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Southwest Employee Becomes Girl’s Buddy During In-Flight Panic Attacks

When a little girl with diabetes had a panic attack aboard a plane, sending her blood sugar level plummeting, a flight attendant took her...

Passengers Grant Last Wish to Ailing Southwest Flight Attendant (WATCH)

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines jet said goodbye to a dying flight attendant in the most beautiful way–even though she wasn't on the plane with them.

After Being Extinct in the Wild, Mexican Wolf Roams the U.S. Desert Once Again Thanks to a Former Wolf Hunter

The beautiful Mexican wolf roams once again in the American wilderness thanks to Roy T. McBride, a former wolf hunter hired to find the remaining animals.

Missing Cat Finally Reunited With Owner After It Was Found Wandering the Streets 1,400 Miles Away

It has been five years since Sasha the cat disappeared from her home in Portland—but thanks to her microchip, she has finally be reunited with her owner.

The Top 30 Destinations Americans Want to Visit on a Road Trip, And What They Most Want to Bring

Not only are American road trips still popular, but some of the most sought-after destinations are national parks and monuments in the Southwest.

Get Inspired by the Stunning Footage of This Holy Temple Sitting Amongst the Clouds of China

The mountaintop Chinese temples of Red Clouds Golden Summit have been a destination for Buddhists and tourists in search of peace and inspiration.

Good News in History September 24

On this day 260 years ago, Arthur Guinness first introduced his Irish ale to the public. The dark stout that originated in a brewery...

Good News in History September 17

70 years ago today, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner first debuted in a Merrie Melodies cartoon called Fast and Furry-ous. The duo...

Exciting New Study Says That Crops Thrive Underneath Solar Panels—and the Panels Produce More Energy

Not only does the new agricultural system help fruit and vegetables to thrive in arid regions, it could also improve the health of farmers.

World’s Largest Rooftop Urban Farm is Set to Open in Paris Next Year

Using a specialized “vertical farming” technique, the French garden will use very little water and absolutely no pesticides.

Good News in History, August 15

50 years ago today, the Woodstock music festival opened, attracting 400,000 youth to “an Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music.” Held at...

The Fifth Oldest Tree In The World Was Discovered In US, But It’s Not A Sequoia

Researchers confirmed the age of a 2,624 year-old tree, making it the fifth oldest known tree in the world—and the oldest in the Eastern United States

Major League Baseball Pitcher Donates $9.4 Million Estate So It Can Bring Joy to Special Needs Kids

The World Series MVP's donation includes 100 acres of land and a 32,000-square-foot lakeside mansion.

United Airlines, Upping its Game, Gives Flight Attendants Ways to Be ‘Travel Angels’ in the Air

So many millions of people travel for the holidays that there are bound to be mishaps—and some of you may be expecting the worst...

Scientists Praise 96-Year-old for His Hobby of Saving Dwindling Bluebird Populations

Ornithologists have credited Al Larson for bolstering Idaho's bluebird population after he started building hundreds of his own wooden nests.

Watch Student’s Hilarious Reaction to Being Pranked With a Room Full of Presents

There is no better way to spread some Christmas cheer than arriving home to a room full of gifts – even if they happen to be things you already own.

Drug That Can Stop a Dozen ‘Untreatable’ Cancers Gets Approval—And Company Vows to Help Every Patient Afford It

The groundbreaking drug had a 75% overall success rate in adult and pediatric patients displaying a variety of untreatable cancers.

Architects Build Stunning Hotel Into the Walls of an Abandoned Rock Quarry

Adventurers and travel junkies have another quirky destination to visit during their next world tour. The Deep Pit Hotel, which is being called the world’s...

When Strangers on a Plane Hear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets

LISTEN to this story here, as told by The Good News Guru, from Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K and the GNN founder, on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story...

Devoted Dog Waits at Train Station Every Day For 12 Hours So He Can Excitedly Greet His Owner

This senior pup spends every day at the train station waiting for his owner to come home – so when they are finally reunited, the dedicated dog is overwhelmed with excitement.