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Sesame Street Given $100 Million for Targeted Program to Heal Young Syrian Refugees

Thanks to a massive grant, the wisdom of Sesame Street is going to help heal millions of Syrian refugee children who deal with the “toxic stress” of displacement.

Sudanese Refugees Freed by US Congressman Find New Life in US

These 8 Christian refugees from Sudan have found their livelihood in America thanks to a Facebook post and a US Congressman.

MIT Students Design and Donate Special Sleeping Bags to Syrian Refugees

"It's a simple solution to a big problem." Rebecca Linke | MIT News Winter in Syria can be cold. Freezing cold. With over 11 million people displaced...

Minivan Library Brings Literary Relief to Refugees Waiting Patiently to Relocate

As these refugees wait for their international applications for relocation to be processed, a minivan is bringing them relief for their disheartening wait.

Parisian Padlocks of Love Sold to Raise Thousands for Refugees

The padlocks that were once fastened onto the famous Pont Des Arts in Paris are now being sold to new homes as an effort to...

150 Refugees Finally Given Dental Work – For Free

Many of these refugees haven't been able to see a dentist since they got to Canada – but thanks to local volunteers, their smiles have never been brighter.

Company Develops Shipping Pallet That Can Be Transformed into Sports Equipment for Refugees

With the backdrop of increasingly negative rhetoric and government policy directed at displaced people, this Brooklyn-based company is working to make sure that refugees...

IKEA to Start Selling Homemade Textiles by Refugees

The beloved Swedish furniture company plans to start selling textiles made by refugees, providing over 200 jobs for displaced individuals by 2019. The workers will...

These Logs of Coffee Grounds Are a Lifeline for Encamped Refugees

Instead of throwing out the grounds leftover from morning pots of coffee, these University of Toronto students are turning them into a valuable resource...

Oregon Man Rebuilds Furniture and Better Future For Refugees

Refugees fleeing the destructive war plaguing their homeland already have to undergo a strenuous admissions process in order to seek asylum in the United...

Hero Refugees Capture Bomb Suspect When Police Couldn’t

Where the German police had failed to catch a fugitive planning on orchestrating another bombing, these heroic refugees succeeded.

Billionaire Commits $500M to Help Refugees and Migrants

Following a call to action lead by President Barack Obama, this philanthropist is making sure that the future will be bright for refugees everywhere.

Knowing the Hardship, Syrian Refugees Assist Canada’s Wildfire Victims

Tareq knows what it means to lose everything in an instant. That's why the 24-year-old Syrian refugee and his family immediately offered help to fire victims

Refugees Give Back To Host Country and Canadians Displaced by Wildfire

The same Syrian refugees who have been welcomed into Canada after fleeing their destroyed homeland are now giving back to Canadians whose own homes...

Pope Francis Brings a Dozen Syrian Refugees Back to Rome (Video)

Pope Francis brought a dozen refugees from the Greek island of Lesbos back to Rome, after visiting a refugee camp there and calling it "a day to cry".

WWII Refugees Write Comforting Letters To Syrian Refugee Youth (WATCH)

It's truly beautiful how a few kind words from a stranger can close the gaps of race and age.

Hello Stranger! Running Club Lets Refugees Keep Pace With New Neighbors

People who were once literally running for their lives from conflicts across North Africa and the Middle East, are now running for fun with...

Virginians Deliver 114,000 Pounds of Winter Warmth to Refugees in Turkey

Local governments working with volunteers from religious groups and private business in Virginia delivered more than 72 tons of coats and blankets this winter...

Turkish Town Does So Much for Syrian Refugees It’s Up for Nobel Peace Prize

The town of Kilis, a busy little place just a few miles from the Syrian border, is where many refugees fleeing the horror of...

Greek Football Teams Stop Play to Sit Down and Honor Lost Refugees

When the whistle blew to start a football match between two Greek teams, instead of hustling to take control, players on both sides did...