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Watch 94-Year-old Get Out of Wheelchair to Make One Last Snow Angel

She bragged all day long that she got to go outside and make a snow angel, after a caring staff hauled her wheelchair out into the cold.

‘Help Me Lie Down!’ Grandma Wants to Make Snow Angel on 85th Birthday (WATCH)

There’s something about snow that brings out the kid in just about everyone. Whether it’s cops joining kids in a snowball fight, a 101-year-old woman...

Thousands Aim to Break Snow Angel Record

Almost 9,000 men, women and children layed down in a snowy field in North Dakota to make snow angels, and break a world record...

Hiker Was About to Die in a Snowstorm When She Was Saved by a Total Stranger Following Her Intuition (Podcast)

Thank God Nancy Abell listens to her instincts—otherwise, a German hiker may not have made it out of the mountains alive. Hear the Good News Guru podcast.

Hiker Was About to Die in a Snowstorm When She Was Saved by a Total Stranger Following Her Intuition

It's a good thing that Nancy Abell listens to her instincts – otherwise, this hiker may have never made it out of the mountains.

Watch Compassionate Snowmobilers Free a Helpless Moose From Neck Deep Snow (Video FIXED)

While these adventurers usually advise against dealing with large mammals, this 1,000-pound moose was in distress and needed a few snow angels.
Snow shoveling teen Samaritans-FBphoto-Tracy Lynn DelValle

Teens Come Running to Shovel Snow When Elderly Neighbor was Laboring

Tracy Lynn DelValle of Gardner, Massachusetts posted a story and photo on Facebook proving that (in her words), "Not all kids nowadays are thoughtless." Tracy's...
Helpful pedestrians in Grand Rapids, Mich by Victoria Fanning

Good Samaritans Out in Force Among Stranded Motorists in Record U.S. Snowstorm

With snow totals of anywhere from one to two feet falling across nine midwestern states along with brutalizing winds, the February snowstorm of 2011...

Chicos de Último Año de Secundaria Se Levantaron a las 4am Para poder Palear la Nieve la Entrada de Su Vecina Antes de Su Diálisis

En vez de dormir en un día nevado, un grupo de estudiantes de secundaria se reunieron a las 4:30AM para asegurarse de que una...

High School Seniors Wake Up at 4am So They Can Shovel Neighbor’s Driveway Before Her Dialysis

Rather than using their snow day to sleep in, five high school seniors woke up at 4 in the morning so they could help a neighbor in need.

Excited T-Rex Dances Through Number From A Chorus Line (WATCH)

This Jurassic dancer is one of the most elegant dancers on this side of the Park.

Good News in History, June 14

On this day 110 years ago, Burl Ives, the genteel American folk singer, banjoist, and actor was born in Illinois. Beloved as the narrator...

California is Finally Drought-Free After 7 Years and They’re Being Rewarded With a Butterfly Boom

The abundant winter weather has also resulted in the state's second wildflower super bloom in just a few short years.

Enduring More Than 36 Hours Aboard a Stranded Train, Passengers Praised Each Other for Their Unity

Though there was obvious distress amongst the passengers aboard the stranded Amtrak train, there was also plenty of kindness as well.

When an 87-Year-old Fell Down in Winter Storm, She was Rescued by a Dog (Now Being Called Lassie)

This black Labrador mix is being hailed a hero after she came to the rescue of an 87-year-old woman in distress earlier this week. Tim...

Woman’s Amateur Bird Painting Becomes Viral ‘Paintception’ Sensation

Cindi Decker was so proud of her bird painting, she sent a photo of it to her son – but she had no idea that her work would inspire more people as well.

Watch NFL Player Fulfill Lifelong Wish of Beloved Employee By Surprising Him With Super Bowl Tickets

Alfonso Garcia has always wanted to go to the Super Bowl since he was a boy – and now, thanks to his home team, he will finally get to go with his son.

Video UPDATE: Veteran Gets to Meet, Reward Detroit Teen Girls Who Returned Wallet With Cash

Yesterday afternoon, smiles and hugs filled the front room in this West Detroit home where, just days earlier, somber resolve that a disabled veteran...

Good News in History, December 23

On this day 45 years ago, the 16 survivors of a charter flight that crashed into the Andes mountains finally secured help, ending two months of desperation on a frigid glacier. All of the passengers eventually succumbed to the survival tactic of eating their dead comrades—a decision not taken lightly, but rationalized as their only means of staying alive. Rugby player Nando Parrado’s account of the tragedy—and his 10-day trek to find help—was detailed in a book called, Miracle in the Andes… (1972)

Good News in History, October 16

95 years ago today, the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was founded by brothers Roy and Walt Disney. Its name was soon changed to The...