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Mom Fighting Breast Cancer Comforted By Random ‘Angel’ in a Restaurant When She Needed It Most

Right when Amy Pettenato was beginning to despair in the face of her cancer fight, an “angel” in a restaurant swooped in to comfort her.

Un Niño de 9 Años se Metía en Problemas por Garabatear en Clases ahora Tiene un Trabajo de Dibujar en las Paredes de un Restaurante

Este niño de 9 años de edad solía ser regañado por sus profesores por dibujar en clase - pero ahora tiene un trabajo como artista en un restaurante.

When Young Waffle House Worker Was Left Alone to Run Entire Restaurant, Empathetic Customers Jump In to Help

Due to a miscommunication, a frantic Waffle House employee was left to run entire restaurant—but several customers suddenly jumped up to help.

9-Year-old Who Got in Trouble for Doodling in Class Now Has Job Drawing On Restaurant Walls

This 9-year-old artist used to be scolded by his teachers for drawing in class—but he now has a job as a resident restaurant artist.

Watch Joyous Reactions of Restaurant Workers After Man Tips Them Thousands of Dollars for Water

This YouTube star uses his position of internet fame to give thousands of dollars to unsuspecting strangers—and this video is just another example of...

On Anthony Bourdain’s Birthday, a Mental Health Program for Chefs Spreads to 22 More Restaurants

Spurred by the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, a California chef launched a mental health program for restaurant workers – and it's slowly picking up traction.

Restaurant Offers Free Pizzas in Exchange for Groups Giving Up Their Phones During a Meal

As a means of bringing family and friends together over a hot meal, this California restaurant offers free pizzas to patrons who put away their phones.

Restaurant Offers Sweet Note of Forgiveness to Manager Who Accidentally Served $6,000 Bottle of Wine

Rather than serving the $300 bottle of wine that the customers ordered, a staffer accidentally cracked open a rare French wine worth almost $6,000.

Woman Picks Up Restaurant Tab for 11 High School Prom-Goers: ‘You are beautiful inside and out’

A group of high school students had a prom night that they will never forget thanks to a random act of kindness from a stranger.

Cuando unos Restaurantes de Comida Rápida Motivan a un Hombre Obeso a Perder Peso, Pierde 63 Kilos en 15 Semanas

Un hombre obeso perdió unas sorprendentes 140 libras/63.63 Kilos en tan sólo 15 semanas y es prácticamente gracias a sus restaurantes de comida rápida...

Restaurante Dirigido por Refugiados fue Calificado como el “Lugar Más Agradable de Estados Unidos” Ahora está Alimentando También a Trabajadores Sin Licencia.

Este restaurante manejado por refugiados fue votado como el lugar más agradable de Estados Unidos el año pasado, y su iniciativa más reciente fue...

When Fast Food Restaurants Encourage Obese Man to Lose Weight, He Sheds 140 Pounds in 15 Weeks

Community fast food restaurants all agreed to stop serving an obese patron in a bid to help save his life – and it resulted in a stunning weight loss story.

Refugee-Run Restaurant Voted ‘Nicest Place in America’ is Now Feeding Furloughed Workers Too

The restaurant's latest efforts to feed federal works during the shutdown only further reenforces their reputation as the “Nicest Place in America”.

Disabled Workers Can Fulfill Their Love of Catering by Controlling Restaurant Robots From Home

This robot café could offer a creative new avenue of income and social interaction to disabled people who can no longer work in a restaurant setting.

When ‘Homeless‘ Man Insists On Paying for Fancy Meal With His Hard-Earned Money, Restaurant Makes Special Offer

In Brazil, it is very common for slum residents or homeless people to collect recyclables on the streets to sell and make a living—but...

Buying Coffee and a Muffin at Restaurant Drive-thru Saves a Stranger’s Life (Podcast)

Glen Oliver always orders coffee and pays for the car behind him at an Ontario Tim Horton’s cafe. This time, it changed someone’s life, saving them from suicide.

When Wedding Caterer Backs Out at Last Second, Restaurant Saves the Day in Just 90 Minutes

The restaurant even closed down for the day so they could prepare for the 150-person wedding feast.

Son Flies to Ontario and Personally Thanks the Restaurant Worker Who Cheered His Ailing Dad

The son of an ailing senior was so grateful for the kindness showed to his dad by a diner employee, he made sure to personally thank the worker.

Restaurant Owners Who Say Anthony Bourdain Changed Their Lives Donate Profits to Suicide Hotline

Jason Wang's family went from living in a one-bedroom in New York City to “living the American dream” thanks to a visit from the late Anthony Bourdain.

Restaurant Staff Turns Mother’s Day Around For Sad Mom Eating Alone

The staff at Ruby Tuesday were not about to let a mom feel lonely on Mother's Day – so they all pitched in to help surprise her.