the effects of global warming than previously...
Photo credit: CIFOR on Flickr-CC

1,000-year-old Farming Secrets Could Save the Amazon Rainforest

An international team of archaeologists have made an intriguing discovery -- the peoples who farmed the Amazon long before the arrival of Europeans did...
papayas photo by Sun Star

Africa’s Rainforests ‘More Resilient’ to Climate Change

Tropical forests in Africa may be more resilient to future climate change than the Amazon and other regions, a gathering of scientists has said....
Size of Wales Dan Mitchell

Help Save a Rainforest the Size of Wales

An area the size of Wales' is frequently used to measure the rate of forest destruction. Welsh-born comedian Dan Mitchell is bringing people together to...
Chipkos footwear saves the forest

Footwear Company Protects Million Square Feet of Rainforest With Square-foot Sandals

An eco-conscious footwear company announced a milestone in efforts to save the rainforest after just one week of online sales. For every purchase of...

Rainforest destruction cut by 25%

Destruction of the world's rain forests has declined by 25 percent in the three most important regions -- the Amazon, the Congo and the...

World’s Largest Beef Company Signs Amazon Rainforest Pact

The bulk of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon occurs as a result of illegal cattle production. Now, the world's largest meat processor, JBS-Friboi, has agreed...

General Mills Reverses Palm Oil Policy, Saves Rainforest

U.S. food-maker General Mills is the latest multinational firm to announce it will stop buying palm oil from companies accused of destroying rain forests....

Brazil and U.S. Agree to Cooperate in Rainforest Pact

The United States and Brazil signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to slash greenhouse gas emissions from tropical deforestation, one of...