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More and More People Are Swapping Out Plastic Straws for Coconut Leaves Thanks to Café’s Facebook Post

One Filipino café is inspiring social media users to curb plastic waste by making straws out of rolled up coconut leaves.

Ben & Jerry’s Has Already Ditched Plastic Straws – And This Year They’re Going One Step Further

The ice cream brand has been using sustainable packaging since 2009 – but over the course of the next year, they're ditching plastic for good.

Disney Company Makes Environmental Dreams Come True By Ditching Plastic Straws, and More

Disneyland is now a place where a conservationist’s dreams can come true. The company just announced that it will stop using single-use straws and plastic...

Starbucks is Largest Retailer Yet to Pledge a Phase-Out of Single-Use Plastic Straws

Starbucks gives away over 1 billion straws with their iced drinks every year – but not anymore, thanks to their latest environmental initiative.

Major League Baseball Team Hits Home Run for the Earth: Stops Serving Plastic Straws

The initiative, which already kicked off on Earth Day, has made them the first ever MLB team to ditch straws.

World’s Second Largest Fast Food Chain Begins Phase-Out of Plastic Straws

Plastic straws have just broke the back of yet another global food chain. McDonald's announced on Wednesday that they would be joining the ranks of...

Heartfelt Letter From 5-Year-old Causes Restaurant Chain to Swap Plastic Straws for Paper

Ava couldn't bear to think about how her favorite restaurant chain was contributing to pollution – so she wrote them a moving letter asking them to make a change.

The Last Straw: California is the Latest to Take Action on Single-Use Plastic Straws

Plastic pollution sucks – which is why these regions and businesses are ditching plastic straws in favor of more environmentally friendly options.

Heineken Joins the Ranks of Major Beer Companies Ditching Plastic 6-Pack Rings for Compostable Alternatives

Heineken’s new packaging is expected to save 517 tons of plastic waste annually—with a compostable alternative from sustainably-sourced cardboard.

Plastic Bag Sales Have Fallen by 90% in England Since They Introduced 5-Pence Charge in 2015

Sales of plastic bags at the seven biggest retail chains in England have fallen by 90% since the nation's 5-pence charge was introduced in...

New Combination of Wood Fibers and Spider Silk Could Rival Plastic After It Outperforms in Tests

Since the new material is tougher than most other substances that we produce today, it could one day be a viable replacement for plastic.

One of the Largest Hotel Companies in the World is Ditching Mini Bathroom Bottles to Eliminate Plastic

More than 5,600 hotels around the world will be replacing mini bathroom amentiy bottles with bulk-sized dispensers to curb plastic waste.

Nestlé Launches New ‘World-First’ Biodegradable Paper Wrappers for Mass Production

Furthermore, the company will abstain from patenting the technology as a means of encouraging other companies to adopt the packaging as well.

Canada is Moving to Ban Dozens of ‘Harmful’ Single-Use Plastics as Soon as 2021

Canadian legislators are aiming to phase out single-use plastics such as straws, coffee lids, shopping bags, and straws within the next two years.

Two More US States Have Approved Bans On Single-Use Plastic Bags

The two new pieces of legislation mean that there are now five US states that have approved bans on single-use plastic bags.

Survey Says That 76% of American Parents Are Being Motivated By Their Kids to Go Green

A new survey of American households says that the younger generation may be driving the change for “eco-households” more than anyone thought. While parents should...

El Activista de 7 Años de Edad Convenció a L.L. Bean de Cambiar la Política de su Empresa

En una visita a la tienda principal de L.L.Bean en Freeport, Maine- Estados Unidos, Benjamin Ball de siete años de edad preguntó si la...

7-Year-Old Sea Turtle Activist Convinces L.L. Bean to Change Company Policy

On a visit to the L.L.Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine, seven-year-old Benjamin Ball asked if the store’s café had a paper straw for...

Good News in History, January 3

On this day 80 years ago, The March of Dimes charity to fight polio was started by President Franklin Roosevelt, who was afflicted with the disease himself. After funding Jonas Salk's polio vaccine, the group, whose genius was in collecting small contributions of spare change, went on to spend $233 million on polio patient care, Today, they still improve the health of mothers and babies by preventing birth defects and premature birth. To honor the achievement, Roosevelt’s image was imprinted on the U.S. dime. (1938)

The Best Environmental News of 2018 — Earth Seems to be in Good Hands After All

Reviewing the most popular environmental achievements of 2018 is the perfect way to invigorate and inspire you for the year ahead.