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Volunteers Help Salamanders Avoid Roadway Massacre

45 people volunteered on a recent night to carry salamanders, frogs and newts across the road during their annual migration to mate. On rainy...

Salamander Crossing Provides Squish-Free Passage

"Four miniature tunnels have been built south of Calgary to save hundreds of migrating salamanders from being squashed to death by traffic. The special...

Two New Species of Salamander Discovered in Panama

"Scientists have discovered two new species of salamanders from the mountainous Costa Rica-Panama border region." (Mongabay)

Tunnels to Prevent Carnage of Canadian Salamanders

Every year hundreds of salamanders are killed by cars on a Canadian highway that stretches between their home in the woods and a lake...

Park Rangers Hailing Little Girl as a ‘Steward’ of Nature After She Returned a Rock With an Apology Note

Park rangers are praising this anonymous young visitor for helping to preserve the natural beauty of the park one heart-shaped rock at a time.

Dozens of Creatures Thought to Be Extinct Found Alive in ‘Lost City’ in the Jungle (Photos)

These stunning discoveries mean that conservationists can now better protect the region from deforestation and habitat loss.

The Animal Kingdom’s Top 10 Best Dads for Father’s Day

The award for the best father in the animal kingdom goes to… the Humboldt penguin. It’s Father’s Day today, and time to give praise to...

Scientists Use New ‘Holy Grail’ Gene Therapy to Heal Damage Caused By Heart Attacks and it Could Save Millions

This is the first successful demonstration of scientists using gene therapy to help a heart repair itself following a heart attack.

Thought to Be Extinct For 42 Years, Cute Critter is Finally Spotted by Guy Eating Lunch

This conservation success story is only made better by the fact that this tiny salamander – which was thought to be extinct – is really cute.

Endangered Species Day: 9 Success Stories to Make You Cheer Today

From a grandmother nursing orphaned elephants to a whole town rallying for a little salamander, the past year has been ripe with good news surrounding endangered species. To...

Town Closes Road for Two Months to Help This Wee Endangered Species

For the fourth time, a city in Canada has decided to help out some slow amphibians by closing a road for two months during...
Brown bear in wild

Ga. Plans Tunnels as Safe Road Crossings for Bears

Georgia transportation officials are planning to add a half-dozen bear tunnels beneath a highway in what will be a first-of-its-kind project for the state....
mountaintop removal

US Cracks Down on Mountaintop Coal-mine Permits

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday it will put the brakes on 79 pending permits for mountaintop removal coal mines in Appalachia because they...

Ten New Amphibian Species Discovered in Colombia

Ten new species of amphibians -- including three kinds of poison dart frogs and three transparent-skinned glass frogs -- have been discovered in the...

More than 1000 New Species Discovered in Southeast Asia in a Decade

Over a thousand new species have been discovered in the Greater Mekong Region of Southeast Asia in just the last decade, according to a...

Delaware Brakes For Frogs

For the sixth year in a row the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area will close its roads from dusk til dawn to protect...

Road Closed to Help Frogs Get to the Other Side

"He still remembers the time he helped carry 437 frogs and salamanders across Shades of Death Road. But it wasn't enough. When he and...