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Man Abandons His Own Birthday Party to Rescue Panicked Dog Swimming Through Chilly NYC River

When Gabe Castellanos realized that there was a dog in trouble, he quickly grabbed a life jacket and abandoned his own party in order to rescue it.

Oil Rig Workers Come to the Rescue of Exhausted Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles From Shore

This exhausted pup was miraculously saved after oil rig workers spotted her paddling in the ocean 135 miles from the shore.

When Man Fails to Save Blind Old Dog From Swimming Out to Sea, Crew Comes to the Rescue

This lucky Border Collie was in grave danger after he suddenly “took it in his head to swim to the Isle of Wight” earlier this week.

This 10-Year-old Boy Just Beat Michael Phelps’s Most Enduring Swimming Record

A youngster whose actual name is “Clark Kent” just beat a swimming record that Michael Phelps set in 1995.

Family Was Filling Up Swimming Pool Using Only Pots and Pans Until These Firemen Came Along

These firefighters did not hesitate to help a young family who was struggling to enjoy themselves on a swelteringly hot day.

How a Swimming Pool for Neighborhood Kids Helped Heal a Man After Wife’s Death

Keith Davison got so tired of his solitude following the death of his wife, he decided to do something about it – and things...

Drowning Deer in a Swimming Pool Saved by Police Rescue

This New Jersey cop has become very near and deer to our hearts after he rescued a fully-grown buck drowning in a swimming pool.

Man Donates Pools to Kids in Need After Photo Shows Kids Swimming in Truck Bed (WATCH)

A San Antonio man was motivated by frustration after reading several Facebook comments that mocked a photo showing low-income children using the back of...
104yo swimmer Jaring Timmerman-Flickr

104-year-old Sets 2 New World Swimming Records

A 104-year-old Winnipeg man swam his way into the record books, finishing two races and becoming the world's oldest masters swimmer. Pan Am Pool...
Zuchowski family photo

Swimming Champ, 9, Gives Trophy to Hospitalized Rival

Before his swim meet on Dec. 7 had even started, Florida swimmer Josh Zuchowski, 9, decided he was not only going to compete in...
Paralympics swimmer Kayla Wheeler-altsodotorg

Teen Born Without Legs and One Arm is Now World Swimming Champ

Born missing both legs and one arm, Kayla Wheeler's doctor recommended swimming as a form of physical therapy. Now, at age 16, Wheeler is literally...
Swimming pool Holiday Inn- Shanghai

Swimming Pool Built in the Sky – Transparent Bottom Looks Down 24 Stories to Street

The Holiday Inn Shanghai - Pudong Kangqiao features a cantilevered swimming pool that hangs over the building giving swimmers a bird's eye view onto...
Somalia beach in Mogadishu - CC-wikipedia

Swimming Off Mogadishu, a Sense of Hope Returns to Somalia

With almost a thousand newly trained government troops, augmented by thousands of African peacekeepers, Mogadishu, the war torn capital of Somalia, and former jewel...

Come Swimming, Fishing in the Gulf, Says First Family

Last month, First Lady Michelle Obama told residents of Florida that she was bringing her family on a summer vacation to Maine. They suggested,...

Free Swimming for all in England By 2012

The government has announced plans to offer free use of England's swimming pools to get more people active. Beginning this year the opportunity will...

Lifeboat Rescues Deer Swimming out to Sea

A lifeboat crew has rescued a young deer which was spotted swimming out to sea from Arbroath Harbour in the UK. The disoriented animal...

Photographer Captures Incredible Video of Thousands of Ray Fish Flying Through a Mexico Sea

Incredible video shows thousands of mobula ‘flying rays’—normally a shy fish—captured by ocean photographer Nadia Aly above Baja shoal in Mexico. – SWNS

Watch Rescuers Form a Human Chain to Save Four Dolphins Trapped in Florida Canal

More than a dozen rescuers donned their swimming gear and waded into the St. Petersburg canal in order to save the cetaceans this week.

Good News in History Sept. 18

170 years ago today, Harriet Tubman fled the plantation where she was enslaved, escaping to freedom in Philadelphia. Traveling at night so she would...

Father Uses Scuba Therapy to Restore His Paralyzed Son’s Motor Function—And Now It’s Doing the Same for Others

After David Lawrence Jr. became paralyzed from the neck down, his father found an unlikely therapy to help him regain his motor function.