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National Suicide Prevention Hotline is Getting Its Own 3-Digit Number in the US

Following a landslide approval from the House last year, the FCC has just established 988 as the best new option for a 3-digit suicide prevention hotline.

When Dog Saves Owner From Suicide, the Army Veteran Starts Chain of ‘Pawing’ It Forward

Dogs are typically described as “man's best friend,” but Moxie the golden retriever is so much more than that to her owner. Christy Gardner is...

Global Suicide Rate Has Declined By 29%, With Millions of Tragedies Avoided Since 2000

An inspiring new report says that fewer and fewer people are having to endure the tragedy of suicide as the global rate continues to...

Bikers Worldwide Dress Dapper for the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride and Raise Millions to Prevent Suicide

On Sunday, more than 120,000 distinguished gentlemen across the world donned their finest suits, bowties, and tweed, to sit astride their classic and vintage...

Suicide Rate Among UK Men at Lowest in 30 Years

The positive trend is credited towards increased efforts to reduce mental health stigmas around men.

Beer Deliveryman Prevents Suicide on a Bridge By Offering a Cold One—and Channeling Denzel Washington (Podcast)

After channeling his inner Denzel Washington, a beer deliveryman finally succeeded in talking down a suicidal man when he cracked open a cold one.

Beer Deliveryman Prevents Suicide on a Bridge By Offering a Cold One—While Channeling Denzel Washington

After channeling his inner Denzel Washington, a beer deliverman finally succeeded in talking down a suicidal man when he cracked open a cold one.

Silver Lining to the Suicides: Celebrity Deaths Have Helped Save Other Lives

We may still be grieving Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, but their actions have reminded thousands of people that they are not alone in their struggles.

Restaurant Owners Who Say Anthony Bourdain Changed Their Lives Donate Profits to Suicide Hotline

Jason Wang's family went from living in a one-bedroom in New York City to “living the American dream” thanks to a visit from the late Anthony Bourdain.

Suicide Rates at Japanese Train Stations Have Plummeted by 84% Thanks to Simple Solution

The astonishing results were observed over the course of 10 years – and they have since inspired other stations to implement similar fixtures.

13 Truckers Use Their Vehicles to Prevent Suicide Attempt From Ending a Life

The drivers teamed up with state police early on Tuesday morning to prevent a suicidal man from jumping off of a bridge.

Rapper’s Performance on Suicide Awareness Inspires 50% Spike in Hotline Calls

While some musicians might produce stage performances that are all about the glamor and glitter, hip hop artist Logic used his time at the...

‘Thanks for saving my life’: Man Marries Woman Who Prevented His Suicide 10 Years Ago

Blake Walsh isn't just Kevin's wife – she is also the woman who saved his life. Kevin and Blake first met at summer camp when...

Umpire Stops Woman From Committing Suicide Then Works in Stadium With View of Bridge

36-year-old John Tumpane has been been a baseball umpire for more than half of his life – but this week's game in particular was...

Dramatic Reduction in Teen Suicide Attempts After Same-sex Marriage Legalization

The implementation of state laws legalizing same-sex marriage was associated with a significant reduction in the rate of suicide attempts among high school students...

Easy Intervention Proves Effective in Reducing Suicide Among Soldiers

Suicidal behavior among active-duty service members can be reduced for up to six months with a relatively simple intervention that gives them concrete steps...

Simple Checklist Leads to 82% Drop in Mental Health Patient Suicides

This new study shows that simple changes in mental hospital environments resulted in a sharp decline in veteran suicides.

Suicide Rates Plummet Among Members of Apache Tribe

Deaths by suicide among an Apache tribe in Arizona dropped by nearly 40 percent between 2006 and 2012 compared to the previous six-year period. The...

One State’s Temporary Gun-Removal Law Shows Promise to Prevent Suicides

A Connecticut law enacted in 1999 that allows police to temporarily remove guns from suicidal people likely prevented dozens of self-inflicted deaths, according to a...

Man Prevents 500 Suicides by Patrolling Japanese Cliffs (WATCH Inspiring Film)

People aren't normally given the chance to save someone else's life – Yukio Shige, however, has helped save more than 500. After he retired from a...