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Why This Policeman Skateboards With Teens While On Patrol

Officer Craig Hanaumi may be considered the coolest cop in town, but he insists that he is just doing his job.

Heartbroken Artist Makes Skateboard Exhibit as Exercise in Gratitude and Charity

In the careers of skateboarders, one of the biggest signs that they’ve “made it” is when they start to get sponsored. When a skater...

Mom Posts Letter to Skateboarder Who Showed Big Heart Despite Pals

A six-year-old girl got a private lesson in skateboarding, while her mother got a lesson in not judging others. Jeanean Thomas was thrown for a...

Afghan Girls, Not Allowed On Bikes, Shred On Skateboards Instead

The idea of females riding bikes in Afghanistan is considered offensive and taboo, but one nonprofit has given these girls a different kind of fun on wheels. Helping marginalized youth...
skateboard ramp on Lake Tahoe-VisitCalifornia

Soft Landing: Skateboarders Add Floating Ramp to Lake Tahoe (WATCH)

How do skateboarders learn to do those aerial flips without breaking their backs? Well, now they can use the ramp built by Bob Burnquist...

Israeli Turtle Gets Skateboard to Replace Legs

Officials in a Jerusalem zoo have fitted a 55-pound spurred tortoise with a custom skateboard to overcome paralysis of her hind legs. The 10-year-old ...

Dude, I’m Not Too Old to Skateboard

At 40, he is still as intense a skateboarding enthusiast as ever. "He started skating in the 1970s, when skateboarding was first popular, and...

Good News in History, May 12

30 years ago today, Kenya announced that it would finally agree to support a worldwide ban on the trade of ivory to save its remaining...

They Disguised Themselves As Boys in Order to Pay the Bills, Now ‘Barbershop Girls’ of India Given Scholarships

These girls have been defying gender stereotypes for years – so as a means of rewarding them for their hard work, they are now being given a free education.

Watch the Heartwarming Results of Teen Skaters Befriending 5-Year-old Boy With Autism on His Birthday

In this heartwarming series of videos, a group of teens can be seen befriending a 5-year-old birthday boy with autism at a local skate park.

‘Compton Cowboys’ Use Rescue Horses to Get At-Risk Youth Off the Streets

The Compton Cowboys aren't just being good role models for their community – they're also changing what it means to be an American cowboy.

Good News in History, September 3

235 years ago today, the United States won independence from Britain when the American colonists signed the Treaty of Paris to end the Revolutionary War. Benjamin...

‘Coolest Bus Driver Ever’ Halts Pedestrian Accident in London

The unidentified man is being called “the coolest bus driver in London” after he casually prevented a pedestrian accident on the streets of Westminster.

She Heard a Child’s Plea in Liberia, and it Turned into Schools for 1,500 Girls

It all started with a little girl. At age eleven, Abigail was selling herself on the streets of Liberia in exchange for clean drinking...

This Orchestra Has Been Uniting North and South Korea for the Last Nine Years

The orchestra recently played a concert in the Demilitarized Zone so that people on both sides of the border could hear their music.

Homeless Teen Goes From Living in a Car to Creating Absolutely Stunning Photos as a Wedding Photographer

When he was just 16 years old, Carsten Schertzer was homeless. Now, eight years later, he is an award-winning wedding photographer who’s traveled to...

Man Gets Anonymous Apology and $40 From Kid Who Scratched His Truck– But Damage is Invisible

If you’re a car owner, you know how important it can be to maintain your vehicle’s engine. But the exterior of the car also matters....

Watch 13-Year-old Girl Land Record-Breaking Backflip in Her Wheelchair

13-year-old Lily Rice is making headlines worldwide after she landed a heartstopping backflip in her wheelchair. This is thought to make her the first European woman...

Baghdad Residents Fly Hundreds of Kites to Counter City’s Image

When Baghdad was called one of the worst capital cities to live in, its citizens had a beautifully colorful response.

UPDATE: Afghan Girls Twice Denied Visas Just Won Silver Medals

These Afghan girls who were twice denied visas to the United States were just given silver medals in recognition of their perseverance and cultural...