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Subway Officer Spent 30 Minutes Calming Boy With Autism Having a Meltdown—and They’re Now Best Friends

This compassionate police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to befriend a 4-year-old boy with autism who was suffering a meltdown on the Metro.

Watch Two Total Strangers Face Off for the Most Epic Saxophone Battle On the NYC Subway (#TBT)

What started as a solo saxophone performance on the New York City subway quickly turned into a jazz performance for the ages.

We May Soon Be Able to Harness the Heat in Subway Tunnels to Cool Our Homes Instead

Not only would this ingenious new cooling system be cheap to implement, it would also save millions of tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

City Installs ‘Vending Machines’ That Recycle Plastic in Subway Stations, in Exchange for Free Transportation

One major city wants to tackle the plastic waste problem head-on, and they’re creating positive action through people's fare cards. Istanbul’s answer is an innovative...

Jon Stewart Helps Rescue Two Runaway Goats From NYC Subway Tracks

The former “Daily Show” host and his wife were delighted to help in the rescue of Willy and Billy the goats from the dangerous New York City subway lines.

Watch the Heartwarming Moment a Man on the Subway Offers to Play Cell Phone Game With Curious Boy

The simple gesture of friendship may be the cutest thing on the internet this week.

Three Young Men Become Heroes After Saving Blind Man Who Fell on Subway Tracks

Three young men – two of whom have not been identified – are being hailed as heroes after they saved a blind man who...

World’s First Soccer Pitch at a Subway Stop Brings Joyful Exercise to Underserved People

Since the free soccer field is on top of the station, it makes the sport more accessible to low-income residents who can't afford to drive a car or pay field fees.

Random Math Teacher Turns NYC Subway into Classroom for Struggling Dad

Corey Simmons had been trying to relearn how to calculate fractions so he could help his son in school. Luckily, he was seated next to a compassionate man who used to work as a math teacher.

How a Train Operator Pulled All the Stops to Help Save Injured Puppy From Subway Tracks

It was 3:30 AM when New York City subway operator Ernest McClain narrowly missed hitting an injured puppy that had made its way onto...

Woman’s Ingenious Invention Generates Electricity Using Wind From Trains, Subways

A pilot series of the Moya Power textiles have already been installed along the Crossrails in London.

Stranger Gives Boots Off His Feet to Freezing Homeless Man on Subway (Good News Guru Radio)

Hear about a Chicago attorney riding the subway who witnessed a spontaneous act of kindness that brought tears to her eyes—featured on Good News Guru radio.

Stranger Gives the Boots Off His Feet to Freezing Homeless Man on the Subway

Jessica Bell, an attorney and advocate in Chicago was riding the subway home late last Friday evening when she witnessed a spontaneous act of...

Ballet Dancer Saves Man Pushed Onto Subway Tracks

When this 31-year-old ballet dancer saw that no one was moving to rescue a homeless man who had fallen onto the New York City...

New Yorkers Stage Makeshift Commencement for Student Stuck on Delayed Subway

Due to an increasing amount of New York subway delays, this poor grad student missed his official commencement ceremony. Because he missed such an important...

Watch Man Rescue Unconscious Stranger From Subway Tracks

Jonathan Kulig is being hailed as a hero after he maneuvered across six rails in order to rescue an unconscious stranger sprawled on top...

Pregnant Woman Gives Man “Decent Dude” Award Statue For Giving Up Subway Seat

This mother had been carrying around an award for the first ”decent dude“ she would meet during her two pregnancies – and she only just found a winner

New Yorkers Unite to Scrub Off Hateful Graffiti on Subway Car

Luckily for these subway passengers, Sharpie can easily be removed with the help of tissues and hand sanitizer.

Subway Passengers are Handing Out Badges to Tackle Loneliness

This group of friendly U.K. commuters are fighting loneliness by handing out free buttons that read “Happy To Chat”. An organization of politicians, called the Jo...

London Subway Now Catering to Those With Hidden Ailments

Starting in spring 2017, people with invisible disabilities can apply for special badges that will ask their fellow passengers for a seat.